Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Taken By Surprise Release Party Extravaganza! 5 Days...5 Ways to WIN!!

Taken By Surprise will be available with Total E-Bound! This is my sixth release with TEB and I'm so excited for readers to finally get to experience my latest erotic paranormal tale! So, take a minute and meet my equally fierce heroine and hero, Zori and Greyson!


Age: Unknown
Height: 5' 8
Weight: Fluctuates
Eyes: Golden-yellow or light brown

Personality traits: Independent, aggressive, loyal (to her family), moody, serious and analytical

Greatest fear: Being emotionally or physically vulnerable.


Age: Unknown
Height: 6'4
Weight: 202 lbs.
Eyes: Dark brown or amber

Personality traits: Intelligent, confident, charming, laid back (unless provoked), methodical, arrogant and demanding.

Greatest fear: Acknowledging such an emotion could affect him.

Zori is accustomed to soaring through life, high above the clouds, constantly searching for her next delicious distraction...

Greyson's doesn't mind reliniquishing least for awhile...

Taken By Surprise is a wildly exciting, erotic and romantic thrill ride that you've just gotta read! Click here to read the sneak peek in case you missed! I'm so excited about this release, I'm partying early and inviting each of you to join in all the fun!

You've got 5 days and 5 ways to possible win a copy of Taken By Surprise!

Here's how:

July 6th- I'm looking for new Twitter friends! Join me on Twitter, send me a message on Twitter to let me know you're a new follower and you've got a chance to win! I will announce my Twitter winner by 8:00 p.m. CST. Winners will be announced via Twitter and here on my blog!

July 7th- Already a Twitter follower? No problem, join my FaceBook Fan Page, email me and let me know you are a new fan with your name and email addy for a chance to win! I will announce my FaceBook Fan Page winnter by 8:00 p.m. CST. Winners will be announced via my Fan Page and here on my blog.

July 8th- Okay, so you're a twitterbug and a fan, don't worry, there's still a way to win! Join my newsletter! Keep update with all of the latest news about my work, free stories, exclusive contests and more! Click this link, join and I'll know you are a new member. I'll send you an email confirming your new hot membership and you'll be eligible to win! I will announce my new newsletter member winner by 8:00 p.m. CST. Winners will be announced via my newsletter and here on my blog!

July 9th- Are you already a twitterbug, fan and newsletter member? YOU ROCK!! Here's your chance to win: watch my book trailer for Taken By Surprise and leave a comment here on my blog about what you think about it. What works...what doesn't. I'd love to hear whether or not book trailers get you excited about a book or make no difference at all in whether you'll pick it up. Leave your feedback here with your email addy and you've got a chance to win! I will announce my book trailer commentee winner by 8:00 p.m. CST. Winners will be announced via Twitter and here on my blog!

July 10th- Whew! Last day to possibly win a copy of Taken By Surprise! Here's how: Read Abrielle's Fool (it's FREE), leave a review on TEB's site or just hit the 'like' button, email me letting me know which one you did and you'll be eligible to win! I will announce a winner by 8:00 p.m. CST. Winners will be announced via Twitter and here on my blog!

That my friends takes up to July 11th,
the official release day for Taken By Surprise!
Whooo oooo!
Thanks for playing and good luck!

***Rules & Disclaimers***
There can be only ONE winner for each day. The winner for each daily contest will be announced as stated above by 8:00 p.m. CST. Not winning the contest, does not mean you should not read this book!

To do so, could be harmful to your reading enjoyment health!

DO NOT READ Taken By Surprise if you suffer from no pulse, no sense of humor and no imagination. Talk to your doctor if reading highly erotic and romantic stories gives you no pleasure at all...there's gotta be a pill you can take. :-)


  1. July 6th-
    Congrats to my new twitterbug friends: Stacie, Heather, Sara and Anne!

    Thanks for playing! :)


  2. Okay, so I'm a Twitbug, FB fan and newsletter follower, which leaves the book trailer.

    Liked it. It's short and to the point, with just enough intrigue to want to know more. The images are beautiful and the cover just pops! Now the music was all right; I would have preferred something a bit slower. It would have been a better match with the images, methinks. But then, I'm a bit on the heavy side, literally and figuratively, though my weight fluctuates like Zori's (which is hilarious, btw).

    I'm a Massive Attack fan, so I thought "Angel," "Dissolved Girl," or "Black Milk" would have worked as potential soundtracks. But overall, I like the trailer. It's good stuff.

    Btw, freakin' Idris Elba be HOT LIKE FIRE! He looks like a Greyson. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you ingrain a character into your reader's mind.

  3. Hey, Amaya! You've been entered in Saturday's contest! Thanks for the feedback on my book trailer! I just discovered Massive Attack with their Teardrop song plays at the beginning of House, I've listened to other tracks through Pandora, but don't know them well enough to comment on your picks. I'm going to check them out though on Youtube!

    My husband actually creates the music for all of my trailers. I'm so lucky he enjoys the process and delivers with music I can work with! ;-)

    I'm with you Mr. Elba is D-E-LICIOUS! Totally the way I picture Greyson to be! So glad I ingrained the character in your mind!

    Always a pleasure to hear from you,


  4. hi nichelle! how are you? yay! taken by surprise is almost here! congrats lady! :) i like your trailer. im still stuck on what she is. your trailer leaves me guessing and yurning for more. i liked it and the music too! i was tapping my foot to it! lol now im gonna go check out your book Abrielle's Fool. :P have fun! i know i will!

  5. i finished it! it was good! :) and hot! i left you a review! hope more people comment for ya! thank you!

  6. Shadow,

    Thanks for leaving a review! You ROCK!! :)

    My July 7th Winner is:

    My July 8th Winner is:

    Thanks for playing, guys!

  7. Nichelle, out of all of your stories that ive read, (not that ive read a lot of them YET), Take By Surprise is by far my favorite story of yours! This book is one of my all time favorites, thank you so much for letting me read! You are awesome! :) I wonder what Zori and Greyson kids will look like...hmm. I bet they'd be eyecatching! lol

  8. My July 9th Winner is: Amaya!

    My July 10th Winner is: Shadow!

    Congrats, guys! :-)


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