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Scarrry & Oh, So Sexy with Victoria Blisse!

NG: *wild cackle*Ah ha ha ha ha haaaa! Today, I'm featuring Victoria Blisse! Welcome, Victoria! What do you enjoy the most about Halloween? 

VB: Well, honestly I’m not a big Halloween fan. I’m British so we’re only just really getting to grips with the whole idea and I am a complete wimp. I don’t deal well with horror. I do like the post-halloween sales though, lots of lovely sweeties on sale, huzzah!

NG: You're about to be attacked by a horde of you think you could survive?

VB: Well I am intelligent but I am not very fast. I think if I can hold them off with some kind of makeshift weapon I might survive. If I've got some pals with me we’ll be fine I’m sure. I wouldn’t make a good zombie, my skin is really pale as it is!

NG: You've become a witch for the night...what spell would you cast?

VB:World peace, that’s always the right answer, right? Either that or a spell to make sure there’s always chocolate in the house when I need it, that’d be good.

NG: LOL! What is your favorite Halloween candy? Least favorite and why?

VB: Again, I’m British and we’re coming late to this whole thing. I don’t think there really are any specific sweets brought out here for Halloween. It’s close to Bonfire night (the bigger British holiday) and I love a chocolate apple at that time of year. It is literally an apple dipped in chocolate and topped with sprinkles. Yummy.

NG: Mmm...delicious and Bonfire night sounds like a good time too! Give me three reasons your tale will trick-n-treat your readers.

VB: Stopping Point contains hot vampires!

The main female character is kind of evil but you’ll find yourself loving her by the end.

Josh is a vampire, but he doesn’t know it. It’s a treat to read how he works it out!

NG: Stopping Point sounds like a howling good time! Victoria, thank you so much for coming on Simply Sexy Stories!

Blurb: Book two in the Point Vamp Series
Josh is a vampire he just doesn't quite know it yet.

He is confused and his voluptuous sire, Cara is far too busy being mysterious to really help him unlock the secrets of his Afterlife. However, he pieces it together by himself and decides to turn his best mates into Vampires too. This doesn't quite go to plan but he does discover The Point and its unique, ten-second rule.

Cara does not approve of Josh visiting The Point but that night she turns up at his door bloodied and much more dead than usual, and accepts Josh's help to escape from her much older and much crazier Sire Leopold. How is Josh going to defeat an older, wiser and more powerful vampire? He hasn't a clue but for Cara he is willing to find out.

Prepare yourself for a Scarrry & Oh, So Sexy excerpt below:
“Fuck, bitch, get away from me. You’re evil.”

“Yes, dear, I am, but so are you.” She leant forward and kissed him.

Instantly he felt an electric buzz as her cold lips moulded with his. Her hands travelled around his neck and he found himself pulling her closer. His arms wrapped around her waist. There was an uncontrollable urge to be with this woman, to hold her, to kiss her, to fuck her. It was sick. She’d just called herself his mum, but he couldn’t resist.

“You’re experiencing the call of your blood, darling. It is mine in you and your body recognises it. It’s sexy, isn’t it? Your cock is hard and straining. Mm, this is as good as they said it would be.”

Before he could ask her anything, she was on her knees before him. She undid his pants in one, superhumanly fast action and had his cock in her mouth before he could open his to protest. She was good. Her lips caressed him sensuously as she slid his member deep into her mouth. With each thrust she took more, until her lips were banging off his pelvis as she swallowed him.

“Fuck, that’s good,” he groaned. He could feel his orgasm building and it seemed to gravitate towards her, as if it was something special about her and not just her blow job technique that was turning him on.

“Enough of that,” she growled and pulled him down to the ground next to her.

He yelped, an un-manly sound and probably not too vampiric either. She just laughed again and pushed him back into the soggy autumnal leaves before straddling him.

“Fuck,” he groaned as his cock slid into her wet cunt. He felt alive. His whole body was tingling with pleasure as if he’d come already, but he knew he hadn’t.

“Yes, baby, yes, this is it. This is what I needed, what I wanted,” she groaned as she pushed up and down on his cock. “Fuck me.”

Stopping Point is available now with Total E-Bound!
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Marie Sexton joins me for another Scarrry & Oh, So Sexy trick-n-treat edition here on Simply Sexy Stories on October 24th!!

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