Saturday, January 7, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: Guilty As Charged?

Happy New Year!

This six is from As You Desire, coming January 16th with 
Total E-Bound Publishing!

Enjoy...and have a great week!

* * * *
“The High Council asks for your vote in the decision to release Lona Vilan. Her charges are as follows…”

Rafi tuned out the battery of offenses, captivated by the proud tilt of Lona’s chin. His gaze moved from the top of Lona’s head down to her bare feet. She looked pale—way too thin and exhausted—but not capable of the things she was accused of, Rafi was sure of it.

It couldn’t be easy to stand before everyone who would decide your fate.

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  1. Love the intensity behind it. Good luck to your release on Jan 16th, sounds like a worthy read. :-)

  2. you're really teasing us:-) Wish it was the 16th already!
    and I wish you the best for your release!

  3. wow. intriguing! well done I wanna read more

  4. Best wishes with your release next week. This is an intriguing six. i wonder what she's charged with and who is behind them?

  5. I like that it seems like he's still standing behind her, despite the charges.

  6. Great set up, Nichele. And congratulations on your upcoming release next week! :)

  7. Definitely entices me to know more. Thanks for sharing!

  8. @ Ray- Thank you!! :)

    @ Fiza- Thanks for the well wishes!

    @ Liz- ;) thanks!

    @ Sherry- Thanks so much!

    @ Dee- Rafi is a stand-up kinda guy...I loved writing this hero's story!

    @ Sandra- Thank you!

    @ Siobhan- So glad you enjoyed it!

    @ Vivien- Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Sounds like he's gonna save her! :-)

  10. Hope he helps her get out of trouble! :)


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