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Future Present By Shermaine Williams!

Blurb: Anna Weston is happy with her life--she loves her job and lives in a lovely home with her wonderful boyfriend, Robert. Although, if there was one little thing that she could change, it would be for him to make the relationship official.

While Robert is engrossed in his work, a proposal doesn't appear to be on the cards so Anna busies herself with Christmas preparations. At least she can ensure that their first Christmas alone together will be a romantic one.

However, she doesn't expect the appearance of Harris in her life. If she's not careful, Robert's handsome and charming colleague could ruin everything.


Sexy, Snow-melting Excerpt Below:
Her ankle boots had been ideal for going from the house to the car, but Anna quickly discovered that they couldn’t quite handle the deep, unspoilt layer of snow that blanketed the back garden. However, she persevered despite her trousers becoming heavy with gathering snow.

Focused on a mature tree in the manageable distance, close to a fence of wooden horizontal slats, she was determined to make it there. An encounter with Harris would be delayed by reaching the tree before turning back. Raising her feet high made for an ungainly stride through the snow, but she felt increasingly relaxed as she got further from the house.

The crunch of footsteps behind her stopped her heart for a moment. An ominous cold swept through her that had nothing to do with the weather. Stopping to look over her shoulder, she confirmed her fear before continuing to struggle along her chosen route. Harris continued to follow.

“No welcome party?” he asked after several silent paces.

Yards from the tree, Anna turned and held him with a stare laced with as much scorn as she could muster.

Harris responded with a malevolent grin, remaining as he shook his head gave an exaggerated tut. “I’m disappointed, darling.”

“Don’t call me darling,” she growled, through clenched teeth.

His expression darkened, his eyes narrowing slightly as the muscles in his jaw tightened. “No problem.” He smiled. “Good afternoon, Ms. Weston. How are you?”

His greeting sounded genuine and made her heart pound, pumping a rhythm to her nipples that stiffened beneath her layers despite her surprise that he knew her surname.

She looked past him to see only an expanse of white leading to the redbrick house. “Where’s Jodie?” she demanded, ignoring his question and the treachery of her body.

“We broke up,” he replied bluntly.

Anna watched him closely, suspicion mingling with pity to prevent her offering comfort. She couldn’t shake the thought that it was a lie designed for manipulation. “Sorry to hear that,” she finally affirmed in a level voice.

He shook his head dismissively, a crooked smile curling his lips. “It means I’m free for you whenever you like.”

Taken aback, Anna was silent for a moment, realizing his intention extended beyond making her squirm. “It was a mistake.” Anna turned to continue to the tree, but lost her footing as the endless dense ice like quicksand claimed one of her feet.

Harris caught her hand as she swayed, aiding her balance and sending a river of heat streaming along her arm to flood her body. “A mistake?” He sounded offended, but quickly recovered to add, “Is that why you came so hard?”

Having walked hand in hand the last few steps to the tree, Anna snatched her hand away and used the broad trunk for support. Anna studied the bark, admiring the snowflakes in its grooves as Harris’ words floated around her. Whispered reminders of her powerful climax leaving him with scratches and near deafness in one ear made the simmering pleasure in the pit of her stomach roll down to make her clit throb.

Future Present is available now with Phaze Books!
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Shermaine was sweet enough to share her favorite muffin recipe!

Cinnamon muffins
1 cup/140g wholewheat flour

3 tbsp/42g sugar

½ cup/140ml milk

1 egg

½ tbsp baking powder

Pinch of salt

1 tsp lemon juice

2 tsp ground cinnamon

1/8 cup/30ml soy or sunflower oil

Makes about 8 large muffins

Ideal for those of you - like me - who possess both scant patience and a raging sweet tooth. A lovely variation is to omit the cinnamon and stir in a handful of cranberries for a sweet Christmas treat!

Pre-heat the oven to 400Mix all the dry ingredients together and, in a separate bowl, blend together all the wet ingredients. Gradually add the wet mixture to the dry while continually stirring to create a smooth mixture that is free from lumps.

Pour into a muffin tin (paper cases are so much easier than greasing it), ensuring it is shared as equally as possible.

Pop the tray into the oven and bake for about 20 minutes. Check they are done by sticking in a tooth pick and checking that it comes out clean.

* * * *

Thanks for sharing the recipe and the delicious excerpt, Shermaine, happy holidays!!

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