Saturday, February 4, 2012

Forget The Lingerie...

Sexy lingerie and heels will always have a place in the bedroom,
 but sometimes the sexiest things happen with only your
T-shirt & panties on...
I had to share two of my favorite songs about this subject:

T-Shirt by Shontelle
(sweet & sexy)
Can you guess what scene I'm working on?

T-Shirt & Panties by Adina Howard
(naughty, naughty!)

Enjoy your Saturday!


  1. Girl, "T-shirt and panties" is my shyt! I always feel sexy wearing them, especially with Adina on reminding me of such.

    *slaps five over the 'net.*

  2. I second that emotion. A T-Shirt and Panties( the panties are optional ) is just perfect for a lazy day, hanging around the house. Copping a feel as she passes by, sneaking up behind her while she's standing at the sink, bending her over. Her sitting across from me and flashing me while I'm watching the game, then coming over to straddle my lap during the commercials. Oh yeah, I love this outfit. Did I mention the panties are optional? Ms Nichelle, your words and those videos speak to my heart.

  3. Ooh I love to dress up in sexy lingerie. It does tons for self esteem. There's a lot of truth in look good feel good. And sultry, sexy music is the best to make love to. Ben, you are welcome to sneak up behind me anytime lol :)

  4. Every week at laundry time I'm always telling my husband we should move to a nudist colony. I know, you have to deal with the cold, but the only think keeping my clothes on is the teens in the house. Embarrassing to have to race up the stairs naked as they come banging in the front door. But yes, a thong and bra, perfect for cleaning the house in.

  5. *Hi fives, Amaya* :)

    @Benjamin, thanks for reading! I agree, panties are always optional. ;)

    @Naomi, I love sexy lingerie too, but sometimes the basics are just as hot!

    @Sara, kids make it hard sometimes, don't they? lol Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I enjoy both those songs. T-shirts and panties are the way to go. But when I want to really "seduce" the lingerie comes out. Plus I used to wear corsets and bustiers all the time and will

  7. Ah yes, the t-shirt and panties… Love both of those songs. Although I must admit, I don’t bother with the panties anymore. Just the t-shirt. I like the feel of the cotton gliding over my skin as his hands crept under it. It’s almost like uncovering a gift. What a sexy post. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I luv the post and responses not to mention the vids...I luv the lingere and heels but with a preteen around I find the Tshirt gets more wear at the moment...panties are only worn when preteen is home...and if it was not for the preteen I would be with Sarah at the nudist colony..luv the feel of all natural...Benjamin I luv for someone to sneak up behind me....Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day..:D

  9. I'm not much for lingerie myself. I really prefer the T-shirt and panties. Well, in summer that is.
    I cook, clean, iron, everything I do, I do it wearing a T-shirt and panties, while dancing. My kids know that I can't do anything without music, and it's now usual for them to come in the kitchen while I cook so we all can dance in our T-shirts. Ok, talking about the kids is not very sexy, but that's my life.


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