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Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Cassandre Dayne!

NG: I’m welcoming Cassandre Dayne on Simply Sexy Stories! Hi, Cassandre!

CD: Hey girl. Thank you so much for having me!

NG: Glad to have you! Let’s start with some Cassandre Dayne trivia questions! What’s your favorite time of day? 

CD: I love very early morning before the sun comes up.

NG: What’s your favorite place to write? 

CD: I have a wonderful loft with bright windows to look out of but in truth in the summer I write outside on my deck.

NG: Sounds lovely! What’s your favorite drink in the morning? 

CD: Depends on the day of the week. Not a big coffee drinker though. I prefer bottled water.

NG: What are you reading right now? 

CD: Right now getting ready to read Ray Sostre’s hot new erotic piece. Haven’t been reading as much lately.

NG: Alright, now for the good questions! :)

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for love? 

CD: Oh boy. I was a harem girl for a night and he didn’t know who I was at first.

NG: For passion? 

CD: Oh I’ve set the mood with buying the perfect slinky outfit and candles (not just for good scents anymore – amazing what candle wax can do) and new toys (if you know what I mean), a bucket of ice and champagne and I’ll just allow your imagination to run wild.

NG: LOL...And for lust? 

CD: Does the term BDSM come to mind?

NG: What would you be your ultimate sexual fantasy and if you could do it safely...would you? 

CD: I would explore more of the BDSM lifestyle with the perfect guy.

NG: You’ve been such a good sport, Cassandre! I feel it’s only fair you get to ask me a question too.

CD: Okay, what is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done and would you do it again?

NG: Oh, wow! *Batting eyes* something kinky? Why ever would you think to ask me a question like that? ;-)

*Clearing throat* Sooo, do you have an e-reader? If so, tell me whether it was easy or difficult to adjust to reading digital books. Do you prefer paperbacks? 

CD: No on the e-reader. I tend to read them off the computer since I have like 9 computers. I love paperbacks in truth and prefer to curl up in bed to one – not a hard cold piece of machinery unless it’s a sex toy. LOL

NG: You’ve been captured and your captor tells you to choose one book to amuse yourself during your imprisonment...which book would you choose? :) 

CD: Hmm… that one I have to think about but I can assure you it would be something erotic.

NG: What do you think is the biggest misconception about females writing in this genre? 

CD: That we are all just as kinky as what we write about. Oh yeah, I can be.

NG: Do the people in your life know about your writing? Are they supportive? 

CD: Some are and some shy away because of the genre.

NG: What advice would you give to inspiring authors interested in penning successful erotic romances? 

CD: Make sure and read what you are trying to get into and write all the time. You have to make the words sound believable too. You have to channel the inner passion and lust or the pages will sound contrived.

NG: Great advise! Okay, let's talk about your writing. Describe your writing process...are you a careful plotter or laid back pantster? 

CD: A combination. The erotics I tend to come up with a wicked idea and just lay out a basic blurb and hit go. The thrillers I have to plot out because of the twists and turns.

NG: How many hours a day do you try to commit to your manuscript? 

CD: Right now I write full time but between the blogging and marketing and what I do working with the publishers I can only manage about six hours a day.

NG: What’s your biggest distraction from focusing on your writing?

CD: Sometimes Facebook. It’s best to turn it off.

NG: What are you working on for 2012? 

CD: Lordy, I have around five coming out every month as three writers so I have thrillers and murder mysteries and two series at Naughty Nights Press to finish that are paranormals but I am concentrating more on my m/m pieces.

NG: Wow, Cassandre! You've got a lot going on! Let's talk about your latest release Done. What's Done about? 

CD: It’s about two men in a relationship who are building a family together adopting a little girl and one day one of the men decides he’d done with the relationship and takes the little girl away. Now, this is a mystery so there are lots of reasons why…

NG: What inspired you to pen this story? 

CD: A Lifetime Channel movie that depicted this but the traditional m/f situation and I thought – there are dads out there who this has to happen to.

NG: Give me three reasons readers will love Done

CD: One – it’s m/m Two – it’s very poignant and if you don’t cry several times I’d be shocked and Three – the bad guy (whoever he is) probably gets it in the end.

NG: What's the one thing readers can always count on when picking up one of your books? 

CD: I think that I am very passionate. I don’t skimp on the character creation. From what they drink and what they drive to the kinds of ticks they have, I explore them.

NG: Thank you so much for coming on Simply Sexy Stories, Cassandre, best wishes for all your endeavors in 2012!

CD: Thank you so much for having me!
Simon Preston smiled as he walked down the darkened hallway. It was his turn to put the baby to bed and while he was bone tired he wasn’t going to let a little lack of sleep interfere. Pressing the back of his hand over his mouth to keep from yawning, he thought about the last few months and shook his head. While he and his lover had been working too many long hours they were finally building something together and he couldn’t be happier. Granted, times had been tough both finally and psychologically for them and there was one point he truly thought they would break up. And then the very precocious and dazzling little girl Ashley had entered their lives and suddenly everything changed. 

He could see the warm glow of a soft light coming from the cracked door of their bedroom and he licked his lips in anticipation. They hadn’t been intimate in… Shit, Simon had to think about the last time. Sadly, it had at least been two months. Well that was about to change. Stopping just outside the bedroom he brushed his hands through his hair and checked his breath with his hand. A little garlic never hurt anyone, right? Simon couldn’t help but chuckle as he thought about Chad Murphy, a real man’s man and one stunning blond haired God. Since the minute Simon met him he’d been hooked and God their romance had been nothing short of hot and wild.

As Simon closed the distance to their bedroom door, he heard the Goth strains of their favorite band, Evanescence and could tell Chad was in the mood for more than just a kiss or two. His cock twitching, he pushed the door open slowly and was rewarded with not only the delicious scent of night blooming jasmine but the vision of his long time lover dressed in a simple crimson silk robe. Closing the door softly, he locked it before eyeing the intercom. If Ashley simply rolled over in her crib they’d know when given the modern communication system and then both doting daddies would argue about who was going to make sure she was all right.

“You look good enough to eat tonight,” Simon breathed as he yanked off his shirt, tossing the unwanted material to the floor.

Chad couldn’t resist swaying his hips back and forth as he tsked his finger. “That took long enough. I was beginning to think I was going to have to hunt you down.”

“Hunt me down, huh? You know how she gets when I read her Winnie the Pooh.” Laughing, Simon slowly moved around the bed. “Seems like the night is set for seduction.”

“What, this?” Chad laughed as he darted his eyes across the bank of candles and bottle of opened wine. “Thirsty?”

“Yes but hungry too.”

“We just finished dinner.”

“Who said I was talking about food? Well, thick cock could be considered sustenance I suppose.” He loved the way Chad devoured him with his eyes.

Shaking his head Chad laughed as he sauntered toward the bottle of wine. “You’ve been working very hard and I thought it would be a good night to indulge, kind of like we used to.”

“Indulge,” Simon breathed as he eyed the ropes secured to the iron headboard. “I think you mean feast. What’s the occasion?” Unfastening his belt, he pulled the thick leather out of the loops slowly as he admired what he considered to be the stunning blond pouring two glasses of merlot. Tall and thin, somehow his shaggy shoulder length sun kissed hair and wire rim glasses suited his runner’s frame and long legs.

“Well I do listen to you occasionally no matter what you think.” Giving Simon a look, Chad handed him a glass of wine before he laughed. “The huge project you just finished and had approved.”

“Well it wasn’t completely approved yet but close enough. We’ll see what happens tomorrow when the President of Sheffield Industries comes in. Make it or break it time.” He had to admit, he was surprised Chad remembered anything. Between their work schedules and adapting their life to take care of Ashley they talked more about baby food and who was handling the next doctor’s appointment. What he hadn’t mentioned in passing was that if the project didn’t get the final approval stamp from the county and the okay from Sheffield the architectural firm was close to shutting its doors. They’d lost three major clients over the year and couldn’t afford another let down.

“Such a worry wart. With your talent and drive you know they’re going to love it. So celebrate.” His eyes twinkling he held out his glass. After they toasted Chad gave him a salacious look before licking around the rim of his glass. “Besides, I won’t take no for an answer.”

“Who said anything about saying no?”

Chad shook his head. “You have to be kidding me? You, almost every time I try and touch you, that’s who.”

“You’re right.

“I’m always right.”

“What do you want tonight? Soft or hard?” Simon grinned. It was their signal as to whether either wanted to engage in passion or play and if the ropes would come out. Given Chad’s frisky mood it must mean rough play. Thank God the baby slept soundly.

As Chad drank his wine he kept his eyes pinned on Simon. Suddenly a dark cloud seemed to pass across his eyes.

Simon had seen his mood change swiftly one too many times before. The man could go from happy to wallowing in despair quickly. In truth he was more worried than he would let on but given all the extended hours and additional stress Simon had attributed Chad’s swings as simply that. “You okay?”

Polishing off half the glass, Chad set the crystal down softly and unfastened the sash on his robe. With a dramatic flair he pushed the thin material off his shoulders and gay Simon a sultry gaze. Allowing the silk to fall to the floor he beckoned with a single finger. “I’m more than okay except I’m very hungry tonight.” Slowly Chad sat on the edge of the bed.

From their first intimate act a little over a year before in the back on an overheated Limo one very dark and rainy night in the middle of nowhere, Simon had been infatuated with the man. Infatuated? Hell, he was horny almost every time he thought of his hot mouth and what he could do with it. Tossing back a gulp of wine, Simon pushed the glass on the nightstand and closed the distance until they were only inches apart. Leaning down he captured Chad’s mouth, darting his tongue inside quickly before easing back and licking across the seam of his mouth. “Mmm…you smell damn good.”

Chad exhaled slowly and fumbled with Simon’s button and zipper. Tugging Simon’s pants down below his carved hipbones he inhaled deeply and licked his lips. “I think the scent of your desire should be bottled and sold. Just imagine how much money we’d make.”

Chuckling, Simon yanked off his shirt and tossed it in the corner as Chad wrapped his hand around the base of his cock and grazed the tip of his finger up and down the length of his shaft. Swirling his finger around Simon’s cockhead he inhaled deeply before darting his gaze up forcing Simon to shiver. “Damn. It’s been too long. I hope we can change our behavior.”

“Yes it has.” Darting out his tongue Chad licked across the sensitive slit before tipping his head and gazing into Simon’s eyes.

“And you’re going to tease me.”

“My current plan.”

“Just remember who’s in charge here.” Closing his eyes Simon breathed in and allowed the tingling sensation to send a warm swath across his body as Chad took the tip of his cock into his wet mouth, licking around in aimless circles. There was one thing about Chad Murphy - he was damn good with his mouth. The thought almost gave him a series of chortles as he wrapped his hand in the man’s thick locks, holding his head in place.

Chad eased his hand under Simon’s balls, rolling the tender sacs between his fingers as he took his throbbing erection down an inch at a time, using his strong jaw muscles to squeeze around the thick muscle.

Licking his lips Simon breathed in and out fearful, given the extended length of time since they’d been intimate he would cum too soon and damn if he didn’t want to make the night last as long as possible. “Damn your mouth is so good. Shit.”
* * * * 
Done will be available May 17th with Rebel Ink Press!

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