Saturday, October 29, 2011

Counting Down To Halloween!

Just a two days away from Halloween! 
I'm readying my costume and stashing candy by the door!

Don't forget to check out TRS's Spookapoolza going on through Halloween night!
There are a ton of authors sharing excerpts and offering prizes!

Click the pick to join the party and enjoy your weekend!



  1. I love Halloween. Best holiday of the year, IMO. It's during fall, which is my favorite season, and there are sooooo many festivals and cool events taking place. I love wearing costumes (don't get to do it nearly enough), and watching the younguns dress up for trick-or-treating is priceless.

    The best programmed television also takes place during Halloween. I'm a horror fan, so this is the time when I can watch all my favorite scary movies from back in the day when movies were actually scary. Ah, love Halloween!

  2. Readying your costume? Do tell! What are you dressing up as?

  3. Amaya, fall if my favorite season too and I love dressing my kids and donning a costume myself!

    Happy Halloween! ;-)


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