Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Her Sassy Mouth by Nichelle Gregory & Benjamin Russell

"Dammit, woman! What should I do with this sassy mouth of yours, huh?"

"I'm sor-"

"Shhh..." He pressed his fingers into her mouth. "I know you're sorry, but there's still a decision to be made."

It took all of his control to contain his lust. Her hot flesh beneath his hand tempted him to ravage her as the intoxicating fragrance of her desire inflamed his senses.

He caressed the full swell of her bottom lip and his cock throbbed. Deliah wasn’t just sassy...no, he was convinced a gluttonous, demon shrew literally possessed her mouth. She bucked against her thigh, impatient for whatever he had to give her. He considered taking her mouth - her demon mouth which could drain him in a matter of minutes.

He liked being on edge and keeping her there for hours. Occasionally, he’d let her tease and torment him. She knew how to play him like a flute. Not this time. He was going to make her sing to his tune first tonight.

He’d let her encase his cock in the wet heat of her mouth, make her think he was appeased by her passion, but he would decide when they both came. She needed a reminder of just who was in control and he was going to enjoying every minute of reminding her.

As though reading his mind, Deliah opened her mouth and sucked on the tip of his forefinger. She swirled her tongue around his finger and raw desire made his already stiff cock harder.

“Delilah. Woman, what are you trying to do to me?”

She melted against his body with a soft moan. Samuel gritted his teeth as she began to roll her hips. Delilah knew just how to move, grinding her soft, firm ass against his raging erection. She took his finger to the back of her throat and her wanton action almost pushed the desire to teach her a lesson out of his mind.

Deliah opened her mouth with a throaty laugh. “Well, Samuel, what have you decided?”

His gaze fell to her lips before returning to her eyes.

“Get on your knees now.”

© 2012 Nichelle Gregory, Benjamin Russell

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