Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Amy Valenti!

NG: I'm thrilled to have Amy Valenti, a fellow TEB author, on my blog today. Welcome to Simply Sexy Stories, Amy!

AV: Hey, Nichelle! Good to be here.

NG: What are you reading this summer?

AV: I’m catching up on my Jacqueline Carey – she writes amazing fantasy intrigue mixed with kink/erotica, and I’m a few books behind. I’m also hoping to read a few of my fellow Total-E-Bound authors’ stories!

NG: Care to share some of your favorite authors?

AV: Kelley Armstrong is WAY up there. The way she writes just blows me away. Karin Slaughter is fantastic, too, though not exactly in the romance genre…

NG: Summer is almost over, but do you prefer lemonade or iced tea?

AV: I’m actually a tea girl – hot tea, even in summer! Maybe I’m just weird!

NG: No, not at all. I love a good cuppa hot tea myself...IF the air conditioner is on. :) Do you prefer summer kisses or snuggling by the fire as the snow falls?

AV: I’ll pick summer kisses – the extra daylight in summer makes me happy. Plus, there are a variety of places you can choose for summer kissing… indoors, outdoors, here, there and everywhere! ;D

NG: Variety is the spice of life! Let's talk about your writing. What genre(s) do you write and why?

AV: I’m into the kinky side of life, so I’m mostly writing contemporary BDSM at the moment. There’s just something about the D/s dynamic that I love, and to try to portray that within a compelling plot is a fun challenge.

I’ve also written a little contemporary vanilla, some paranormal alternatives-to-vampires and some crime erotica. And some random high fantasy that hasn’t yet seen the light of day – not sure why I started it, but it’ll be interesting to work on!

NG: What draws you to erotic romantic novels?

AV: Oooh, good question. Definitely the sexual tension that develops throughout the plot, and the foreplay once they really get started – I think you can tell a lot about the characters from their choice of foreplay.

NG: Is there any particular word or thing in erotic romance novels that you dislike as a reader?

AV: I’m not a huge fan of semen. An integral part of het sex, I know, but I’d rather not focus on that! I also don’t believe that happily-ever-after equals marriage and kids. Heaving bosoms and too many euphemisms are a turn-off, too. And the word ‘member’. Whenever I see that word, I always want to ask for the cock’s membership card. *ahem* I’ll put my soapbox away, now!

NG: LOL! I'm not fond of the word 'member' either. Describe your writing process...are you a careful plotter or laid back pantster?

AV: I’m so laid back, it’s untrue! With Battle of Thrills, I sat down and went, “Okay, so my two characters are going to play a sex game before they get together, it’s going to last a week, and the only rule is ‘no touching’. Here we go!” No character planning, no choreography or scene planning… I just sat down and wrote, and let the characters worry about themselves. I think it turned out pretty well, despite that!

NG: Has your writing process changed since your first book was published?

AV: This will be my first real publication, but since I got my first Total-E-Bound acceptance, I use different fonts for different things. It’s weird. I’ve started writing erotica in Book Antiqua, which is the preferred font for TEB submissions. I now equate that font with erotica… strange how the mind works!

NG: What are you working on now?

AV: I’m writing books two and three in my Club Alterna series. Book one (Floored) has already been written, and will be out in March 2012. The series is based around a fetish club and the various characters’ interactions within it. You can find out more at my blog: http://amyvalenti.wordpress.com/club-alterna-series/

NG: Sounds hot, Amy! Let's talk about your latest release, Battle of Thrills. What's this steamy tale all about?

AV: The story revolves around two colleagues, Jared the crime journalist and Elle, one of the researchers employed at the press office. They’ve been friends for a while, and they decide to take it to the next level – but with a twist. They challenge each other to a unique game – they can tease each other with words, and with their appearances, but they’re not allowed to touch each other, or touch themselves in the other’s presence. They’re both pretty stubborn, so it drags on for a week, and neither of them wants to give in…

NG: I love it! What inspired you to pen this sexy story?

AV: It’s something I loved the idea of when it came to me – a sexual game that lasts longer than just one night, and which is also a competition. The struggle of ‘who’ll seduce who first?’ is a great dynamic, and I LOVE drawing out the sexual tension when I write.

NG: Give me three reasons readers will love Battle of Thrills

AV: One: The game itself. As my blurb says, ‘Tease, tempt, tremble… but don’t touch.’ 

Two: Different locations on different days. The characters try to turn each other on at home, at work... even at church!

Three: Jared Lancaster, the main male hottie. You can find his character profile on my blog, here: http://amyvalenti.wordpress.com/2011/07/27/introducing-jared-lancaster/

NG: What's the one thing readers can always count on when picking up one of your books?

AV: Ooh, good question, especially since I’m a new author and Battle of Thrills is my first real release! I’m hoping the answer is ‘chemistry’. There’s nothing worse than reading a romance where the chemistry between the characters is only so-so, and I really try to give them a connection when I write. Fingers crossed, and maybe some readers will be kind enough to let me know!

NG: Amy, thank you so much for coming on Simply Sexy Stories, I'm wishing you all the best with this latest   release and all future endeavors!

Blurb: Tease, tempt, tremble… but don’t touch. 

Old friends and colleagues Jared and Elle embark upon a sexual game with only one rule: no touching. Whoever breaks the rule first loses the game, and no matter how much they want each other, they’re both too stubborn to give in.

At the end of a long working week filled with close encounters and teasing phone calls, who will win their maddening battle of thrills?

Caution! Super Sexy Excerpt Below:

Elle ran her hands over the wood, rendered smooth and sleek by his patient hands. The smell of sawdust—of Jared—was infused into the timber, and it comforted her almost as much as it turned her on.

A chair sat nearby, and she looked it over, hesitant to sit down. “Did you make this, too?”

“Mm-hmm. Go ahead and sit—it won’t break.”

Elle did, and took the beer he offered, taking a sip while she scrambled for something to say. All the work she’d ploughed through that day seemed to have melted her brain.

“You look good on it,” he said, his voice slightly rough. Surprised at his phrasing, she gazed up at him, melting a little inside at the intense way he was evaluating her. “Course, you’d look even better pinned up against the wall by my body, with my knee between your thighs and my hands under your shirt.”

His nonchalance somehow made the images seem hotter, and she stretched her fingers out over the sandpapered wood, feeling its cool, smooth caress against her palm. “You think so?”

“Mm-hmm.” He walked over to stand beside her chair, stroking his own hand over the half-finished dresser. “When I’m working with new material, I like to get to know every inch of it. Its strengths”—he tapped one of the sides with a finger, then moved on, running his hand over the narrowest part of one of the legs—“and its weaknesses…”

Elle tried to remind herself to breathe when he turned his gaze from the wood to her body. His eyes roved over her the way they had the dresser, searching out weak spots, strengths to build on, every curve and dip and joint …

Battle of Thrills will be available September 26th with Total E-Bound Publishing!
Curious about Amy Valenti? Visit her website/blog:


  1. I can't wait to read Battle of Thrills, I've been keeping an eye out for it at Amazon ;) I think it's cool that you like Karin Slaughter, I'm a huge fan of hers and have all her books. Thanks so much for the excerpt, very hott!

  2. Thanks, guys! Good to know I'll have a couple of readers, at least! ;)

  3. I'm putting this one on my TBR list as well, Amy! Congrats!! :-)

  4. Thanks, Nichelle, that's really sweet of you! :)


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