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Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Saranna DeWylde!

NG: I’m welcoming Saranna DeWylde on Simply Sexy Stories! Hi, Saranna!

SD: Hi, Nichelle. Thank you so much for having me.

NG: My pleasure! Let’s start with some Saranna DeWylde trivia questions! What’s your favorite time of day?

SD: Very early evening. I love it when the sky shifts from blue to almost purple, the moon is up, but so is the sun, and the temperature starts to drop just a bit.

NG: I love that too! What’s your favorite place to write?

SD: Somewhere, anywhere, with a door.

NG: LOL! What’s your favorite drink in the morning?

SD: Water, actually. I do love my caffeine, but when I first get up I love how a big, cold glass of water feels going down.

NG: too! What are you reading right now?

SD: The Feather Men (Killer Elite) by Ranulph Fiennes, and An American Radical by Susan Rosenberg.

NG: Do you have an e-reader? If so, tell me whether it was easy or difficult to adjust to reading digital books. Do you prefer paperbacks?

SD: I have an e-reader and I love it. I don’t think it was hard to adjust to reading digital because I was a freelance editor for ten years and I’m used to reading on a screen. I do still love my paperbacks. Any book that I fall in love with, I will still buy in paperback. Also, all of my research books are all print purchases. I love the smell of books, the weight of them in my hand, the sound the pages make when you turn them. I’m a complete bibliophile.

NG: You’ve been captured and your captor tells you to choose either your MP3 player or your e-reader...which one would you choose? J

SD: I don’t have an MP3 player. Although if I did, I would still choose my e-reader.

NG: What do you think is the biggest misconception about females writing in this genre?

SD: Oh, where do I start? From thinking that we’re all Whores of Babylon, or that we write one-handed while jilling off, to the belief that what we’re writing has no literary value—that we don’t go through the same character development and story arcs that any other writer does. Then there are those who think writing about sex is easy. It’s not. We have to pick and choose every word carefully to be sure we craft the right tone, atmosphere and fantasy for the characters and for the audience. The brain is the biggest sex organ and our job as writers is to engage it, stimulate it. That doesn’t happen without craft and dedication.

NG: * Applauding* Yes, so true and well said! Do the people in your life know about your writing? Are they supportive?

SD: They do. My husband has worked two jobs for most of our marriage to support my dreams of becoming a published author. My grandmother gave me my first Bertrice Small book and I know if she were still here, she’d be very proud of me and supportive.

NG: That's incredible and I know she'd be so proud of you, Saranna! What advice would you give to inspiring authors interested in penning successful erotic romances?

SD: Butt-in-chair. Write. Don’t edit until you’ve produced a draft. For erotic romances specifically, the sex should have a purpose and move the characters somewhere. If it’s banging for the sake of banging, your readers aren’t going to be invested. Part of what makes erotic romance hot is all the other messy stuff that goes along with sex. It’s not just explicit words, it’s how those explicit words change/move/motivate your characters.

NG: Yes! Great advice, Saranna! Okay, let's talk about your writing. Describe your writing process...are you a careful plotter or laid back pantster?

SD: A little of both, but mostly a pantster. I will write out a few basic points or motivations I want to keep in mind while writing, but otherwise, I like to discover what happens with my characters. Sometimes, I feel like I’m not writing the story. It already is, I’m just taking notes.

NG: How many hours a day do you try to commit to your manuscript?

SD: I work ten to twelve hours a day.

NG: Wow! I'm so jealous!! What’s your biggest distraction from focusing on your writing?

SD: Life? It’s so hard trying to find that balance and I’ve finally come to accept that it’s not a daily balance, but more like a monthly balance. I do have a lot of responsibilities that I didn’t necessarily sign up for, but these things are the right thing to do. Like caring for my bedridden mother-in-law. She needs care about every four hours. So, that’s a big one. Because writing isn’t a start/stop process. But I also learned that no one is going to give me time to write. It doesn’t work that way. If I want it, I have to take it.

NG: What are you working on for 2012?

SD: I’m in revisions now for my third book in my 10 Days series How To Seduce An Angel in 10 Days from Kensington Brava, edits for Furyous Ink which is my next Ellora’s Cave release, another nonfiction proposal I hope to start shopping in August or September, and completing another erotic piece called Night Train to Ostrava. I’m also working on promo for the 10 Days series books How To Lose A Demon in 10 Days and How to Marry A Warlock in 10 Days that release in September and October. Then promo for my memoir Sweet Hell on Fire that releases in November. My plate is blissfully full.

NG: Yes, it is! Goodness, girl, you're a busy lady! Let's talk about your latest release Lust and Other Drugs. What’s Lust and Other Drugs about?

SD: It’s about finding what you want right under your nose.

NG: What inspired you to pen this story?

SD: One of my favorite tropes to read about is best friends-to-lovers stories. Tension between characters is something I think is hotter than even the culmination and that situation is always rife with it.

NG: Delicious! Give me three reasons readers will love Lust and Other Drugs.


1. Anne is smart, a real woman you could and would be friends with.

2. Chase is the hottie next door we all crushed on.

3. It’s a story that will make you believe in a modern Happily Ever After.

NG: I love it! What's the one thing readers can always count on when picking up one of your books?

SD: A wild ride. What I write runs the gamut from light-hearted hijinks, to the darkest corners of imagination, but no matter where I go with my keyboard, you’ll feel every second right along with the characters.

NG: Thank you so much for coming on Simply Sexy Stories, Saranna, best wishes for all your endeavors in 2012!

SD: Thanks so much for having me, Nichelle. Best and brightest to you and yours for 2012 as well.

NG: Thank you! :)
For months, Anne’s been indulging in a porn site that caters to women. She’s even got a favorite model, a hottie who gets her juices flowing every time. Until she finally sees his face—and discovers she’s been jilling off to videos of her lifelong best friend, Chase.

Now Anne can’t even look at him without imagining his big, hard…everything. Worse, she’s just become Chase’s new roommate. How can she possibly keep her hands off all that grade-A beefcake when it’s within arm’s reach? Does she even have to? A friends-with-benefits arrangement is looking more appealing by the second…

Starting with the world’s dirtiest dance, Anne and Chase’s physical relationship builds to the point of combustion. However, no-strings is harder than Anne ever imagined. Her lust for Chase is like a drug…but she’ll soon realize other, more complicated emotions are far more potent.

Caution! Super Sexy Excerpt Below:

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. 


Copyright © SARANNA DEWYLDE, 2012 
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc. 

Anne agreed that she needed a man, but not just any man Gin could drag in off the street. She needed Chase Donovan.

And she was going to have him right now.

At least in effigy.

Her panties were so wet, clinging to her—the damp silk torture for her aching cunt. Every step she took, her jeans pushed the silk against her, just enough pressure to tease but not to bring any relief.

After Gin left, Anne pleaded fatigue and quickly retreated to her new bedroom. She made a frantic dive for the black overnight bag she’d stuffed full with all the things she’d need until she could get unpacked. Namely, a few days’ worth of clean clothes and her Bullet.

Anne couldn’t handle the Rabbit at the moment. She was too raw, too needy. The Bullet on the lowest setting would bring her some soothing although temporary relief. She slipped out of her jeans and under the covers.

After positioning the Bullet, she bit her lip and looked at her laptop. Did she dare? He was right outside the door in the living room. Or maybe he was in his room, filming. The very thought caused her breath to catch in her throat.

Yeah, she dared. Hell yeah, she did.

Anne yanked her laptop down onto the bed and pulled up Dreamed Desire. Chase’s shoots were on her favorites list and she opened the video of him jerking off. Sometimes she’d watch him when he was with women, but his solo act was the one that got her off every time.

She flipped the remote switch on the toy and the gentle buzz made her sigh. Anne let her hands wander her body, imagining they were Chase’s.

Just as the show was getting good—Chase was thrusting his hips up as he fucked his own fist—the rattle of the old knob on the door yanked her out of fantasy land and she slammed the lid down on the laptop just as the man himself crept into her room.

“Want me to tuck you in?” He gave her a lazy gin and then flopped on her bed, the mattress sagging under his weight and dumping her against him.

Dear God, he was on her bed!

While the Bullet was still on.

She fumbled beneath the covers but the goddamn remote was AWOL. Anne clenched her thighs tight to buffer the buzzing of the Bullet, both as soundproofing and to keep herself from orgasming until after he left.

But she had to admit that jilling off with him right there next to her had a certain bad-girl appeal.

“What are you doing?” He nodded to the computer. “Thought you were taking a nap.”

“If you thought I was sleeping, why did you come in and pester me?” She squirmed beneath her blanket, trying to reposition the Bullet but not tip him off to what exactly was going on under there.

God, but it feels so good.

He splayed his hand on her hip. “Come on, tell the truth. You were in here looking at porn.”

Her face flamed, but he couldn’t possibly know. Could he? No, he was just giving her shit. “I certainly was not. I’ll have you know I was reading Dakota Cassidy’s new book.”

“You wouldn’t tell me anyway. Haven’t you always said we don’t need to be that close?” His breath tickled her ear.

“It begs the question yet again, if you thought I was busy…” Anne trailed off, masking the gasp as the building pleasure in her cunt almost betrayed her.

“I thought you were never too busy for me?”

Her hips jerked involuntarily as her orgasm mounted. “Jesus, Chase! You’re tickling me.”

“Am I?” His voice sounded raspy for a moment, but it had to be her imagination. “Sorry.” He brushed his lips against her cheek in a familiar motion. “I’ll wake you up at six.”

She tried not to shiver at the caress. “You should get some rest too. You know Gin will want to stay until the place closes and you worked hard today.”

“Is that an invitation to nap with you?”

Oh sweet hell, yes!

No! The Bullet would buzz her clit right off if she didn’t let herself finish soon and get the damn thing out of her panties.

“No way are you hanging out in my bed. You haven’t even bought me dinner first. See, you move in with a guy and all the romance goes right out of the relationship.”

He laughed and got up. “That’s my Anne.”

Had his fingers lingered on her hip or had that been her imagination? It didn’t matter; the experience was being deposited directly into the spank bank. In fact, the whole encounter, him next to her in bed, was going into the vault.

Even after he left, the scent of him clung to her pillow. She loved the smell of his aftershave; it made her think of his square jaw, clean-shaven, and what it would look like with his mouth closed over her breast.

That image and the scent of him were what pushed her over the edge. She came, straining and arching against the stalwart little toy and wishing it was Chase.
* * * * 
Lust and Other Drugs 
is available now with Ellora's Cave!

Curious about Saranna DeWylde?
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  1. As a reader, I have to say I love all Saranna's books but Lust and Other Drugs was VERY sexy...I even bought my best friend a copy, it was so great. You really did capture me with the tenderness and friendship that neither character wanted to risk ruining...but steamed up my screen with scenes like the one when she is in her room...*fans self*

    As a writer, YES. Exactly. I can't count how many times I have heard that writing romance is easy. I have gotten to a point where I just grin and say, "Well, you should write some and then come tell me all about that..." but it still happens. A lot. lol

    Great blog!!

    1. I love that response! I'm going to steal it. ;)

      Thanks for stopping in, Virg. xo

  2. Oh wow Ms. Nichelle, another great interview. You certainly have a way of getting your guest authors to open up and talk freely.

    Saranna, your Whores of Babylon comment made me laugh. Actually, I found the entire interview to be funny and enlightening.

    However, the blurb and the except for your Lust and Other Drug is just too damn delicious. I felt like I was in the room with Anne trying to keep that bullet from making too much noise.

    Excellent interview and an even better sneak preview.

    1. Thanks, Benjamin.

      I'm so glad you liked the excerpt.

      Well, I've actually had some people say some crazy things and *do* some crazy things after they find out that some of my titles are erotica. Back in the MySpace days, I was part of an awesome group called The Cult of the Bloody Quill and I was writing erotic horror. And all I can say is that the strange stories in my head are nothing compared to people in rl. *laughs*

  3. Fantastic interview. Even as well as I know Saranna (yes, she's worn my bra on her head, LOL) I managed to cull some new blackmail material from this one. ;)

    1. Yes, wearing your lingerie on my head does imply a certain level of closeness, doesn't it?

      It is something to note, that I have a big head and was able to wear your bra for a hat. *g*


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