Sunday, July 31, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - Delicious Distraction...

If this is your first time to Simply Sexy Stories, welcome! Been here before? Thank you so much for coming back and spending a little bit of your Sunday with me! 

This week I'm sharing six lines from my suspenseful erotic romance Hearts & Diamonds!

Scene: Quin has accepted Nia's invitation to a thank-you-for-saving-my-life dinner against his better judgement. Feeding into their mutual attraction could be a delicious...dangerous distraction.

“Something smells good.” He watched Nia disappear back into the kitchen and return with two wine glasses.

“I’m thanking you with Parmesan chicken, my special feta and tomato tossed salad and garlic bread.”

Quin grinned. “What no dessert?”

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  1. Will apple pie do? Your Cheeky! but have created a six that has me knocking on the door for next week. Thank you for a wonderful snippet.

  2. Why is apple pie not seeming like enough to me? *smile*

    Dawn's Early Light 6SS

  3. Something smells good? I don't think he was referring to dinner ...or dessert
    Dawne P

  4. Love that last line! :D Great six

  5. Oooh - apple pie huh? Teehee - loved it :)

  6. I'm thinking he might have a different dessert in mind. *winks* Great six!

  7. Terrific, realistic dialog. I love the interaction between them.

  8. Apple pie? That's a good one. I love your six.

  9. Thanks for coming by, guys! I was out of town this Sunday and I'm trying to catch up.

    Have a great week! ;^)

  10. Something makes me think it won't be apple pie they'll be having for dessert! Great snippet!


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