Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Lesson In Shoes by Nichelle Gregory

“What you say next will determine the course of our evening.”

Jace watched a myriad of emotions flash in her lovely brown eyes as he slowly unbuckled his belt. He was hot, still sweating from cutting the grass.

“Did you buy only the red heels as we agreed?”

Her gaze flitted to the closet and he knew she was wondering if he already knew the answer. She shifted on the bed, beautiful in a black negligee he’d bought for her.


“I bought the red heels.”

“Just the red pair then?”

Kayla hesitated. “No.”

“How many pairs, Kayla?”

He purposefully darkened his tone and her eyes widened accordingly before she dropped her face from his.


“That’s eight pair of heels in one month.”

“I know. I’m sor-”

“You will model each pair for me now.”

Kayla met his gaze and Jace saw a flash of defiance cross her face. She wasn’t sorry for deliberately spending more than they’d agreed upon...not yet.

“One pair of heels equals two smacks, yes?”

His cock swelled as her eyes dropped to his belt.


Her soft pleading tone almost made him change his mind...almost made him go to her.


Kayla slowly nodded. “Yes.”

© 2012 Nichelle Gregory

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