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Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Margie Church & K.B. Cutter!

NG: Today, I’m excited to welcome K.B. Cutter and Margie Church on Simply Sexy Stories! Hi, you guys! 

MC: Hello! 

KB: Hi Nichelle, thanks for hosting us. 

NG: My pleasure! I don't get that many dynamic duos on my blog, so this is a special treat!

KB: This is like a homecoming for me. Your site was one of the first blogs I had the pleasure of being invited to promote my first ever professionally published story, Summer Heat. Yup, now I'm an old salt hand at this biz. Hey, no snickering you two!

MC: I hope I'm wearing the right outfit for such a cool blog!

NG: *eyeing Margie's blue corset, garter belt, pantyhose and matching stilettos* 

You dressed perfectly! Your corset compliments my red one so well. 

*eyes Kb dressed in work boots and a tight thong* 
*clears throat* 
I think you're both ready for some trivia questions!

KB: - sips frozen tropical dink - I am now, hey, its five o'clock somewhere!

MC: Oh no. Trivia? That requires memories. *looks in drawer for spare memory* Ready!

NG: LOL! What’s your favorite time of day?

KB: In the fall, its when the kids get on the bus! HA! Joking . . . sorta. Late at night. House is quiet. Everyone is in bed and I' m left to my own devices. –cue maniacal laughter- 

NG: *g* I totally feel ya...Hey, scoot over, KB.

MC: Back to school sex is the best, eh? Oops. 

NG:, there's a way to celebrate school resuming! But, Margie, what really is your favorite time of day?

MC: Evening, especially in the winter. I like the night because things slow down and I have time to write.

NG: What’s your favorite place to write, KB? You know we don't usually dance until the interview is over.

KB: Lol! Ok! Oh, no dancing. Damn and I wore my sequined G- string.. My place to write is the kitchen. Fresh brewed coffee, sunlight streaming through the window, birds flittering on the windowsill. In addition, comfy chair pads and outlet close to center island to plug in my laptop. :)

MC: No wonder you're always distracted, K.B.! You need to work in the basement like I do. I'm very disciplined in my work, so I have a formal setting and even a little plaque with an antique typewriter on it that says Le Office. My office is nice though, and I can see the patio and pool (in the 20 minutes of summer we have in Minnesota).

NG: KB, your work environment sounds very nice. Margie, wow! You sound very self-disciplined. Maybe I need to try writing in the basement. ;) What’s your favorite summer drink, guys?

KB: Coffee. Oh. Right. Foo-foo type drink. Parrot Bay coconut rum, orange juice over crushed ice. Hmmm…

MC: Arnold Palmer if I'm driving. Jameson straight up if I'm not.

NG: Mmmm...that sounds good, KB! Margie, I couldn't get down with that. That's too hard core for me...the drink. *clearing throat*
What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for love? KB, you go first.
KB: Get married. –blinks- What? Okay, seriously, passed up career advance opportunities at work to spend more time with my family.

MC: Funny you should say that K.B., because I gave up a very lucrative career to be a more hands-on parent. But I worked from home part time – if I didn't, my kids would have been on the street corner by lunchtime holding a sign looking for a job for me.

NG: LOL! What’s the wildest place a story idea has struck you?

KB: In the bathroom. Ah, sounds pedestrian, but guess what I was doing at the time. Oh. Wait. Scratch that. I'd have to say Church. Not Margie, but as in Hail Mary. I thought of this wicked four way ménage before communion. Yes, I'm on the Hell Express.

MC: Sprays the slide to hell with PAM for K.B. and gives him a nudge. "Adios. Save me a spot!" I've got no such stories to tell and now I'll have to go to confession knowing what K.B. has cooked up.

NG: Me too, Margie! Wait. I don't go confession. Save some PAM for me as well, Margie. ;-)

Let’s talk about the KB Cutter/ Margie Church collaboration. How did you two come about working together?

KB: It started with a series of email exchanges, a bit of back and forth interactive writing. The story centered on a guy who, in the presence of a Domme, was struggling with acquiescing to her 'mentoring.' After a while, the story evolved into something very complex, emotionally and psychologically (and HOT). The light bulb moment occurred and we were like, "Hey, this would make a great book!" Here we are!

MC: What he said. Plus we were writing for Noble Publishing together – that's where we met and we just struck up a friendship. Surprisingly, I thought he was a lesbian for the first six months I knew him. Those Saturday night fuck me pumps were pretty convincing. ;-)

NG: *chocking on my Appletini* I'm gonna leave that one alone. What’s the writing process like when it involves two authors?

KB: For us, very smooth! We did not face an adverse time zone, and since we were buds before this collaboration, it was easy for us to chat on the phone, plot the course of the novel, and outline each chapter.

MC: I'm the lead editor on the book, even though we edit each other. So, those first chapters of messing around took quite a bit of time to sort out and find the real gems and pull together the start of Razor. We don't worry about who writes more/less. We work to have a seamless read. The most awkward part was reading to each other on the phone. That was a requirement. We'd talk about the upcoming scene and then whoever had the next turn wrote it. But since we aren't near each other, we read to each other on a regular basis. Let me tell you. Mr. Cutter has a very sexy voice and sometimes I could hardly breathe when he was reading. And when it was my turn, I swear sometimes I died a thousand deaths of embarrassment. And planning out those love scenes? It was hilarious listening to the two of us use purple prose with each other!

NG: OMG! I bet! Did you two face any creative differences while co-writing? And if so, how did you resolve them?

KB: No, nothing insurmountable. I have a tendency to write formal, so my task was to 'contemporize' my prose. And not to be afraid of contractions. Oh and slay the pesky adverbs.

MC: *Sips her booze* As long as he did what I said, we were all good. Just kidding. We had a good idea of our expectations and roles before we started writing and when it became evident there was real equality in the work, there was no reason to pitch diva fits. It was about the story. Period.

NG: Kb, what’s the best thing about working with Margie?

KB: That she lives in Minnesota. I kid. Margie is disciplined and extremely knowledgeable about the craft of writing and the publishing world. A genuinely good person who is willing to go the extra mile to help a noob like myself out!

NG: Margie, same question!

MC: Okay, that made me laugh. And that is one of the nice things about working with K.B. He's really funny and easy-going. We think so much alike it's scary sometimes.

NG: What advice would you give to other authors considering co-authoring?

KB: The story comes first. Author egos MUST be checked at the door.

MC: Be REALLY honest about your strengths, weaknesses, and goals before you start. Really like each other because this book – and all the ancillary promotion will tie you together indefinitely. Get separate contracts.

NG: That's great, advice! Okay, let’s talk about Razor! What’s this sexy tale all about?

KB: Razor isn't about unhappy people finding better or different relationships outside their marriage. It's about people who have a different perspective on traditional love and an uncommon ability to be truthful and trust. This is a true BDSM romance. The title plays a physical role in the book when Bryce becomes "intimate" with a straight edged razor and emotional role as it slices through traditional concepts. You'll get a clear idea of how a healthy D/s relationship should be like. Even when they're chained and flogged.

NG: What inspired you two to pen this story?

KB: We both knew Razor needed to be told in a large format and offered to a broader audience than just the two of us shooting emails back and forth.

MC: Boredom with our current projects and an unending desire to write the next cool book.

NG: Both of you give me one reason readers will love Razor.

KB: It's for adults. An emotionally and psychologically textured novel, with large dollops of humor, and BDSM drama that will burn up your e-reader. And may just cause another baby boom. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating at tad with that last statement . .

MC: Razor exposes a reader to something deeper in the BDSM lifestyle that isn't often explored. The rules and behaviors are very interesting and make this story unique. Oh, and it's very erotic. Do I get a demerit for stating two things?

NG: I'm gonna let you slide this time, Margie. I want to thank you both for coming on Simply Sexy Stories! I wish you guys the best with this release and all of your future endeavors in 2012!

KB: Thank you, mah dear. I'm sorry I lowered the property values. 

MC: Thank you. I hope readers will enjoy Razor and watch for the sequel, Razor: Desire's Edge, this winter! 

NG:  Ha! You didn't nothing of the kind, KB! Margie, you guys will have to come back when the sequel is done!

KB: But, wait, there's more! Margie and I would like to offer a few prizes. One is a very delicious poster of the H-O-T cover art for Razor. And numbah two, I'm offering any title from my extensive backlist (hold the sniggering. I know, I'm being silly). So, please make your comments super awesome cool. Thanks!

Blurb: Amy and Bryce don't live the Dominant/submissive lifestyle, but Bryce acts every bit the Dom in the bedroom. And Amy's had enough. Enlisting her best friend Raine's help is a drastic move. Will inviting Raine into her marriage destroy it? How will she cope when Bryce and Raine, a Domme, become intimate?

Though Bryce doubts he'll ever become a switch, he's determined to make Amy happy. Months later, he struggles to keep an emotional distance from Raine. His journey of self-awareness is anything but predictable or vanilla.

After only a few scenes with Bryce, Raine's roles as Domme and best friend blur. Her ideals about love and marriage shift. She questions her own motives at every turn. Can she get out of this relationship triangle unscathed?

Three people with different motives come together to form a very contemporary relationship. Who will get what they want, and who will be forever changed?

Caution! Electrically Charged Excerpt Below:
cobalt storm

onyx control


desire’s edge

Wet heat pooled between Amy’s legs as she watched Bryce through the kitchen window. Knees trembling from the insistent throbbing of her clit, she pressed her thighs together, knowing her panties were already damp.

She really wanted to suck her husband’s cock.

Bryce took off his T-shirt, and draped it over the neat pile of split logs. In the heat of the day, perspiration glistened on his chiseled torso. One handed, he thrust the axe head into a tree stump, his bicep rippling.

A jolt of sexual electricity zipped through her every time he moved. Her nipples strained against the white cotton tank top she wore.

Amy needed to calm her jangled nerves. She inhaled the earthy scent of the forest wafting through the open kitchen window. White lace curtains fluttered on the light breeze. The frilly sheers were one of the few feminine accents in the rugged décor.

She traced the wood grain of the butcher’s block with her fingers. Their cabin was built of white pine, saddle notched logs. Rough-hewn plank floors and functional, yet elegant, Quaker furniture added a certain Spartan charm. Amy didn’t mind the rugged design. All of it seemed an organic compliment to the lush beauty of Norford Falls, Maine. And their vacation home seemed a natural extension of her husband, Bryce, who’d built the retreat. Bryce Gage thrived on hard work, and even though he was CEO of Gage Commercial Constructs, he always said he still enjoyed getting dirty.

Amy relished his large, calloused hands roaming her body. A mischievous grin played on her lips as she grabbed a can of beer from the refrigerator. She sauntered out the kitchen door, and strode down the sloping lawn, with her hips swaying theatrically in her tight Daisy Duke’s.

At the sound of the screen door slamming, his head turned toward her. She had his attention with her firm, pert breasts bouncing suggestively as she walked.

His gunmetal-blue gaze swept over her body.

She shivered with anticipation.

The corners of his mouth turned up, a grin curiously lupine in appearance.

“Thought you might like a cold one, babe.” Amy offered him the beer.

Bryce smiled wider, revealing even white teeth, the lines of his unshaven face an alluring masculine contrast. He reached for the can.

Amy pulled it back, holding it between her breasts as she slid her hand into her shorts.

His expression morphed from curious to aroused. His nostrils flared, muscles visibly tensed.

She dipped her fingers into her moist panties and between the folds of her sex. She shuddered over the provocative, erotic sensations, but never let her gaze waver. Removing her hand, Amy traced her moisture over the rim, popped the tab, and handed the beer to him.

Bryce brought the can to his lips. His tongue darted over the dewy metal before swallowing.

She sucked in her breath under his intense gaze.

He placed the can on an upturned log, his jaw clenching.

With anxiety rolling in her stomach, Amy watched in silence, waiting for her husband to give voice to her churning thoughts. The look in his eyes told Amy she’d surprised him.

Would he let her have her way?

Emboldened, she pressed against him. The full impact of her seduction manifested itself. Every hard line and angle of his body seemed to bulge with heat. Without breaking eye contact, Amy reached up and drew his lips to hers.

Curiosity, mixed with passion, flared in his eyes. He didn’t resist, didn’t blink.

 * * *
Razor is available Sizzler Editions!

Curious about Margie Church?

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  1. Fantastic interview with two very sexy authors. Hot hot hot

  2. Thank you Savannah~most kind of you to drop by!

    I'm pleased Nichelle hosted us today. Brave lady, 'cuz you never know what's happen when Margie and i are around!

  3. Holy smokes! That was one fun interview. I love the way Margie Church & K.B. Cutter keeps the conversation fun in all. Add Nichelle, and oh my let the fun roll out! Great work and what a steamy excerpt!

  4. Hey Savannah and Ray! Thanks for coming by. KB and I have a lot of fun together. There's definitely always laughter and naughty teasing. I think Nichelle fits right in. Enjoy the book!

  5. Blue corset, garter belt, pantyhose and matching stilettos. Work boots and a thong. Ok, after I read what people were wearing for this interview, I decided to get buck-ass naked to read the whole thing. It didn't make sense for there to be any unnecessary clothing interfering with my reading enjoyment.

    Well, I certainly enjoyed myself - in more ways than one. The interview was sexy and fun. The blurb for the book revved my engine and the excerpt pushed me over the edge. I'm wondering what she would have done with a long neck bottle of beer.

    Well done Nichelle, Margie and K.B. - Muwah

  6. LOL Benjamin. I think you need to read the book to get the rest of the story. Thanks for the visit.

  7. Thanks for stopping by, Ray. This is the joint to let loose and have fun.

    Good company!

    Benjamin-I like how you think, sir. Man after my own heart! Most pleased you enjoyed the excerpt to Razor!

    Hmm. Long neck beer. Stay tuned for the sequel....

  8. Hey K.B., did you notice Nichelle is drinking an Appletini? Inside joke Nichelle, but I bet that made KB laugh. When I included that drink in Razor Our editor wrote in the margins something to the effect of what a retarded sounding drink. LOL He's a bourbon guy like I am, but the drink suggestion was mine. I left it in.

  9. @Savannah, when are YOU coming on??

    @Ray, Thank you so much, I'm thrilled you enjoyed the menage...I mean interview. :-)

    @Benjamin, somehow, I don't think you need much provocation to get butt-ass naked! Thank you for coming by. ;-)

    @Margie - Ha ha! I do love a good one. ;-) You and KB must come back when the sequel comes out!!



    1. We'd love to come back and sully your reputation any old time.

  10. This was great thanks for inviting me~~~Ellen

    1. You're so welcome, Ellen. Glad you enjoyed your time with us.

  11. Great interview! Really enjoyed the witty banter and flow that is very apparent between Margie and KB. loved the book, read it in no time flat,lol!and I am looking forward to the next one too! Now get to writing you two!;)

  12. Thank you one and all for taking the time to stop by. Nichelle's digs lends itself to having a fab time. Great comments. Cool peeps.

    Yvette- THANK YOU! I'm flattered beyond words you devoured Razor!

    I'm tad late in announcing the winners. Work. Home. Church. I'll let you ponder the innuendos.

    Benjamin- I'd like to send ya the HOT poster of of the cover art for Razor. I'll get in contact with you off loop.

    Yvette- Since you snapped up Razor and enjoyed it, I'd like to offer you any of my titles on my back list. Drop me a line @ or Facebook.

    And big hug and kisses to Nichelle for hosting us!!!

    Thank you!


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