Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Simply Sexy Excerpts- Summer's Journey: Volume One - Losing Control by Summer Daniels

Chapter Five
Two nights and one spectacularly unsatisfying session with my vibrator later, I found myself back at the website, re-reading Mark’s note.  “Many laughs, much pleasure” is the phrase that I kept coming back to.  I had buried myself in my work since the separation and divorce and I thought that I’d probably settle for the many laughs.  My staff definitely thought I was much too serious I’m sure, but you don’t get ahead as a woman in the IT field unless you are all business.  I gave a little thought to how nice it might be to actually not be in control for once, to let someone else worry about the details.  Taking an unladylike gulp of my wine, I impulsively took a deep breath and clicked the “Yes” button.
The words on the original note wiped away and a single question appeared on the screen.
Right or wrong, what (not who) do I blame for my ex-wife’s infidelity?
A blank input field stood empty awaiting a response.  I knew from my discussion with Mark that he blamed Facebook for having provided his ex-wife with easy access to her former high school “friend”.  I typed “Facebook” and hit the button marked “Submit”.
I smiled as fireworks filled the screen for a few moments.  The screen went blank and words started appearing once again.
You have no idea how happy I am that you chose to click “Yes”.  I am honored by the level of trust you have shown in me.  I promise you I will do anything and everything to show you that trust has not been misplaced.  In an effort to give you some level of comfort with this decision, you will find the following on the next few pages:
1)   Full background information
2)   Employment history
3)   A complete medical history, including blood test results
I hope this information alleviates some of your concerns.  Once you have had a chance to review everything, go ahead and click on the “Okay” button and we’ll get started.  I promise that everything will certainly not be this impersonal going forward, but being a computer professional, I thought you might appreciate this beginning.
I clicked through some of the information that followed even though I really did not feel it was completely necessary.  I did appreciate the thought behind providing it however.  Mark was essentially laying his life out as an open book and inviting me to decide whether or not it was worthwhile to keep reading.
As I sipped a little more wine and paged through Mark’s website, a thought suddenly occurred to me that stopped me in my tracks. How had he gotten those blood tests, put together all that information and put it online in the few days since our meeting? Clicking back through the medical information to the blood test results, I took note of the test date, just about a month ago. That was weeks before our first email interaction. Why had he felt compelled to get the blood tests?

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Author Bio: Recent divorcee - embarking on a journey of sexual self-discovery. Learning some interesting things about life, love and myself in the process. Come join me on my journey!

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