Sunday, October 16, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday- The Way Nature Intended...

Welcome! Thank you for joining me today! My six are taken again this week from The Enchanted Flute. Enjoy!

Holding her tightly, he moved to the ground and she shivered when the grass tickled her naked flesh. She whimpered with regret as he pulled from her warm wetness, leaving her empty and wanting. He smiled down at her, his full lips curving into a knowing smile. She adored the strong line of his jaw and the way his dark brown
eyes narrowed with need. Quickly repositioning her legs over his shoulders, he slammed back into her and she gasped with delight. Folded in this position they watched each other react to each skin-slapping stroke.

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  1. HOT six! I love you have them watching each others reactions. Awesome job.

  2. Oh My Lord- what a scene and no need to visual aids- I had my own- lol
    Great 6

    Dawne P

  3. Very sensual and steamy. Nichelle, I always enjoy the eroticism in your snippets. Great job!

  4. Sensual and emotional. Well done!

  5. "Each skin-slapping stroke" Hot-damn, I love that line - it warms my cockles. Well done Ms. N., very well done indeed.

  6. Thanks for coming by today, guys! I appreciate your comments!! :-)



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