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Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Jan Irving!

NG: I’m thrilled to have Jan Irving on Simply Sexy Stories today! Hi, Jan!

JI: Hi there, really nice to be here.

NG: What are you reading right now?

JI: I’m reading two books right now. I’m listening to an audio of Nora Roberts’ Morrigan’s Cross and working on a challenging knit scarf—for knitters, it’s the Linen stitch scarf. And I’m reading Robin Owens’ Heart Journey.

NG: Care to share some of your favorite authors?

JI: I have so many! I have been reading a lot of Nora Roberts lately, J.R. Ward, Robin Owens and Linda Howard occasionally. I like reading series stories, so I usually pick one and read all the books in order. I’ve also recently read some J.C. Owens and Kim Dare. I’m writing a book called The Viking in My Bed right now where the hero is a huge historical romance reader, so I’ve been having fun dropping the names of his favorite authors.

NG: Summer's gone and autumn is here! Which would you rather do? Tumble in the leaves with your sweetie or snuggle by the fire as the snow falls?

JI: I’m more of a snuggler. I have to make myself go out when it’s wet and cold, which is winter here. Not much snow, just very rainy. But I am busy with ceramics or yoga classes so I’m lucky if I have snuggling time.

NG: The holidays are right around the corner...what do you look forward to the most during this time?

JI: I like doing my place to reflect whatever season it is so I’m slowly moving into holiday decorating. Peacock colors and sparkle. It’ll be nice to entertain, good wine and food.

NG: Sounds lovely! I enjoy decorating for the season too! Okay, let's talk about your writing. What genre(s) do you write and why?

JI: I write pretty much all genres. I like challenging myself so there isn’t much I haven’t done so far. Next year I might try Steam punk because I’ve never done that.

NG: What draws you to erotic romantic novels?

JI: I have always primarily read romance and I enjoy slipping into worlds that will touch me, move me and ultimately be uplifting.

NG: Is there any particular word or thing in erotic romance novels that you dislike as a reader?

JI: Occasionally an affection of an author will make it hard to read. I remember this with a certain comedic story I would like to have enjoyed but the story was treated like one joke after another and it got tedious for me.

NG: Describe your writing process...are you a careful plotter or laid back pantster?

JI: I would like to do more with plotting and I intend to. Some of my stories are quite complex. The problem is that I usually am just dying to dive in and start writing.

NG: Has your writing process changed since your first book was published?

JI: I’ve learned a few things such as rewriting and how word count is built. I never thought much of that previously. Now I know what is possible with a story.

NG: What are you working on now?

JI: I’m close to finishing an m/m romance called The Viking in my Bed. It’s about a college boy who wakes up crushed under a sexy Viking warrior. It’s a fun and sexy romp.

NG: The premise sounds very intriguing! Tell me about your latest release! 

JI: I actually have two stories out on the same day. A multicultural m/f BDSM story called His Landlady in the Subspace collection and The Wizard’s Boy, a sexy m/m.

NG: Congrats on them both! Share a little about The Wizard’s Boy.

JI: The Wizard’s Boy is a twist on power dynamics—my powerful young wizard works for the man he loves, who is a sophisticated submissive. He has one night to prove that he can be the master his older lover needs.

NG: the concept! What inspired you to pen this sexy tale?

JI: I wanted to see how this younger man was going to win the submission and respect of an older man. It was a sexy scenario.

NG: What's the one thing readers can always count on when picking up one of your books?

JI: I think at the heart of all my books is tenderness.

NG: Aww...I love that! Give me three reasons readers will love The Wizard’s Boy.

JI: Magic as a sex toy. Scorching and unusual BDSM. Two men who yearn for each other.

NG: Whew! The Wizard's Boy sounds very hot! Thank you so much for coming on Simply Sexy Stories!

Blurb: Sand has no idea when he offers a scared and lost Daniel a home that he has invited a powerful wizard under his roof—until Daniel puts a few stray holes through that roof with bolts of fiery lightning. But Daniel works to master his gifts so he can use them to claim Sand, the man he’s fallen for, pleasuring him with magic.

Sand is looking for a hot night with two dominant lovers when he stumbles on Daniel, a scared kid clinging to his dog, lost on the streets. Sand offers Daniel a home. At first Daniel fries the wiring and sears holes through the roof, echoing the young mage’s pain, but slowly he begins to feel safe and not so alone thanks to Sand’s quiet understanding.

Years later Daniel works for Sand part time at his sensual night club Shifting Sand but he is a surly employee, hating Sand’s many partners. After waiting to claim the beautiful submissive for so long, Daniel tricks Sand into being his. He uses his power to bring Sand willingly to his knees and show the man he’s loved from a distance that Daniel might be young but he’s Sand’s perfect master.

Caution! Scorching Excerpt Below:
“Here,” a voice growled from behind Sand as a fresh drink was slammed on Sand’s table, shattering the pleasant spell.

“Ah, Daniel,” Sand said.

The young man’s hot brown eyes contrasted with his silky, pale-blond hair. His skin held a trace of beard shadow but was otherwise smooth and tanned. Unlike the other servers in the club, Daniel was not wearing a loin cloth but jeans and a blue T-shirt splattered with paint. He liked working with his hands and spent his days in a woodworking studio, creating beautiful tables and chairs, chests and bed frames. He occasionally helped out in the club, possibly because he felt he owed Sand. Sand couldn’t be absolutely sure on that one—sharing wasn’t something taciturn Daniel did.

“Trust you to add to the ambience.”

“Fuck ambience,” Daniel said, tilting his empty drink tray against one hip. He was slender but wiry, still built like a starved wolf though he now towered over Sand. “And fuck you.” He worked for Sand but wasn’t subservient, especially lately.

Sand’s pulse pounded in his throat. “Nice,” he said lightly, knowing he’d get under Daniel’s skin. Sand loved to do that, taunt Daniel, ignoring the voice inside that said maybe that wasn’t wise. Daniel was growing stronger by the day, a powerful mage who wiped tables and gave everyone who hit on him a get lost look from heavy-lidded eyes.

Except his boss, Sand. Daniel’s eyes were hot and possessive whenever he looked at Sand, who could feel it even as he kept the younger man at a careful arm’s length.

“You want nice, hire someone else,” Daniel muttered. He hopped into the booth next to Sand, dropping the tray and rag. He took a sip of Sand’s whisky, his moist lips ruby red under the light of a leather lamp shade from Morocco that graced the table.

Sand imagined those lips around his cock, tormenting him with unbelievable skill while ordering Sand not to come. He cleared his throat. “You aren’t off for another two minutes, ace,” he said, keeping up their game and the pretence there was nothing more between them than employer and employee.

“I never really get off and do you want to know why?” Daniel asked.

“I have no idea, dear boy.”

“I’m not your boy.”

Shit. Daniel’s gaze was like a touch, threatening as well as offering Sand the domination he craved. His so-called employee seemed even more bad-tempered tonight than usual but Sand had been doing a lot of men lately and he knew Daniel didn’t like it. He knew that Daniel wanted him under his hands in the stingy single bed where he slept in an apartment over the club.

“I’m celibate because I’m waiting for you.”

Sand swallowed around a dry throat, fighting to keep his expression impassive. What was it about Daniel that had got to him, right from the beginning? “Well, that puts it on the table.” He edged out of his seat, body running hot. He needed to find some man, reasonably attractive, human or vampire, and get on his knees and suck him off. The way he was feeling, he’d shoot from just the act of giving release to another man.

Daniel snagged Sand’s hand. “I didn’t say you could leave,” Daniel said.

Sand caught his breath at the feel of raw power shimmering around the young man like an electrical field. “Control,” he warned softly as the lights in the club flickered. “There are humans here with no idea of who we really are.”

Daniel’s jaw bunched. “Kiss me. Kiss my lips and I’ll put a cap on the power I’m putting out.”


“Whatever.” The weary thread in Daniel’s voice touched Sand. He sounded as if he had slept badly the night before. Sand should know since he hadn’t slept, either.

He had to be crazy, he had to be wrong, but his blood and bones told him that Daniel was the man Sand had searched for over the long years, the man he needed to bond with to finally be complete. “All right, I’ll give you your kiss.”

Daniel’s pupils expanded, almost as if he were a werewolf, a predator, instead of a young wizard and one of the rulers of their supernatural world.

“Put your hands behind your back.” Daniel nuzzled Sand’s neck.

When had he got so close? His breath was warm whisky against Sand’s skin. Without even thinking of it, Sand obeyed, even though he was usually careful about what others saw, to whom he submitted. His powerful clientele had to respect him so he could maintain order.

“Perfect. You’re so perfect like this. I’ve wanted this for so long.” Daniel rewarded him by running a hand over Sand’s crotch, touching him through his clothing.

Failing to resist temptation, Sand trembled and pushed himself deeper into the caress. “This is a bad idea,” he whispered. “It’ll just hurt more when we stop.”

“How can it hurt any more than it does now?” Daniel said. “I don’t care about the fucking rules. I don’t care if a wizard is forbidden to mate with anyone but another wizard. I’ve wanted you for ages.” He squeezed more firmly.

It hurt, but hurt so good. Sand let his head fall back. He couldn’t stop himself from surrender now that he’d allowed Daniel to finally touch him.

“Do you want to get off?” Daniel licked Sand’s neck.

Sand shivered. He wanted to demand that Daniel bite, break the skin. “What do you think?” Sand grumbled. His hands ached from the force he needed to keep his hands clasped behind his back, instead of reaching out to touch Daniel. But Sand would sit and let Daniel do whatever he wanted while excitement played around them like hot, rising sparks.

Eyes intent on Sand’s face, Daniel removed his hand.

“No!” Sand couldn’t stop himself from begging. “Please…”

“I know what you want.” Daniel offered his wrist to Sand’s mouth. “One taste and you’ll know who your master is.”

Sand moaned as he licked the skin, felt the bump of blue veins under his tongue. With heat beating through him, he couldn’t stop, even knowing this was how a mage rewarded his pet. A wizard’s blood was said to be powerful, the ultimate aphrodisiac. Despite his long life, Sand had never dared to taste it.

“Break the skin, taste me,” Daniel said.

The Wizard's Boy is available now with Total E-Bound Publishing!

Author Bio: Jan Irving has worked in all kinds of creative fields, from painting silk to making porcelain ceramics, to interior design, but writing was always her passion.

She feels you can’t fully understand characters until you follow their journey through a story world. Many kinds of worlds interest her, fantasy, historical, science fiction and suspense—but all have one thing in common, people finding a way to live together—in the most emotional and erotic fashion possible, of course!

Curious about Jan Irving?

Check out her website: 

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