Saturday, October 8, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - Resistance Is Futile!

Welcome to Simply Sexy Stories! This week, I'm sharing six lines from The Enchanted Flute! Told in a fairy tale-like voice, this short story was my first published work...the beginning of my career as a published author! Enjoy and have a great week!
The enchantress wanted the musician’s hands on her body. She wanted to feel those calloused fingers all over her skin. The desire that arose within her eclipsed anything she had ever experienced. No man had ever been able to resist her when she chose to show herself, especially not when she pulled out all the stops, like now. Why, then, hadn’t he put his instrument down to touch her? How could he possibly resist her charms?

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  1. she losing her touch? EEK! Not good- Plan B must be implemented- lol

    Dawne P

  2. Looks like she's met her match! I predict fireworks between these two before long :-)

  3. @Dawne- lol...she has a plan B!

    @Sherry- Your prediction is correct! Thanks for coming by ladies! :)

  4. My mind this morning is a cauldron of filth, so I had a fabulous moment with the line "Why, then, hadn't he put his instrument down to touch her?" LOL!

    That said, I certain hope she finds her charms and gives him a chance to redeem himself. YUM!

  5. Nice snippet. Enjoyed the story :-)

  6. Great six! Ah... how frustrating it is to want the one who doesn't seem to want us! Love the voice and the way it flows!
    Amy Durham

  7. Great six" By 'instrument,' I'm assuming he means his flute, and not some other long rod...sorry, you can tell I've been reading too many steamy SSS snippets!


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  8. She just has to try harder, that's all. ;) Thanks for sharing!

  9. I had the same thought as Sarah did about his erm... instrument. And now I want to know what Plan B is!

  10. Love the fairy tale voice--something a little out of the ordinary!

  11. @Carrie Ann- I'm glad I could pique your interest!

    @Sarah- Ha ha! A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste! Don't worry, he does get his chance to redeem himself.

    @Sandra- Thank you!!

    @Amy- Matters of the heart can be so rough on a woman!

    @J.C. Martin- I can tell you've got the feel of this story!

    @Vivien- She's gonna give it all she's got!

    @Melissa-Plan B is smokin' HoT!!!

    @Serena-So glad you enjoyed it!

    I want to thank each of you for stopping by!



  12. Sounds like he's working his own kind of magic ;)


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