Sunday, December 11, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: Caught By The Gingerbread Man!

Are you feeling festive yet? I hope so. If not, maybe another six lines from The Gingerbread Tryst will help get you in the mood!  

Her heart was pounding so hard she didn’t hear how fast he came up behind her. She let out a yelp when he caught her, lifting her up easily into his strong arms. With her head pressed against his smooth chest she could smell his fragrant skin, the tempting scents of cinnamon and ginger teasing her senses.

He placed her on top of the marble countertop, and Marisa shivered as her laceclad bottom connected with the smooth cold surface. She stared up into his dark brown eyes, marveling at what was happening, somehow accepting the present situation as real. She gazed at his handsome face and warm smile, unable to turn away, even when those lips moved toward her as he bent for a kiss. 

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(These six lines have been edited for 6SS.)


  1. "... she could smell his fragrant skin, the tempting scents of cinnamon and ginger teasing her senses."
    love the way you emphasise the Gingerbread man.

  2. Nice sensory description...makes one want to take a taste of him. ;)

  3. Thanks, Sherry and Lila! When I was writing this story, I kept wanting to bake sweet treats! :)

  4. Hot! I love the appeals to all the senses throughout this snippet.

  5. I really love this baker story, Nichelle! Another super sexy six!

  6. Beautiful descriptive six. I love it!

  7. You had me lost in this story Nichelle, I wanted to read more! Damn! I totally love your six!


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