Saturday, June 23, 2012

School Me by Nichelle Gregory & Benjamin Russell

“When will you ever learn to stop pushing me, girl?”

His question sent conflicting emotions of dread and desire racing through her veins. Just the sound of his voice made her body react and wetness coat her swollen labia. His fingers slipped between her lips and heat unfurled within her. Dark eyes shifted to the languid sway of the leash connected to her collar before meeting her gaze.

“I know. You needed a reminder of your place.”

She whimpered and her pulse raced as he pressed his hard body into hers. The feel of his erection pressed against her pussy made her wetter. He thrust his hips forward, jostling her exposed breasts and she moaned when he pulled on one of her nipples. Her nipples were huge and distended with hunger. Gawd, she needed him to pinch and bite her nipples. What she needed was for him to make her scream her desire, then for him to rip off her panties and thrust his cock deep inside her.

His voice was low, almost lazy and laced with menace. “Is that it Doll, is that what you want, you want me to teach you a lesson? Just blink your eyes once for Yes, no is not an option.”

A sigh tickled the back of her throat and her whole body vibrated with lust. She wanted him to fuck her, to own every inch of her flesh, but she knew he wouldn’t do it – not yet. He’d drag it out just to watch her squirm. He wouldn’t give her the satisfaction she needed, not until he was certain she was reminded of her place with a mixture of pleasure and pain he knew she craved.

Her eyes locked with his and she fought back the urge to blink. If he wanted to teach her a lesson, she wanted to make sure they both got their money’s worth. They didn’t get a chance to come down to their playroom often enough to suit her needs, so today she planned to push him to the edge. Defiantly, she stared at him, not blinking an eye. 

Come on big man - show me what you’ve got.

“Oh you’re being especially willful tonight, that’s good for me, but bad for you. Doll, I’m going to teach you once and for all who is in charge,” he chuckled.

He ripped her panties off and the sound crackled in the room. "Are you ready to learn?"

Her clit pressed through the hood. She felt a warm ache travel straight to her lower belly and she knew they would both get the lesson they needed tonight.

© 2012 Nichelle Gregory & Benjamin Russell

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