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Always Christmas In Lincoln by Victoria Blisse!

Blurb: It isn’t really always Christmas in Lincoln but when Felicity gets her man it feels like it.

Felicity hates Christmas. It reminds her of a traumatic event from her childhood. She thinks the Permanent Christmas shop is tacky, with its windows full of trees and tinsel all year round and would rather it disappeared from her picturesque home town.

When she discovers that Carl, who she lusts over every time she sees him in the tea rooms, is in fact the owner of Ho, Ho, Ho! She’s not quite sure what to think. It takes a sexy meeting in the middle of a fake winter wonderland to make her realise the advantages of Christmas in the middle of summer.

As time passes, Carl and Felicity indulge in more sexy liaisons but as Christmas approaches Felicity doubts whether she is anything more than a sensual distraction for the festive shop owner and when her handsome ex, Sean, sweeps into town on a quest to win her back she finds she has a tough decision to make.

Can Carl and his Christmas cheer win over her hardened heart?

Sexy, Snow-melting Excerpt Below:

“Snowing again,” I said then tutted. We turned our back to the wind and headed towards my home.

“Again,” he said, clasping my hand and pulling me close to him. “It doesn’t seem to have stopped lately.”

Our boots crunched through the new layer of white stuff, illuminated by honeyed street lamps and dancing, chasing Christmas lights. Around us, Christmas glowed. Santas, reindeer, season’s greetings and angels, all lit up, adorned lamp posts and house fronts.

“It’s all very pretty,” I commented to break the silence. “Very Christmassy.”

“Yes,” Carl replied. “I love the festive lights—they lift your mind from the cold and the drudgery of winter and make you think of all things good and warm and loving.”

I looked at him and his smile made me feel all things good and warm and loving. I wanted him—I wanted him then and there, despite the inches of snow and the hard-blowing wind. When we reached my doorway, I stopped.
“Here I am,” I said, redundantly. “Thanks for walking me home.”

I lifted myself onto my tiptoes to kiss him. He bent as he kissed me back so that my feet were in contact with the floor again, even if the rest of me soared away with the arousal that coursed through my veins. Snowflakes melted on our cheeks during our deep kiss.

Our lips didn’t stop moving, our arms joined us together, wrapping us in a cocoon of desire where we barely noticed the noise of the wind whipping past. Finally we parted, just to take a quick, shuddering breath. I realised how cold my toes were and gasped.

“Would you like to come in for a bit?”

Who knew such a proposition could be put into such simple words.

“Yeah,” he replied. “Why not?”

The door opened eventually. I don’t know if all the shaking was down to the cold or if some of it related to my nerves at bringing Carl into my home. It was clean, at least—I knew that, as I’d given it a good tidy round last night. My mum told me a girl should never live with chaos around her, as eventually it would seep into her soul. It was one thing I’d actually paid attention to.

We paused in the hall to remove our outer layers. Carl was free of his before I’d even taken off my hat! He came over to help me. Gently, he pulled one glove then the other from my hands. The rest of me was still fully clothed, but just revealing the pink of my fingers seemed so intimate. My heart thumped as he stood close and undid the buttons on my coat.

He slipped his hands under the heavy material at my shoulders and pushed it off. I expected him to help me remove the tight-cinched cuffs from my wrists, but he didn’t. He didn’t give me a chance to free myself, either. My hands hung down uselessly behind my back.

He pushed me up against the wall and kissed me roughly, powerfully, and I felt my knees melt beneath me.

He held me up with the pressure of his body—I needed the support as I felt dizzy and hot and weak. It felt so good. I’d never thought about bondage in any deep way before. I’d played with it—who hasn’t? Silly, fluffy handcuffs for Valentine’s Day or a ripped-off tie minutes after he’s returned home from the office. I’d enjoyed it, but never enough to crave more.

With Carl, I wanted more. I felt safe and yet dangerously turned on. I wanted him to use me for his pleasure, to keep me tied up and at his beck and call.

“I could do anything to you and you’d not be able to stop me.” He smiled wickedly.

“Yes,” I gasped, my eyes wide with aroused fear.

“I could rip off your clothes and fuck you here in your hallway,” he whispered temptingly in my ear as he popped open the delicate little buttons on my red spotted blouse. “I could make you suck me, stuff my cock in your mouth or in your cunt or your arse. I could do anything I wanted to you.”

He eased my breasts from within the black satin that encased them. He tweaked my nipples and all I could do was moan. My arms were pressed between the wall and my back. I could have struggled out of my self-inflicted, fifties-style, binding, but I didn’t want to try.

Always Christmas In Lincoln is available now with Total E-Bound Publishing!
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Author Bio:
Victoria Blisse is a mother, wife, Christian, Manchester United fan and erotica writer. She is equally at home behind a laptop or a cooker and she loves to create stories, poems, cakes and biscuits that make people happy. She was born near Manchester, England and her northern English quirkiness shows through in all of her stories. Passion, love and laughter fill her works, just as they fill her busy life. If you want to know more about Victoria and her brand of rosy, raunchy romance please check out her website.

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