Sunday, September 18, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - First Kiss...

Are you enjoying your Sunday? I certainly hope so! Thank you for spending a little time with me and another six from Rapunzel's Release, an erotic...exotic fairy tale from my Erotic Enchantments series available with Noble Romance!

"You came back," Rapunzel said as he stepped through the window.

Filipe saw her tear-streaked face and took her into his arms, a need to comfort and protect rising deep within in him. "I promised you I would." He pulled away, his gaze dropping from her wide, copper eyes to rest on her high cheekbones and then lower to her full, luscious lips, which quivered in a shaky smile. Without thinking, he leaned in, capturing Rapunzel's mouth in a sweet, searching kiss.

He could feel her uncertainty as he gently caressed her mouth, hungrily tasting her tongue when she let him inside.
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  1. Very well-descriptive. I love it your six!

  2. beautifully vivid descriptions!
    well done

  3. Love the last line..have to read more.

  4. A sweet and sensual scene. Great six! :)

  5. Awesome six! I always thought Rapunzel should get some play. Very descriptive, puts the reader right in the moment with them.


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