Sunday, July 24, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - Sex Is The Answer!

If this is your first time to Simply Sexy Stories, welcome! Been here before? Thank you so much for spending a little bit of your Sunday with me!

Scene: Last week, I introduced six sentences from As You Wish. Poor, bewildered Karis has released a gorgeous genie named Vander who's ready and more than willing to help her. In fact, he's got the answer to all her!

“Is there any other way?” Karis asked, her voice catching as he continued to play with her hair.

How could a hallucination conjure up more sparks within her than any other guy she knew?

The whole scenario would have been laughable if the circumstances weren’t so dire. She didn’t have many friends in general, let alone a single male friend she wanted to call up and ask for sex.

“You don’t need anyone else, Karis, just me.”

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  1. Excellent six. I adore your work.

  2. I love your six and the whole idea of this interaction, it's fantastic!

  3. I truly admire your work. So beautiful.

  4. sounds fascinating! can't wait to read more!

  5. I love this whole concept. I can't wait to read more.

  6. Sounds like she's in for a real eye opening! Nice six!

  7. Whoa! This NEVER happens to me...gotta work on that! Nice six!

  8. I gotta find out how a hallucination is playing with her hair, but even more than that: yum cover art! So many reasons to be intrigued with this story. :)

  9. Definitely interesting, and I want to find out more.

  10. Confidence in a genie is so sexy. Love how he takes control of the situation.

  11. *fans self* love it!! And loving the blog design you've got going here, too!

  12. Folks, if you haven't read this book or all of Nichelle's other books, she is a MUST read! I love ALL of her writing!


  13. 'Is there any other way'...hope not, this way sounds like the most fun! ;)

    I've always loved the cover for this story, it's fantastic.

  14. Love your characters! Great job on the interaction. *hugs*

  15. I love that last sentence! Oh my! Mmmm He sounds very sexy! Great six!

  16. Well he sounds confident! Nice six :)

  17. Love his arrogrance. He'd better be as good as he thinks he is

  18. where do I find this genie? I want him! ;-)

  19. If I were your heroine, my wish would be for this genie to become a flesh-and-blood man! I love the whole premise of this story. Clever, original, and good writing.

  20. Sam, Alix & Ray...thank you so much! :)

    Liz, I can't wait to share more! As You Wish is a sexy and thrilling read!

    @ Sandra - You know it!

    @ Bree - Thank you!

    @ JoAnne - thank you for the blog compliment, I do hope you'll visit again!

    @ Gracen - You rock! ;-)

    @ Ranae, Liz Taylor did an amazing job with this cover. It's one of my faves!

    Lorien, Lani, wearegoingonawitchunt, murderandmysteries - Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate ya!

    @ creativebarbwire - Me too! Vander's delicious!

    @ Sandy - Ohh...that does become Karis' wish as well! Thanks for stopping by! ;-)

    I'm thrilled with how many people came through today! I hope you'll check out the sneak peak and pick up the book! I guarantee a fun, sexy read!

    Hope to see you guys next week!

    ~Nichelle ;^)

  21. Nice six, hon. I can't wait to read this one! :)


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