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Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Ann Mayburn!

NG: I’m welcoming Ann Mayburn on Simply Sexy Stories! Hi, Ann! 

AM: Hi Nichelle, thanks for having me. :D

NG: What are you reading right now?

AM: The second book in the in the Hunger Games series, Catching Fire. I’ll admit it, the movie ads for The Hunger Games movie really caught my attention. A really enjoyable read so far.

NG: Do you have an e-reader? If so, tell me whether it was easy or difficult to adjust to reading digital books. Do you prefer paperbacks?

AM: I have an iPad and a Kindle that I read on. Wait, I had a Kindle...hubby took it to work with him and somehow between work and home destroyed it. :P I adore my eReader because it has opened a giant new world of authors to me that I would never find on the bookshelves. Plus, I’m a voracious reader so it keeps me from burying my house in paperbacks like something out of that TV show, Hoarders.

NG: lol...I understand. My husband forced me to get rid of some of my paperbacks. Okay, you’ve been captured and your captor tells you to choose one book to amuse yourself during your imprisonment...which book would you choose? :)

AM: The Black Jewel Trilogy by Ann Bishop. It’s actually three books condensed into one gigantic book.

NG: I'll have to pick that up! What do you think is the biggest misconception about females writing in this genre?

AM: That we must be promiscuous to write erotic romance. Look, I’m no more throwing orgies at my house than Agatha Christie was hosting dinner parties in which she poisoned her guests.

NG: Ha ha!! Do the people in your life know about your writing? Are they supportive?

AM: Thankfully my family supports me 100%, especially my husband and I love him to bits for it. My mom has been a labor and delivery nurse for 30+ years, so she is pretty open about sex and sexuality. She likes to joke that the other nurses and midwives she works with are an earthy bunch, and they often share tales that would make my ears turn red. That said, I never, ever want to know that my mom or my brothers read one of my erotica works. Why? Uh, ‘cause she’s my mom and they’re my brothers. That would just weird me out. My sisters have read my books and I love them for their willingness to try new things.

NG: That's so cool, Ann! What advice would you give to inspiring authors interested in penning successful erotic romances?

AM: A good editor is worth their weight in gold! Seriously, I don’t care if you’re going to self-publish or go through more traditional means with an established publisher, your editor is going to make or break you. If you get one that you can’t work with for whatever reason, TALK to your publisher and see if you can get a new editor. Once you find an editor you click with you will learn more than you ever thought possible. If you are self-publishing make sure you research your editor. Ask around and people will be more than happy to tell you about their experiences. Yes, you will probably cry when you see your first round of edits, but that is normal. ;) Remember to thank your editors whenever possible and let the world know they rock!

NG: Great editors are worth their weight in gold...great advice, Ann! Okay, let's talk about Daughter of Lust! I loved this book! First, share the premise for this story.

AM: Oh man, I’m so bad at this. Ok, Daughter of Lust takes place in the 1800’s when opium is ravaging and addicting the world. Because of this the deadly sin, Sloth, is gaining power at an unprecedented rate. Opium addicts don’t care about eating, sex, or anything other than getting their next fix and lying about all day in a drug induced haze, being slothful. Enter Natalia, a Russian peasant girl who has been prophesized to save Heaven and Hell with her love.

NG: What inspired this story?

AM: That wonderful ‘What if’. In this case, what if the spread of opium and other drugs around the earth were engineered by the High Princes of Hell to strengthen the seven deadly sins.

NG: How did you come up with your version of heaven and hell and their inhabitants?

AM: One of the basic philosophies of this series is that in the end, all things serve God. I know that’s really vague, but I don’t want to spoil anything!

NG: Did you find it creatively challenging to write this story at any point because of your own religious upbringing?

AM: Not in the least. I’ve always been fascinated by religion and in my teen years I spent a great deal of time in our local libraries reading about ancient religions and mythologies. I was raised Roman Catholic so you will see a great deal of the Catholic biblical mythos in this book. As far as fearing for my eternal soul...not so much. My relationship with God/the Goddess/the Creator/etc is solid.

NG: There’s a lot of hot sex in this book! Your heroine gets to be with several sexy men, but you managed to make each relationship unique and erotic. How did you approach the sex scenes for this book?

AM: Every man/demon is different and has their own particular style they bring to their bedroom. I just had to get into their heads and let them show me what they could do. ;)

NG: And..Ooooo, you did it so damn well! ;) Describe your writing process for this book. Did you carefully plot out the storyline or did you let the characters explore their own destiny as you were writing?

AM: I plotted it out so I had a destination in mind, but I also let my characters veer off the chosen path to do their own thing. Like that part in the woods with Natalia eating the berries? That was all her.

NG: Loved that scene! Can you share a little about the second book in this series? What can readers expect/look forward to?

AM: Shit is hitting the fan in Hell in a big way. There is a lot more tension between the men, especially Raum and Gregor. The drums of war are beating in Heaven and Hell as both sides wait for Satan to make an appearance. Natalia is separated from her men and...well you’ll just have to wait and see.

NG: Yummy, I can't wait to read the next book! What else are you working on for 2012?

AM: So, so, so, so much. ;) But, one thing that I’m almost finished with is what I like to call an ‘Origins’ story. It’s a stand alone novella about how Galina and Asmodeus met and it’s really good.

NG: Ann, thank you so much for stopping by to talk about Daughter of Lust! I personally recommend this sizzling read to erotic paranormal fans!

Give three reasons why you think readers will love Daughter of Lust.

AM: 1. It doesn’t suck. You may laugh, but with the eBook surge there is a lot of really crappy, really sucky books out there lately. Daughter of Lust is not one of them.

2. One of my readers once said that she was shocked to find in Daughter of Lust an erotic romance that actually had an honest to god plot.

3. It is probably way different from anything that you’ve read lately. This book is just the first in a trilogy with an accompanying series of novellas, how Raum and Kirin met is up next.

NG: What's the one thing readers can always count on when picking up one of your books?

AM: Heat and laughter. I want you to come away from one of my books feeling good and I try to make sure that while there is enough steam to melt your panties, there is also enough heart to give you that warm fuzzy glow.

NG: Ann, thanks for coming on Simply Sexy Stories, best wishes for all your endeavors in 2012!

Blurb: Belal, High Prince of Hell and Keeper of the Deadly Sin Sloth, is expanding his power in the world of the 1800s by trafficking opium. He revels in the results, and as sloth begins to overtake the mortal realm, all of Hell suffers. The balance of power in Hell, as well as the fate of the Universe, will be decided by a half-demon peasant girl.

Natalia Shura, the daughter of Asmodeus, High Prince of Hell and Keeper of the Deadly Sin Lust, is unaware of the nature of her birth. When her demonic side begins to awaken, her world becomes dominated by dark passions and deadly craving, and Natalia believes she is losing her mind. But Natalia's love has been foretold as the only thing that can stop Belal and his allies, and they will do anything to prevent her ascension.

Facing assassins, avenging angels, Hell's deadly politics —and her real father — Natalia must accept the love of more than one man and embrace her demonic heritage as a Princess of Lust. If she doesn't, all that she loves will be destroyed, and Heaven and Hell will plunge into Chaos.

Caution! Scorching Hot Excerpt Below:
“Arms behind your back.”

He complied and the thick muscles of his chest moved beneath the rich cloth. She leaned closer to him and ran her lips over the pulse in his throat. Hot and richly-scented, his blood pounded beneath the thin silk of skin, but she did not want his liquid heat. This time, she wanted his passion. The energy of his desire trembled against her lips, and she licked her tongue along his neck, tasting his flesh and his excitement.

He tilted his head to give her better access. An ache started in her body, a frustration as familiar as breathing. The shadowy part of her soul whispered that here was an answer to her ache, here was a man she could use to soothe that overwhelming need.

His breath came out in little gasps against her lips as she leaned closer. “Kiss me.”

He complied, pressing himself into her mouth enough to push her back on the bed. He guided her gently, waiting for her to lead, by opening himself to her tongue. He tasted wonderful, male and powerful. She explored his mouth, scooting forward to wrap her legs around his torso. The skill of his lips made her moan softly against him; he seemed to know what she wanted before she was even aware of her desires.

His hands remained behind his back, and she could feel the strain in his muscles as he resisted the urge to embrace her.

“You may touch me.”

He ate the words from her lips, and his hands ran along the edge of her skirt, pulling the thick fabric up over her hips. The action should have shocked her, but instead it made her suck on the tender part of his lower lip and moan her need to him.

“Natalia,” he whispered. Her name turned into a prayer. The darkness within her mind whispered two words until they seemed like her own thoughts, her own burning needs. She gave those words voice and said, “Pleasure me.” Something shifted in her mind as she willingly said the phrase and her shadowy essence howled in triumph. Any panic she might have felt was swept away by the unbelievable rush of power. Her skin sensitized and her sight sharpened, taking in every detail of the man before her.

His wide eyes locked on hers and a small smile quirked his lips. “As you wish.”

He gradually lifted her chemise to bunch around her waist, revealing the smooth expanse of her legs as the tips of his fingers traced along her calf. His breath caught in his throat when he trailed his hands over her skin. His warmth was drugging, his touch made her nerves sing. Why had she denied herself this pleasure for so long?

His fingers inched their way up her legs, stroking the sensitive skin of her inner thigh as he watched her. “I’ve never seen anything like you.”

The lust in his voice warmed her and filled her with energy. This felt so good, so right. She tilted her hips, a silent invitation to go further. The fabric slid aside enough to finally reveal the bare and swollen flesh between her legs to him.


He stroked a reverent finger over her cleft. Nostrils flaring to take in her scent, he spread her cream over her slit and wet her nether lips. She looked down and watched his finger, so tan and rough against her pale skin. Unease made her tighten against the intrusion as he explored her and came to the thin barrier of her maidenhead.

“A virgin?” he said in shock. She gave him no reply, only watched him through half-lowered lids. “Have you ever had your release?” His voice had deepened further until it was a rasp.

She gave him a bewildered look and he laughed, rubbing his cheek against hers before placing an almost reverent kiss on her lips. Strong and sure, his fingers spread apart her nether lips and massaged the area around her clit. So good, so talented, she bucked her hips against his hand. The sensations he was pulling out of her body were beyond anything she had ever imagined, and he drank in every change in her expression as she delighted in his skill.

After a long and hungry kiss, he pulled away. “May I give you your first release?” As he said this, his fingers circled around her swollen clit and gently tugged at the side of the hood. 

Daughter of Lust (For the Love of Evil, 1) is available now with Decadent Publishing!

Author Bio: Ann is Queen of the Castle to her wonderful husband and three sons in the mountains of West Virginia. In her past lives she's been an Import Broker, a Communications Specialist, a US Navy Civilian Contractor, a Bartender/Waitress, and an actor at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. She also spent a summer touring with the Grateful Dead-though she will deny to her children that it ever happened.

From a young age she's been fascinated by myths and fairytales, and the romance that often was the center of the story. As Ann grew older and her hormones kicked in, she discovered trashy romance novels. Great at first, but she soon grew tired of the endless stories with a big wonderful emotional buildup to really short and crappy sex. Never a big fan of purple prose, throbbing spears of fleshy pleasure and wet honey pots make her giggle, she sought out books that gave the sex scenes in the story just as much detail and plot as everything else-without using cringe worthy euphemisms. This led her to the wonderful world of Erotic Romance, and she's never looked back.

Now Ann spends her days trying to tune out cartoons playing in the background to get into her 'sexy space' and has learned to type one handed while soothing a cranky baby.

Curious about Ann Mayburn?

Check out her website:  

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