Sunday, April 1, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - To Love, Honor & Obey...


This week I'm sharing another six lines from my sexy free read Be Careful What You Ask For!

Set Up: Maxy has asked Vince for a divorce because her sweet husband seems incapable of being anything more than her tender...totally vanilla lover. She's discovered he's more than willing to switch things up to keep her.
"Get on your knees." 

Vince removed his shirt and tie as she glanced at him over her shoulder. Through tear-filled eyes Maxy struggled to move her tender ass off the bed and kneel before her husband. She didn't even think to resist or say anything. He was right she had wanted this but now that it was happening she didn't know what to think. She quietly watched him take off all of his clothes aware of the increasing wetness between her thighs as her eyes fell to his hard cock. 

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  1. From her bit of indecision sounds like you titled your book perfectly. Well written six...loved it.

  2. great post! I could feel the tension in the room

  3. I love the title of this piece - "Be Careful What You Ask For". Oh crap, that is one of life's truest statements.

    This is a smoking hot piece and it's a very timely subject. It speaks to a subject that a lot of couples can learn from. Men should not be too stubborn to change, and women shouldn't be shy about telling him what she really wants. Of course, that works both ways - she damn well better be prepared to handle whatever he decides to throw her way in return. "Be Careful What You Ask For"

  4. I agree with Benjamin - there are entirely too many couples stuck in doing the same ole thing when they both know what they want and what they need. I love a man who can simply take what he needs and what he craves period. Very nicely done.

  5. Excellent six Nichelle. I read the whole story, as well.

  6. LOVE this six! Now I'm going to go check out the rest of the story. Very hot!

  7. @Benjamin, yes, what you said is so true. It's hard to do though when you aren't sure how your partner will react when you share what you really want. Not all men/women are willing to change...or capable of it.

    @Cassandre, me too (your second to last sentence) and thank you!

    @ERP, thanks again for all your lovely comments and reading!

    @Sadey, welcome to my blog! Thanks for reading!! :-)

  8. I love her "thought process" in this scene. You handled it very adroitly! Well written six and most intriguing.

  9. Amazing writing, Absolutely loved it.

  10. @Silver @ Alix, thank you! I'm so glad you ladies enjoyed it! Thanks so much for reading!! :)

  11. Damn, that was delicious! Time to get that book!

  12. Very evocative six. Beautifully illustrated by the picture, too.

  13. @Ray, thank you! :)

    @Jeanette, when I saw this picture I thought the same thing! Thanks for reading!

  14. Indeed; be careful what you ask for! *nom*
    Liking that picture too.


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