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Simply Sexy Stories Welcome Yvonne Nicolas!

NG: I’m welcoming Yvonne Nicolas on Simply Sexy Stories! Hi, Yvonne! 

YN: Wassup, Beautiful! I’m elated to be here. Thanks for having me. Got on my purple corset dress, my leather gloves and four inch heels. That’s right baby, I’m ready to party! So let’s get started.

NG: LOL! I'm ready! Let’s start with some Yvonne Nicolas trivia questions! What’s your favorite time of day?

YN: I would say my favorite time of the day is at night. The closer it is to twelve midnight, the more energized and friskier I become. That’s when my muse is whispering in my ear, filling my head with naughty ideas. *wiggles brows* Those ideas either make it to my bedroom, or to my computer. Either way, my hubby is happy. *grin*

NG: Yvonne, I can totally relate! I'm a total night owl too. Where’s your favorite place to write?

YN: My favorite place to write is in my home office. The oriental theme that decorates the space exudes serenity and peacefulness. The setting draws my creativity to forefront. I can never walk into my office and not feel the need to write.

NG: Sounds very tranquil! What’s your favorite summer drink?

YN: Aw man, I have so many favorite summer drinks, but if I have to choose one… Hm, I would have to say a strawberry, pineapple margarita. Mmmm, so yummy! If you’ve never had one, you’re missing out.

NG: Mmm...margaritas! What’s your favorite thing about summer?

YN: My favorite thing about summer would have to be the eye candy that comes out and about, donned in very little clothing might I add. LOL! Pool time, baby! I tell ya’, I go to the pool just to check out the hot bods. ;o) Does that make me a perv? *snicker*

On the other hand, I love the way nature responds to summer. The beautiful colors in the sky, the blooming of flowers and leaves on the trees… However, summer not my favorite time of the year. Sometimes it gets way too freakin’ hot, I mean, smoldering… It gets so hot I’m afraid to leave the house for the fear I’ll burst into flames.

NG: LOL! Summer's not my favorite season for that very fear too, Yvonne! And, no, checking out the hot bods doesn't make you a perv in my book. :-) What are you reading right now?

YN: Right now I’m reading Tale of the Dead Town, volume 4 of the Vampire Hunter D series. Hideyuki Kikuchi is one of my favorite authors in the whole wide world, because he has the ability to literally pull you into a scene and scare the shit outta you.

NG: Wow! Do you have an e-reader? If so, tell me whether it was easy or difficult to adjust to reading digital books. Do you prefer paperbacks?

YN: I have a Kindle Fire and it’s fairly simple to adjust the viewing of digital books. I love it and find it hard to go anywhere without it. I think I prefer e-readers over paperbacks, simply because it’s easier to store a large number of books. I can’t even begin to tell you how many paperback books I have stored away in storage. *snort* Seriously, it’s ridiculous. I was once a serial book buyer. Truth be told, I kinda still am, but the difference is my Kindle holds hundreds of books without the need of a box. *grin*

NG: You’ve been captured and your captor tells you to choose either your MP3 player or your e-reader...which one would you choose? J

YN: LOL! I would choose my Kindle. Great thing about that is I can listen to music AND read a great book. Booyah!

NG: *g* What do you think is the biggest misconception about females writing in this genre?

YN: That we don’t have the ability to get into a male’s way of thinking. I’ve read several books from female authors where the male character comes out so powerful from the pages that you’d think a man wrote it. Sometimes we have to dig a little deeper, but we definitely can get into a man’s mindset.

Another misconception is that the females who write erotica, or erotic romance don’t have a love life and write about what they fanaticize. Now I can’t speak for all female authors, but personally, when I write a scene involving sex or involving love, it is something I’ve experienced in one way or another. I think it’s important to experience what you write about. If not, how can you expect the reader to believe it?

NG: What genre(s) do you write and why?

YN: I write a combination of genres for different reasons. I write erotic romance because I swoon over a great love story that involves descriptive sex. No closed door love scenes from me. ;o)

I write urban fantasy/ dark paranormal romance because it’s allows me to take a step from reality and visited a world that I’ve created. Not to mention I get to tap into the dark side of nature, which is always lurking on the surface. Don’t look at me like that, we all have one. Only difference is, mine speaks from the pages of a story.

I write gothic horror because I love the combination of horror and romance. There’s nothing like being freaked out and seduced at the same time.

NG: Delicious! Why are you drawn to writing erotic romance?

YN: C’mon now, is that a serious question? Following two characters, and sometimes three, as they develop an intimate relationship… What’s there not to like about that. Sure, we know it will end in hot steamy sex, but the fun part is watching them get there. The reader enjoys it as much as the author in writing it. Sometimes you become emotionally involved, especially if you’ve been though what the characters are going through. Although erotic romance is not my favorite genre, I truly enjoy writing it.

NG: Do the people in your life know about your writing? Are they supportive?

YN: Yes they do and they are very supportive. Honestly, I don’t think I would’ve gotten this far in my writing career if it weren’t for my family and friends. It’s really important to have a strong support system and I’m blessed to have one.

NG: What advice would you give to inspiring authors interested in penning successful erotic romances?

YN: Keep writing! I know life sometimes gets in the way, and it’s easy to lose your drive to write when that happens, but don’t let that stop you from showing your gift to the world. Your writing style may not be the same as other authors, but that’s a good thing. Come to the game with something different and stick to it. Have your own voice! Don’t let negative statements about your writing tarnish your style. If you do, you’ll blend in with everyone else and no one will ever know who you are. Hone your craft and come into the game at full throttle. The only way you’ll fail if you don’t believe in yourself. And that’s real talk.

I just realized I didn’t really answer the question. Geez, Nichelle, you caught me at a chatty time. Babble, babble, babble… LOL! Feel free to spank me for that.

As far as writing erotic romance; experiment with the naughty thoughts sailing along your brain. Remember you want the reader to see it, feel it, smell it, hear it and taste it. You have to appeal to the senses. Turn them on! You want them hot and bothered, feverish, running to the bathroom to take a cold shower, touching themselves, or jumping their lover. While creating your hot scenes, don’t forget to write a believable love story. *grin* Remember, its erotic romance, not just erotica.

NG: You aren't babbling! I love the advice you've shared here, Yvonne! It's true that you need to find your own voice and continuous hone your craft. Okay, let's talk about your writing now. Describe your writing process...are you a careful plotter or laid back pantster?

YN: Hahaa… I’m so laid back it’s ridiculous. I let the story control me instead of the other way around. I tried writing from an outline several time and each time I totally veered from the beaten path. It has to just come to me and I write it. Sometimes I don’t know what the outcome will be until I write it. My writing process is like meandering through a maze, and I like it that way. It doesn’t always have to be controlled and planned out. The unexpected is thrilling and it makes for an exciting writing experience.

NG: How many hours a day do you try to commit to your manuscript?

YN: It varies. Sometimes I can spend a whole day on a manuscript, and then sometimes I only get a couple of hours or thirty minutes in. I try not to put myself on a schedule because it never works out. That aside, as long as I get a little writing in, I’m a happy camper.

NG: What’s your biggest distraction from focusing on your writing?

YN: My biggest distractions are my sons, my hubby and social network sites. Mainly Facebook and Twitter. Haha… I’m learning to control my chatting urges though. ^_^

NG: I'm afflicted by the similiar distractions. lol What are you working on for 2012?

YN: I’ve already finished my novels for 2012. Currently, I’m working on novels for 2013. One is an extended story to the Dragon Queen series, :oD which is an urban fantasy, two are sci-fi, one steam punk and an erotic romance.

You see that? I’m on a buttery roll people!

For 2012, I have three books due to release. One of them is Black Rayne Scarlet Moon, the second book in the Dragon Queen Series.

NG: Wow! That's very impressive, Yvonne! You are on a buttery roll for sure! Let's talk about your latest release Black Rayne Scarlet Moon. What’s this story about?

YN: Well I’ll start off by telling you little bit about the first book in the series, Black Rayne Silent Screams. It’s about a young woman name Rayne, who lives a life in the spotlight as one of the hottest singers around. However, underneath her life of stardom a dark threat rises within her thoughts and an unnatural hunger seduces the very core of her. Visions of women getting brutally murdered by the unseen tortures her mind. When women near her age begin to disappear all over the world, she realizes that her nightmares have somehow become reality. Her life takes an unexpected, but deliciously sexy turn when she is approached by the beautiful demon vampire, Demetri Bithanos. He awakens her dark side and gives her the only thing that will sate her deepest craving. Blood. But her moment of euphoria doesn’t last. The dark lord Lucius, the spawn of the devil, is after her sacred blood and he will do whatever it takes to get her.

Shadows & Dust, an extended tale to the series, is about a ruthless female Hunter named Joan “Havoc” Dawson. As an Andausian soldier, she brandishes the power to manipulate sound, and oh what deadly power it is. On the anniversary of her sister’s death, Havoc is drawn to a rundown neighborhood full of vampires. An underlying secret brings to life her deepest fear and threatens to claim her life.

Black Rayne Scarlet Moon is the continuation of Rayne’s tale. This story reveals the obstacles she faces to become the prophesized Dragon Queen. Along the way, she meets a set of soldiers that are her earthly bound guardians and comes face to face with Lucius, the master demon who is determined to make her his Queen. Despite her demonic attraction to the underworld lord, she falls deeper in love with Demetri Bithanos, her chosen consort. Together they battle the darkness threatening to engulf the world. But the biggest threat they’re forced to face is growing within her. Can she defeat the demon side of her nature and hold true to her duty as the Dragon Queen?

Score your copy of Black Rayne Scarlet Moon to find out.

NG: Whew! Now there's a hot tale with lots of twists and turns! What inspired you to pen this story?

YN: Like I said before, once upon a time I was a serial reader. This was way before I plunged head first into a writing career. I read a lot of stories in urban fantasy and horror. Also, I was a member of reader’s group and the biggest complaint from the fellow readers was that they found it difficult to relate to the characters. And I agreed to a certain extent.

I thought, ya’ know what would be cool… if a black chick straight from the streets wasn’t really a human, but in fact, a half demon from a parallel universe, and her blood could make any demon that fed from her powerful beyond reason. And then I thought, ya’ know what would be even cooler… if a hot guy from a totally different time period was turned into a vampire, and sought her out for her blood, but ends up falling in love with her.

Mind you, I voiced my thoughts out loud and got laughed at as a result. LOL! But that didn’t faze me because I was already inspired my own wacky thoughts.

My goal was to answer the reader’s call, to make characters relatable to people from different backgrounds. Thankfully, I achieved that in the Dragon Queen series. The feedback that I received from my fan readers after the first book in the series was released brought me to tears. They could actually see themselves in the eyes of one or more of the characters in this series. That’s the outcome I was looking for!

You see, as authors, we’re placed in this box of rules telling us what is acceptable in the writing industry, and what the readers will and will not read. I broke out of that box and I mean to remain free. I will not only push the envelope. I will swipe it off the table, stomp on it and send it through the shredder.

Watch me!

NG: Oooo...I love that! I feel the same way about being placed in a box and like you I want to be free to be and write what is in my
heart! I like what you did to the damn box too, Yvonne! lol

Give me three reasons readers will love Black Rayne Scarlet Moon.

YN: First and foremost, this story is guaranteed to keep you enthralled. There’s action, comedy, romance, mystery, suspense and a lot of dark, sultry sex. It’s an exciting read and will draw you deep into the world hidden behind the shadows.

Don’t wait to hear about it. Sink your fangs in and find out for yourself.

NG: What's the one thing readers can always count on when picking up one of your books?

YN: They can count on a satisfying read that shatters all rules. At the end of the book, you may feel happy, sad, angry, or majorly turned on. Either way, you will be entertained. *grin* I will tell you this though, once you step into my world you might as well get comfy, ‘cause I have no plans in letting you out. ;o)

NG: Thank you so much for coming on Simply Sexy Stories, Yvonne, best wishes for all your endeavors in 2012!

YN: No, thank you so much for having me. I’ve had a blast! *smiles and picks up whip* Now onto the fun stuff…

I wouldn’t dare leave without giving you something to whet your appetite. This except features a fan favorite, Maurisio Bithanos, Demetri’s elder brother. I must admit, he’s one of my favorites too. He’s the wolf alpha of Chalvaiz Clan, the largest shifter pack in the world. Unlike his brother, Maurisio is outrageously wild and untamed. He’s a great guy to have on your side, but every now and then, his demon animal gets the best of him.

Black Rayne Scarlet Moon (Excerpt ~ 69 reason to lose yourself)

Watching him with fiery desire dancing her eyes, Eva shifted aside to allow Celia to climb onto the desk. Celia arched her back and wiggled her perky ass before she rolled onto her back and beckoned Eva with the crook of her finger. Eva straddled her hips and shimmed back along Celia’s torso until her wet snatch hovered directly over her face.

Maurisio’s mouth watered as Celia wrapped arms around Eva’s thighs and pulled her hips down, forcing her knees to slide further apart. Celia’s mouth made contact with Eva’s slit and the feasting began.

Bowing her back, Eva inhaled sharply and pushed out a husky moan as she ground her crotch on her maker’s face. Meanwhile on the other end, Eva pulled Celia’s leg back to give Maurisio an unobstructed view of her crotch.

He slid his chair closer. “Go ‘head, dig in newcomer. I wanna see what you can do with that sexy mouth of yours.”

Eva flipped her hair to one side and dipped her face in Celia’s hot dripping snatch. She sucked ravenously and lapped at her pink bud.

“Slow it down, baby.” Clutching at his stiff cock, Maurisio caressed the back of Celia’s thigh. “Take ya time and eat that pussy with a little finesse.”

Head tilted to the side, Eva’s narrow tongue slid out and flicked at Celia’s peak. Anxious to taste her, Maurisio leaned in, slid two fingers in Celia’s damp hole and ran his tongue up her crease, his cheek pressed against Eva’s. Celia’s hips rose and shuddered. Eva’s tongue clashed with his.

Growling, he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. Eva yelped. Overcome by hunger, he attacked her mouth and kissed her hard, nipping and sucking on her tongue, relishing the taste of Celia’s tangy juices on her mouth.

All the while, he continued to finger fuck Celia’s tight well, probing and caressing her quivering walls. Celia’s moans rose into husky muffled wails. Her flavorful wine flowed all over his desk.

His flesh burned from the inside out. Damn, if he didn’t bust a nut soon, he was liable to hurt somebody.

Olivia would make him pay for this later, but shit, he couldn’t help himself. There was only so much titillation a man could take.

Maurisio shot out of the chair and stood at the end of the desk. Licking the fluids from his lips, he gazed down at Eva. Slanted and bright gold, her lupine eyes met his. He didn’t have to utter a word. Eva knew exactly what he needed. She quickly unbuckled his belt and undid his pants. His slacks and boxers dropped to his feet and his shaft sprang free.

Eva gasped and shrunk back.

He snickered. The eleven inches of thick pulsating meat connected to his groin pulled this reaction from many women. “Don’t be scared, girl. You better get it, before it gets you,” he jested, amused by the terrified look on her face.

Her small hand curled around the base of him. She gave him a coy glance then took the head into her mouth. Her heated lips slid over the glands along the mushroom dome pulling a grunt out of him.

Right away, it was evident she wasn’t used to dealing with sizable cocks. She was intimidated. Instead of just working his head, which was where he was most sensitive, she tried to take in more dick than her mouth could handle, and gagged as a result.

Shaking his head and chuckling, he slipped his hand beneath her chin and pulled out of her mouth. “Come behind me and take off my shirt. Press those pretty breasts against my back.”

She dismounted her maker’s face, slipped off the desk and eased behind him. After she’d unbuttoned and removed his shirt, he stepped out of his pants and looped his arms around Celia’s long legs. He jerked her forward, sliding her ass to the edge of the desk.

Her lips soiled in Eva’s cum and lids at half-mast, Celia reached down and took hold of his erection while Eva embraced him from behind, her hands stroking and fondling the tense muscles along his torso.

Celia worked the crown of his penis up and down the valley of her sex, in a seesaw motion, until his dome was glistening in her secretions.

He repressed growls. She manipulated him for a few seconds longer than he could handle. She did it to make the entry tolerable for her body. Ha, if she thought this was going to be a painless experience, she was dead wrong. He was about to beat this pussy up.

When she slid his shaft downward again, he slapped her hand away and jutted his hips forward, hard and fast, forcing her recess to expand abruptly around him. Her throaty scream echoed through the office. He was about to move into a bout of merciless thrusts when his senses spiked and the presence of an intruder shattered the erotic moment.

“The fuck?” Clutching onto Celia’s thighs, Maurisio snapped his head up.

Through the other aromas floating around him, he pinpointed the location of the badged asshole heading toward his establishment. Detective Vincent Kayman.

“I knew it, I just knew this mothafucka was going to do this,” he growled. His nerves clenched and his fingers bit into Celia’s flesh. A shadow moved into the room, cast from the dark clouds engulfing the sun.

Don’t shift. Don’t shift! Don’t! Shift!!

“What’s wrong?” Celia sat up with a start and grabbed at his wrists.

He lifted Celia from the desk, smashed her back into the nearby wall and commenced to pounding her sweet little pussy. He muffled her cries with his hand over her mouth, needing to release the animalistic passion currently digging at his gut, and at the same time, keep track of the detective’s approach. He was getting close.

If he didn’t get this nut off soon, he was bound to kill that man.

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2012


Black Rayne Scarlet Moon is available with Red Rose Publishing!

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  1. You had me at purple corset and leather gloves...

    Bold, sexy interview!

    And I did not have to leave my computer desk to heat up my coffee, just placed it next to the excerpt.

    I can see the steam rising now!

    Black Rayne is on my TBR pile!

    1. *blush* You are too sweet, KB. Thank you for coming by and showing some love. MUAH!

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  3. You know I adore both of you and the fact that you get together for this is beyond wonderful. Great interview all around.

    1. I adore you too, Kendel! Thank you for your support. *cyber hug*

  4. KB, Kendel, S.J., thank you for stopping by today! Yvonne's books are at the top of my TBR pile too!


    Nichelle :^)

  5. Awesome interview! Both of you did a fantastic job! Purple corset and leather go girl!!!!


    1. LOL! You know I like to do it way big, Se. *giggle* I'm so glad to see you. Thanks for dropping by.

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    1. Thank you so much, Daryl! :oD *big hug*

  7. Whew! Still fanning myself. Girl, you know how to melt my computer screen! Ha Ha!!!! I can't wait to read the second story hon. You know how I fell in love with the first. Hugs babe,

    1. CK, you’ve been supportive from the moment I met you. Don’t know what I’d do without you, girl. Thank you for lifting me up encouraging me to keep going. Love you, ma.

  8. Great interview. Very hot.

    1. Thank you Ella! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :)

  9. Is it hot in here? Awesome interview.

    1. Uh-huh, it's real hot in here! *grin* Thanks Karen for swinging by. I'm so glad I could heat up your day. ;o)

  10. Very Provocative interview. I love the way let your characters evolve. Renee Michaels.

  11. Aw, thank you, sis! I was wondering if you'd drop by. *Hugs*

  12. Love the interview. Nichelle you do an amazing job of drawing out the people you have here. I didn't know Yvonne that well before this...just in passing. Now I know more and I like what I have learned. :) And Dayum woman! You cost me money everytime I come to this I am off to by Yvonne's works. **sighs*** Such is the life of a Book Whore. ;) Ladies you rocked it.:)

    1. You are a doll, Sherry!! I'm glad you enjoyed the interview. Thank you so much for the support. ^_^

  13. WOW! Hot interview. Loved it. Love to see authors that push that envelope! :)

    Madame TripleX

    1. Why thank you Madame. ;o) Thanks for coming by.

  14. Ok, I've got to admit I was totally hooked by the purple corset and leather gloves comment. I'm assuming that outfit comes sans panties? Yep, right after I read the corset comment, my mind when straight to visions of a menage with Yvonne and Nichelle.

    As you might imagine, I started laughing my ass off when I got to the excerpt. WTF - Mr BD Maurisio was acting out my fantasy with Eva and Celia. I'll give you one guess as to who my imagination substituted into that scene. Muwah!!@

    Yvonne, your Muse and my Muse should get together one day and see what we can cook up. I have no doubt it would be tasty and wicked good.

    Nichelle, excellent interview - you got Yvonne's tongue to wagging and her hips to wiggling. *Sighs*

    I own a copy of Black Rayne Silent Screams and now I'm primed to buy the whole series. If the excerpt is any indication, I will have to make sure my own nuts aren't too full when I start reading it. !!!Smooches!!!

    1. Benji, Benji, Benji…you have the ability to turn an already sexy situation into an even sexier situation. *grin* Part of the reason I adore you, my friend. I knew you would enjoy this interview and I am so happy you came by.
      I definitely agree our muses should join forces. Together they’ll spin one hell of a story.
      Perhaps Nichelle and I will get together one day and indulge your fantasy. ;o) Smooches!!

  15. Serenity, Daryl, Charisma, Ella, Karen, Renee, Sherry, Madame TripleX...thank you so much for stopping by! :)

    Benjamin,'ve got a wicked wild imagination! I'm glad you joined us here! ;o)

  16. LOL...Purple corsets do it for ya huh, kbcutter. *Grins* Awesome interview Ms. Nichols, you truly are a master of erotica. It was a pleasure having met you in person, you are not only incredibly talented but a wonderful person and an inspiration to me personally. I cant wait to see what comes next with the series. Also thank you, Ms Gregory for having Ms. Nichols on your blog.

    1. Awww, thank you Areana! You make me smile. :oD


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