Sunday, March 25, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - Give Me What I Want...


This week I'm sharing six lines from my sexy free read Be Careful What You Ask For!

Set Up: Maxy has asked Vince for a divorce because her sweet husband seems incapable of being anything more than her tender...totally vanilla lover. She's about to discover he's more than willing to switch things up to keep her.

"What the hell are you doing?"

Maxy struggled to regain her equilibrium as his fingers tightened around her wrist.

"Shut up!" Vince said quietly, but with more force than she'd ever heard from him before.

Maxy felt a tremor of disbelief zip through her. "What did you say?"

This was her Vince...sweet, sensible Vince.

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  1. Love that he's "fighting back" -- looks like you have a word missing though here: "around wrist"

  2. Christine and Gayle, thanks for reading! :)

    Angela, THANK you for pointing out that missing word! Ugh! ;^)


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