Wednesday, April 11, 2012

For Research Purposes...

Happy Hump Day!

I do hope your Wednesday is shaping up or down nicely! I'm very excited to finally begin working on a new story! One of the best parts of starting something new is research! Mmm hmmm....I always enjoy searching for a few stimulating visuals that pertain to the story idea in my head. Today, I'm sharing some of those pics that are inspiring my muse for my current WIP...enjoy!


I just love doing research!  ;-)


  1. Well, picture number three does it for me. She is in a respectful, submissive pose - waiting patiently for him to return. No doubt, she has done something she shouldn't have done and now she deserves to be punished. Apparently, she has not forgotten all of her Doll training, because she is appropriately attired for what is about to happen. Yesssssss....

  2. No, she hasn't forgotten her training. I imagine, she's wondering whether he'll use his bare hand or something more...

  3. Nothing like a nice red, tender ass no matter the implement used. I do love seeing his perfect hand print on my skin though :D

  4. Mmmm...I agree, Meltz. Thanks for stopping by my blog! ;-)

  5. These are beautiful Nichelle, thank you for sharing. I love all of them, I hope the 3rd one has an appreciative, caring, loving and giving Dom. I also hope he is a good and consistent displinarian. ;)


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