Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday's Hottie is...

Gabriel Macht!

Oh, yeah! I can't get enough of Suits, the new legal drama on USA. It's rare to find a show that makes you want to beg for more once the credits start rolling, but that's the way it's been every Thursday night for me.

I love the characters, the premise and did I mention Gabriel Macht is pure hotness! Man, oh, man, that man in a suit is pure wicked goodness! He plays Harvey Specter, the no bullshit lawyer who barely remembers he has a heart. He's at the top of his game and he's got no time for slackers or mercy.

He hires Mike, who doesn't have a law degree, but he does have an incredible memory. He can recall anything he's read! He's trying to change his life, up his A-game and figure out how to balance being human in a cut-throat environment filled with people who react more like robots. 

The interactions between these two characters is highly entertaining! 
Gina Torres, one of my favorite actors, plays his no nonsense managing partner. She's effortlessly beautiful, classy and hardcore when it comes to the job. I love her! I'm really, really, REALLY hoping that she and Harvey get together. All I can think about every time they're in a scene together is...kiss her, kiss her, KISS HER!! I think they have amazing chemistry!
Anyways, if you like smart dramas with likable characters in high gloss style, you'll love Suits!

Check it out on Thursdays on the USA network!
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