Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday's Hottie Is...

Jason Momoa!

Ladies, I'm not sure a profile can get much more delicious!
I watched Conan the Barbarian last night and what the movie lacked in plot, Jason made up for with his dark scowl and incredible abs!
Jason Momoa is GORGEOUS!!



  1. Ain't a fan of dreads, but jeeeeeezuuuuuum crow; I'll take them on this fine ass man. Good Lord!!!

    I bet he could spank! *winks*

  2. Isn't he ridiculous!! I don't know, Amaya, the dreds definitely depend on the man wearing them. Like Gary Dourdan...he looked hotter with his dreds than he does now to me. Hmm...both men are fantastic either way!

  3. I'm gonna have to co-sign on this. As Shazza (sp?) from A Different World...the man was walking fire. However, I did adore him in CSI.


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