Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Little Game by Nichelle Gregory

“I win.” She lifted her chin up at him with a triumphant smile.

“Don’t you move. Time’s not up, sweetheart.”

His devilish grin incensed her. She stole a glance at the women enjoying their afternoon coffee a bench away.

“C’mon. I’m tired of playing these games.”

“No you’re not. I bet those panties are soaked, yes?”

Her gaze drifted down from his handsome face to the unmistakable bulge in his trousers.


“Liar. Should I check right now?”


Her eyes widened as he squatted in front of her.

“Fair enough. You’ve got a minute left. Whatever you do…don’t drop that ice cream.”

©2012 Nichelle Gregory


  1. Truthfully, he could care less about the ice cream, it didn’t matter to him if she dropped it or not. If some of the sticky stuff dripped on her legs, he planned to lick it off anyway.

    This was about control, pure and simple. His control over her, getting her to submit to his will and do things totally out of her comfort zone. Like sitting on a park bench with her breasts partially exposed and holding an ice cream cone between her knees.

    She was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen, just looking at her made his cock throb. He wanted to own her body and soul. Each day he fucked her mind with his imagination and she loved every challenge he presented to her.

    “Since I’m already down here on my knees, is there anything you want me to do for you?” He asked as he trailed his fingers up and down her calves.

  2. Delicious, Benjamin! My favorite line: "Each day he fucked her mind with his imagination and she loved every challenge he presented to her." ;-)

  3. Nichelle, that was sexy..Oh she loves his games.

    Benjamin, your addition just made it even hotter.

  4. Oh yes! What a teasing sexy game. I could sense the wet panties and the desperation to move. I hope she doesn't spill any of that ice cream on him because I suspect he wants cream of a different kind

  5. Very sexy lady and I agree with Benjamin and I think she wants him to push her beyond every comfort zone she's ever had, reminding her every day that he owns her and that no other man can have a taste of either her ice cream or the sweet cream between her legs.

  6. Very daring indeed. The fact that they were on a public place raised up my heart beat!! Lovely Nichelle and Benjamin the addition was really, really hot!!!
    These little images you're providing us are quite a treat ;)

  7. Mmm...I just love naughty little games, and this is definately a winner :D The control he has over her is just so damn sexy I want to rip his clothes off and find where he's hiding his own ice-cream...with his permission of course :D

  8. That was a fantastic teaser, Nichelle! Whether they are truly a D/s couple or even just a couple who have been together for quite some time and are looking for something to heighten their arousal for the day - This would be a wicked game to play for a day!
    Here's an idea, though. Instead of her having to control the ice cream cone, how about he uses the remains of it to drip strategically over her breasts and both sets of lips. If she wasn't soaking beforehand, she will be after that!! *Wicked Grin*


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