Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sexy Sunday Snippet - Garden Pleasures by Nichelle Gregory

The hammock chair hugged her body as it moved her through the warm, summer air. She thought of him as she looked around her beautiful garden. He had created a lush paradise for her. A place secluded from neighbors and completely designed to relax the soul.

In the beginning, she couldn’t see his vision, hadn’t understood what the finished result would be but now with the garden almost completed, she was mesmerized by her surroundings.

She loved to rush home each day from work, knowing he would be there directing his staff as they worked to bring her garden paradise to fruition. Watching Javier work, was like watching poetry in motion. She couldn’t resist spying on him from her bedroom window overlooking the backyard as she stripped out of her work clothes.

Her eyes were drawn to his muscled body. He was tall, but graceful in his movements as he worked various tools into the earth. She would fantasize about his hands roaming all over her heated skin, leaving no place untouched.

He was so strong and yet patient with every project she watched him take on. She always got wet, wondering what it would feel like to have him attend to her with the same lavish attention.

She loved opening every window in her bedroom. Then could ahear his voice below as she took out her favorite toy and masturbated. She enjoyed lying nude on her bed while imagining Javier watched her as she worked herself up to a splendid orgasm. She’d push the dildo in and out of her wet pussy, lost in her naughty fantasy, often biting her lip to keep from crying out as she climaxed.

Today, she would play with her pussy in his garden. The lush haven he had created for her with gardenias, roses, and tulips bursting in colors of yellow, purple and white. The heady scent of the blossoms filled the humid air.

Mimi swayed in the hammock, her mini sundress lifting in the breeze, as she opening her legs into a comfortable position. This was the perfect place for seduction, even if it was only for her. She took her beloved dildo out of its case and licked the tip.

She'd worn no panties and she was already wet with anticipation as she slipped her hand beneath her dress. She sucked on the dildo as she moved her hand passed soft damp curls to the shaved lips below. Lovebirds sang to her overhead as she trailed her index finger up and down her vulva. Her nipples harden as she imagined Javier touching and licking her.

She was so close to coming, Mimi knew it wouldn't take much to bring herself to orgasm. She took the dildo from between her lips and brought down to her pussy, teasing the engorged clit as she turned on the tiny whisper quiet vibrations that drove her crazy. A small moan escaped from her lips as she pushed the dildo in...inch by delicious inch.

Mimi lost herself in the delicious vibrations of her plastic cock as she moved in and out of her slick sheath.

This was Javier filling her up as she worked the dildo faster and deeper inside of her. The slippery wet sounds escaping from her pussy excited her even more. Just a few more strokes and she was going to cum hard for the first time in his garden.

Just one more-


The deep slightly accented voice came from behind her chair. Startled, Mimi let out a tiny scream.


What was he doing here?

She floundered, her limbs not responding in her panicked state. Not knowing what to do, she pushed the dildo deep into her pussy and pulled her little sundress down over her sticky trembling thighs...

* * *

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