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Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Ranae Rose!

NG: I’m welcoming Ranae Rose on Simply Sexy Stories! Hi, Ranae!

RR: Hi Nichelle! Thanks so much for having me. :) I’m happy to be a part of Simply Sexy Stories for the day.

NG: What are you reading?

RR: I’m currently reading A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabaldon. I’m a huge fan of the Outlander series!

NG: Nice! Care to share some of your favorite authors?

RR: Well, Diana Gabaldon (see above, LOL) is my favorite. I devour books and have diverse reading taste, so it would take way too long to list every author who’s ever written a book that I really enjoyed, but here are a few other writers whose work I love: C.S. Lewis, Gem Sivad, Talli Roland, J.K. Rowling, and Sondra Allen Carr.

NG: You definitely can't go wrong picking up a book from one of these authors! 

We’re well into winter! What's your favorite part of this season?

RR: Overall, I’m not very fond of winter (hate dealing with slush/ice, bad roads and extreme cold), but I love when a thick, powdery snow falls and covers everything. Everything looks, feels and even sounds more peaceful. And I love to see my horses get excited and run in the snow.

NG: Which would you rather do? Tumble in the leaves with your sweetie or snuggle by the fire as the snow falls?

RR: I don’t like to tumble in the leaves because I’m paranoid that a bug will be lurking in them and jump into my hair. LOL However, I’m all for tumbling in the snow – just did that today, in fact. Froze my butt off, took embarrassing photos and everything. It was the first real snow we’ve had this winter!

NG: Sounds fun! Let's talk about your writing. What genre(s) do you write and why?

RR: I write erotic romance because those are the stories I enjoy reading and writing the most. Whenever I’m reading a book – any book – the romantic elements are my favorite parts. I’m interested in the relationships between characters, especially romantic relationships, because those are usually the most passionate, intense and emotionally satisfying. So romance novels are perfect for me, and I prefer for authors to unleash the heat rather than obscure intimate scenes with purple prose, or worse, skip them altogether.

NG: What draws you to erotic romantic novels?

RR: Like I said above, I enjoy reading about passionate relationships more than anything else – it’s just what naturally captures my interest. As for why I like my romances erotic, well, when I become heavily invested in the characters’ relationship, I want to know everything that happens, especially when it comes to sex, because that’s an important and super-intimate part of a romantic relationship. I don’t want to skip what may possibly be the most revealing and romantic parts of the story. And it’s hot!

NG: Is there any particular word or thing in erotic romance novels that you dislike as a reader?

RR: I’m not too picky about words, although occasionally I’ll run across a term that makes me giggle or roll my eyes. But there is one thing I majorly hate, and that’s a heroine who rebels for the simple sake of rebellion and treats the hero like crap. Ugh. Hate stories like that. There are a couple of other heroine types that drive me crazy too, like women who are supposedly highly educated but behave like teen girls – why are there so many of those (in books)? LOL

NG: *SMH* I know the heroine type, Ranae. Describe your writing process...are you a careful plotter or laid back pantster?

RR: A bit of both, I think. I typically start a story with one scene that’s really strong in my mind, and expand the story from there. When I begin writing, I know the basic story, but I flesh out many of the details along the way.

NG: Has your writing process changed since your first book was published?

RR: No, not much, anyway. I do things in the same basic way, although I like to think that as I go along, I get better at doing them.

NG: What are you working on now?

RR: Something really naughty. ;) This is actually the first time I’ve talked about it, but this is a good opportunity to mention it (I have a habit of keeping news about my upcoming stuff to myself, perhaps for too long). Up until now, all of my published work has been m/f. My current project is not only a ménage, but a m/m/f ménage. Taking the plunge right into the taboo, and loving every page of it.

NG: Sounds very hot, Ranae! Let's talk about your latest release, Lonely Alpha.

RR: Yes, Lonely Alpha debuted last month, and is one of my most recent releases.

NG: In five sentences or less, share what Lonely Alpha is about.

RR: Silver bullets and sparks fly when Mandy is trapped on a remote mountain with alpha werewolf Jack. As they work to defeat a big game hunter hell-bent on bagging a werewolf, being around Jack brings out a wild side Mandy never knew she had. If they survive, she'll still have one problem to contend with: Jack is convinced that she’s his mate.

NG: What inspired you to pen this sexy tale?

RR: The same thing that inspires all of my books – a single scene that unfolded very strongly into my mind, demanding to have the rest of its story figured out and told. In this case, I could see Jack standing in the woods, and knew that he was a werewolf, and he was just meeting a woman, who’d come there on vacation – and was destined to be his mate. Where these ideas come from…honestly, I have no idea. It’s quite the (welcome) burden, having these people and their sexy dilemmas pop into my head at random times. LOL 

NG: Give me three reasons readers will love Lonely Alpha. 

RR: 1) An alpha who’s ready to mate…for life. Werewolves make the ultimate loyal heroes, and Jack is no exception!

2) A fast-paced plot. On any given page in this book, you’ll find that either sparks or silver bullets (or both!) are flying.

3) Sexy werewolves who often find themselves naked by necessity (not much choice when shifting destroys clothing, LOL).

NG: What's the one thing readers can always count on when picking up one of your books?

RR: Hot, hot sex that’s not just erotic, but romantic too!

NG: Ranae, thank you so much for coming on Simply Sexy Stories!

RR: Thank you for having me, Nichelle. :)
Blurb: When Mandy leaves the city behind and embarks on a retreat to the Great Smoky Mountains, she expects to spend the week alone with nature and a stack of novels. Instead, she ends up trapped on a remote mountain by a big game hunter who’s hell-bent on bagging a werewolf. Lonely alpha wolf-shifter Jack, the last of the once-strong Half Moon Pack, is his target. Jack is determined to keep Mandy safe while hunting his hunter, but being around Jack brings out a wild side Mandy never knew she had. As silver bullets fly, so do sparks. If they can manage to defeat their attacker, Mandy will still have one problem to contend with: Jack is convinced that she’s his mate.

Caution! Sexy Excerpt Below:
“Your mate is the one you spend the rest of your life with,” he said, drawing her even closer, so that she straddled him. He brushed her lips with his before continuing. “You know – your other half. The bond between mates is the strongest bond on earth.”

She trembled as he kissed her, long and hard, slipping his tongue past her teeth and deep into her mouth, as if he were claiming her. She despaired, even as she enjoyed it. What had she gotten herself into? She had to go back to Nashville when this was all over. Of course she did. What would Jack say? Hating herself for it, she broke the seal of their kiss, leaning back and trying not to notice how hard he’d grown. “I’m not so sure we’re officially mates, Jack.”

His lips tickled the hollow of her throat, tempting her to tilt her head back and let him kiss a trail all the way down to her chest. “There’s no ‘official’ about it, really. It’s not like getting married. You just know, and then…that’s it.”

Just ‘knowing’ didn’t seem quite concrete enough to base a promise of lifelong togetherness on. Was she missing something – was she just not wolfy enough to understand, or was what Jack was saying a little crazy? “What I mean is that I have a life four hours away in Nashville.” She tried to gentle her tone, but was afraid that it still came out sounding harsh. “You don’t really expect me to abandon it to stay here in the mountains as your mate, do you?”

He stiffened against her, his embrace becoming rigid. His lips still touched her neck, though he’d stopped kissing her. Several moments passed before he spoke. “Yes.” There was a stubborn note in his voice that reminded her of when she’d first met him, on his cabin’s front porch.

She sighed. “I can’t do that. Surely you can understand.”

He leaned back, meeting her eyes. “I understand that you’re my other half.”

She squirmed uncomfortably in his lap, attempting to ignore the hardness of his erection. Even as she tried to make him understand that she couldn’t be his mate, it was far too easy to remember riding him, and the temptation to sink down onto his cock and do it again was as real as the hold he had on her. “Jack, I really like you. To be honest, I’ve never felt half this crazy about anyone else, but—”

“When you came to my cabin, I figured you were just another ditzy tourist from the city,” he interrupted. “But I was wrong. You’re my mate, and I’m yours – how can you think that I could ever let you go?”

This was all escalating way too fast. Jack was digging his heels into the ground like a stubborn mule, and she worried she’d give in, slump against his chest and tell him she was his forever. It sounded crazy, even to her, but the temptation was there, beneath the reasons why she couldn’t do so. When she thought of saying goodbye to the Smoky Mountains and Jack, her heart nearly wrenched in half. She had to keep those thoughts in the back of her mind in order to keep arguing. “Maybe we can work something out.”

“Being mates is like being an alpha – either you are, or you’re not and you’re alone. There is no in between.”


He clapped a hand over her mouth and she stiffened, indignant anger beginning to replace her frustration.

“Shhh,” he said softly, his lips brushing her ear. “I heard somethin’.”

She held as still as a statue, ears straining for some hint of a sound. Then it came – the subtle snap of a twig beneath someone’s foot. Underbrush crunched, causing her heart rate to spike. They’d been found.

Jack held her tight as the sound of hushed, careful footsteps grew louder and then faded as their hiding place was passed by. When she finally couldn’t hear them anymore, she breathed a sigh of relief. 
Jack removed his hand from her mouth, smoothing a stray lock of hair out of her eyes. “We’ll track him,” he said. “But we’ve gotta wait a little while – let him get a head start. I can’t risk anyone like him discovering this place. We should be able to follow his scent trail easily.”

Mandy nodded, her emotions numb as she tried to wrap her mind 
around the concept of a hunt and an eventual killing. “What if he’s laid traps in the forest?” A phantom pain swept through her hand at the memory of the steel trap, gone as soon as she’d felt it. “There could be – I don’t know – explosives or something.” The guy was clearly a maniac and had used teargas – would it be farfetched to believe he’d planted other nefarious weapons amongst the pines and poplars?

“You don’t have to worry about that. If he blew us up, he wouldn’t have his trophies. No, he’ll want to shoot us, nice and clean. When a shifter dies, his corpse is human, unless he’s killed one very specific way.”


“Shot with a silver bullet. If a hunter can manage that, he’ll have a wolf carcass to mount. If he doesn’t, he’ll have a human body to either hide or explain to the police.”

Mandy shuddered at the thought of being killed and preserved like a trophy animal. “That’s barbaric. What kind of sick freak—”

“Trust me, shifter hunters are more animal than their prey.” He tapped the side of his head with a finger. “Crazy with hate, if you ask me.”

Mandy sighed, her breath streaming over Jack’s chest. “All of this is crazy, you know.”

“I reckon it is.” He pressed his lips against hers, hot and soft. 
She leaned into the kiss, aware again of the renewed hardness in Jack’s lap. He rocked his hips beneath her, causing the tip of his cock to grind against the seam of her sex. She gasped, her nails biting into his shoulders as she clung to him. They were already pressed as tightly together as two people could be, but she tried to get closer anyway. If they were going to risk their lives hunting down a psychotic killer, she wasn’t going to deny Jack or herself this. Slowly, she reached below with her newly healed hand, wrapping her fingers around his shaft. 

“No,” he said, stopping his rocking. “Not this time.”

“What?” She was still clutching his cock when he lifted her out of his lap, setting her aside on the floor of packed earth.

“You got your way last time,” he said, “but I’m not hurt anymore.” His wicked grin was illuminated by the moonlight that spilled through the den’s entrance.

Her hand slipped from his groin and before she could respond, he lowered his head into her lap. When he’d lifted her off of him she’d landed halfway sprawled in surprise. He pressed his mouth between her thighs as he gripped her hips, raising them.


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  1. This sounds like a really good book, I love paranormal. Each author is able to write their characters and stories in any way they can imagine, because there are no rules to follow, nothing is impossible. This book is on my TBR list.

  2. I love the freedom of writing paranormals, June. Being able to create my own world and rules just adds something special to the writing process.:)

  3. Wow, is all i can say! It sounds like an Awesome read! thanks for the chance to win a copy.I love to read shifers and paranormal.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Mandy, to read about Mandy (LOL) and Jack. :)

    1. LOL..i was thinking the samething! Now i really want to know about Mandy and Jack LOL

  5. Lonely Alpha sounds amazing, wolf shifters are my favorite paranormal :) thanks for the chance to win!

  6. I enjoyed your interview and getting to know you. I love that you are doing a little bit of everything and that menage you are working on sounds hot. I have Lonely Alpha on my wishlist.. I really want to read this book. christina_92 at

  7. Thanks Savannah & Christy for stopping by. :)

  8. Thank you everyone for participating. :) The winner is...Mandy! Mandy, I don't have your e-mail address, but I know you just added me on fb, so I'll message you there.


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