Thursday, September 15, 2011

This Week's Hottie Is...

Daniel Henney!
Mmm...mmm...mmm! Isn't he delicious? I didn't know his name, but he caught my eye again while watching X-Men Origins: Wolverine and that's saying something with Hugh Jackman burning up the screen with his animalistic sex appeal. When Hugh growls...oh, my, my, my!
*um mm* (clearing my throat) We're talking about Daniel right now though, otherwise known as Agent Zero in the Origins movie. I hope he's in the next installment of this franchise! I loved his character!

Daniel Henney is this week's super sexy hottie!

Take a look at the pics and I'm sure you'll agree he's gorgeous! Enjoy!


  1. Oh gawd, yes!!!! I, too, want to see more of him. I thought Sub-Zero was AWESOME! Sexy bastard. Thanks for this little treat.


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