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Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Dahlia DeWinters!

NG: I’m welcoming Dahlia DeWinters on Simply Sexy Stories! Hi, Dahlia!

DD: Hi, Nichelle!!! Nice to be here!

NG: It's a pleasure to have you! Let’s start with some Dahlia DeWinters trivia questions!

DD: Oh, these are always the ones that trip me up. ;)

NG: lol You'll do just fine. What’s your favorite time of day?

DD: Evening. After the little ones are in bed and I can finally hear myself think. Plus, it’s dark outside and I can huddle with my laptop without feeling I’m wasting precious daylight hours where I should be outside enjoying the sunlight. I’m a night owl.

NG: What’s your favorite place to write?

DD: In my office. With the door shut and a sign on the outside “Do not disturb. Really, don’t do it!”

NG: What’s favorite season?

DD: Winter. I like cold and snow and the fact that it gets dark early. As I said, I’m a night owl. Nothing beats bundling up on a cold winter night and typing into the wee hours.

NG: I am too and I agree! What’s your favorite thing about autumn?

DD: It’s on the way to winter….ah, and, you can drink hard cider.

NG: Mmmm. Yum! What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for love?

DD: Driven six hours one way for a visit.

NG: Highway to sweet! What’s the wildest place a story idea has struck you?

DD: The wildest place? The grocery store. Though my mind usually tends to shut down in that circumstance (Grocery shopping is NOT my favorite chore) some part of it must have been awake and working.

NG: What are you reading right now?

DD: Many Waters by Madeline L’Engle. A time travel story taking place around the Great Flood. *snaps fingers* That guy, what’s his name? Oh, yeah, Noah. He’s in it.

NG: Do you have an e-reader? If so, tell me whether it was easy or difficult to adjust to reading digital books. Do you prefer paperbacks?

DD: I do have a Nook. I like the convenience of being able to download a book and have a number of them at my fingertips. I usually read two to three books at a time, depending on my mood. The transition to an e-reader wasn’t difficult, but I do miss folding down the corners of a paperback book to mark my place. I tend to go back and forth between paperbacks and the Nook.

NG: You’ve been captured and your captor tells you to choose either an infinite supply of your favorite drink, MP3 player or your e-reader...which one would you choose? :)

DD: I’d choose my e-reader, because there’s an app on there for music. Plus, too much Coca-Cola isn’t good for anyone….

NG: LOL! What do you think is the biggest misconception about females writing in this genre?

DD: I think the perception is that we sit around in pink fluffy bathrobes, typing away at our pink laptops, stopping only to feed our fluffy white cats and toy dogs, when that is not the case. I’ve got an American Bulldog snoring and pooting away while I type…either that or little ones tapping at the office door asking “what are you doing in there?” Between that and the bouts of self-doubt, it’s a crazy life. Would I stop? Not a chance.

NG: :) What genre(s) do you write and why?

DD: I write multicultural erotic romance. Sometimes it’s fantasy, contemporary or paranormal, but it’s always been romance. Why? Because we all need a little romance in our lives and who can deny that sex isn’t fun?

NG: Indeed, Dahlia! Why are you drawn to writing romance?

DD: Writing romance came naturally to me. Love and relationships make the world go around and I want to offer my view on how these relationships have their ups and downs.

NG: Do the people in your life know about your writing? Are they supportive? 

DD: Oh, my. My husband is quite supportive with my writing endeavors. He enjoys a lot of the …research. A small group of trusted friends know. The others? Eh. To them I’m just a boring stay-at-home mom. I think I like it that way, though. It’s like I have a superhero secret identity.

NG: Ha! What advice would you give to inspiring authors interested in penning successful erotic romances?

DD: Silence your inner critic and keep reading. Read in and out of your genre. Keep learning about writing. Buy a book on writing. Buy a book on writing romance. Take courses. Read articles. Above all, keep writing, even when you think you’ve had enough of the torture.

NG: That's great advice! Okay, let's talk about your writing. Describe your writing process...are you a careful plotter or laid back pantster?

DD: I’m an insane plotter…who sometimes ends up pantsing. It’s frustrating, especially when you think “But I PLANNED this out so well…” and the characters take you in a different direction. It’s like a road trip. I know I want to reach Los Angeles, but while I carefully plot along the interstate highways, my characters want to ride on scenic Route 66 part of the way.

NG: How many hours a day do you try to commit to your manuscript?

DD: I do wordage rather than hours. I try for one thousand words a day. If school is in session, I’m able to do more.

NG: What’s your biggest distraction from focusing on your writing?

DD: Three children under the age of 10, a husband and a dog. Oh, and during the season, football. Lots of football. 

NG: Oh, yeah, you've got distractions galore! What are you working on for 2012?

DD: Right now, I’m working on an apocalyptic-type story as well as a zombie-themed one, but who knows what else will pop up by the end of the year.

NG: That's awesome! Let's talk about your latest release The Wisest Maiden.

NG: What’s The Wisest Maiden about?

DD: The story is about a peasant girl who is forced into marriage with a king, who takes virgins, marries them and kills them before they can betray him with another man. Obviously, he has issues. His first wife did a bit of a number on him.

NG: LOL! I love the premise. What inspired you to pen this story?

DD: 1001 Arabian nights. I started to think…what if she didn’t tell stories, but tried to avoided being executed by simply using her wits? And thus the story was born.

NG: So cool! Give me three reasons readers will love The Wisest Maiden.

DD: The heroine, despite her tender age, is both smart and, for lack of a better word, tough. She plays a part, knowing that any moment things can come crashing down on her. Second, there is a sinfully sensual king and a lovely palace. Third, the two of them have great chemistry, even though they both try to deny it.

NG: What's the one thing readers can always count on when picking up one of your books?

DD: They can count on a little humor and a lot of passion.

NG: Thank you so much for coming on Simply Sexy Stories, Dahlia! Best wishes for all your endeavors in 2012!

DD: Thanks, Nichelle, I enjoyed myself. Love the blog, love the layout!

NG: Thank you, Dahlia! Come back anytime! :)
Blurb: Betrayed by his first wife, King Toridesh gives his new brides no chance to deceive him. After he marries a virgin of his choosing and consummates the marriage, he has them killed.

As an only child, Issalia has been sheltered by her parents in an attempt to shield her from their king’s murderous intent. When her mother falls ill, Issalia refuses to allow their market-stall be closed for the day, knowing this one day of income stands between them and poverty.

While in disguise, the king spies the lovely Issalia in the marketplace and takes her as his next bride. Will Issalia succumb to the fate of the virgin brides before her, or will she be able to break the king’s curse?

Super Sexy Excerpt Below:
Her long hair tickled his chest as she rotated her hips, each subtle movement bringing him agonizing pleasure. He imagined he could feel her heat through the thin layers of silk and cotton she wore.

“Issalia.” He strained against his silken bonds. “Are you planning on doing this for the rest of the evening?” He attempted to give her a stern look. “We have other business.”

“That is true,” she said, sliding off his lap.

He closed his eyes for a moment at the loss of the exquisite pressure on his cock and opened them to find her loosening the waistband of her skirt. He was surprised she would give in so easily, considering how hard she had fought him the previous days. She simply cannot resist me, even if it means death.

When she straddled him again, naked except for her jewelry and body painting, which he so craved to smear against her skin, he fully expected her to undo his loincloth.

She did not. Instead, she slid up his body until she sat on his chest. He smelled her intoxicating mix of body oil and arousal, which excited him beyond any rational thought.

Rising slightly, she rubbed two fingers between her legs and then touched his lips. He caught her fingers between his lips, licked them while she stared down at him with a dreamy expression. The scent of ylang-ylang and patchouli incense permeated the room, creating an otherworldly environment in which they were the only two inhabitants.

“Would you like to taste me, Desh?” Her full lips barely parted as she whispered the erotic words. “I can give you much more than that.” Her eyes were dark with lust, and he had never seen a woman more beautiful.

“Yes.” He shook his arms. “Untie me so I can pleasure you.”

Issa shook her head once, her lovely bronze waves brushing his chest, teasing his nipples.


“No?” He raised his eyebrows, genuinely surprised. “But you must do as I say. I am the king.”

“You are at my mercy now, Desh.” Sliding her delicate fingers down her taut belly, she touched herself again, circled the tiny nub, the gateway to the treasure he so badly desired. A small moan escaped her throat, and his hips jerked involuntarily, his cock having a mind of its own. Watching her pleasure herself while he lay there helpless beneath her was too much for him to take. “And you must do as I request. I am the queen.” Issa touched his lips again, the scent of her stronger now.

Then she reached behind her and stroked his stiff manhood through his loincloth, and he moaned, his legs shaking against the restraints. He had laughed when she had asked to tie him up, figuring knots tied by a woman would not be strong enough to hold him. He strained, actually strained against his bonds to no avail. Wherever she had learned to tie her knots, she had done an excellent job.

She gave him a seductive smile and edged her way up his body. “Would you like to taste me? Feel me on your tongue? Against your lips?”

“Yes.” His voice was hoarse. “Issa, please. Untie me.”

Using just the tips of her fingers, she drew intricate designs on his skin, and he shuddered under her light touch. She had whipped his nerves to their breaking point. “I think I shall grant your plea. To taste, not to untie.” She leaned forward and gave him an eager, voluptuous kiss, her mouth greedy and hot, sinking her teeth into his bottom lip as he had done to her previously. A fast learner, indeed. “Yes,” her voice was breathless. “I think I shall grant your plea.”

In one lithe movement, she straddled his face, settling her thighs on either side of his ears. He adjusted his arms so she pressed against his face. He exhaled, enchanted by her sweet inner thighs, which were trembling in anticipation.

Issa reached down, the thin gold bracelets tinkling as they slid to her wrists. With one hand, she parted her pussy lips. He felt her tension, the way her body shook as it hovered above his. His tongue darted out and touched the bud of sensitive flesh, and she moaned at the contact, raising herself away from him. He gave a silent curse, thinking if he had his hands free, he would have wrapped his arms around those firm thighs of hers, holding her in place as he caressed her most private place with his tongue until she begged for mercy.

After a bit, she settled back against him, opening herself to him. Desh gave a muffled moan against her wetness, licking and sucking the virgin flesh between her legs with abandon. He rubbed his mouth against her, nudging the tiny nub with his tongue until her moans and cries were without restraint. Her breathing was harsh, the air rasping in and out of her throat, as she ground herself against his face until she shuddered above him, her climax overtaking her.

The Wisest Maiden is available with Liquid Silver Books 

Curious about Dahlia DeWinters?


  1. Great interview ladies. I miss folding down the pages too.

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  3. Hi W. Lynn! Thanks for stopping by. There's nothing like an old, worn paperback is it? The more worn they are, the more loved.

  4. This was a great interview. Sorry it took me so long to get here. I also loved the excerpt! Can't wait to read more.



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