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Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Nikki Prince!

Simply Sexy readers, you're in for a delicious treat this Friday! Nikki Prince has joined me to share a hot excerpt from her latest release Demon Mine!

Blurb: Samael is a fallen angel doomed to repeat his life and love for Liliana Jackson over and over again. That is until she finally remembers who she is and the reason for the curse that has befallen them both. For you see, Liliana was once Lilith the first wife of Adam and the lover of Samael. Are they doomed to keep repeating the past? Or will there be a new future for the reincarnated lovers?

Liliana Jackson sat on the bed in the darkened room. Her breath was ragged as she eagerly waited for her lover to arrive. The need she felt was always instant when she thought of him. The slightest movement of cloth from her sundress scraping over her hard nipples tortured her as her bare pussy dampened. She glanced at the small clock on the wall opposite her bed. It would be only a matter of minutes before he stepped across the threshold.

She tried to be patient and wait. She let out a whimper, trying her best to wait for him, but failing. Slowly, she slipped her dress up her thighs, baring her shaved pussy to the air in the room, parting her legs while she leaned back onto the pillows; her fingers teased along her slit in one smooth stroke. She slid two fingers around her wet entrance, and then leisurely teased her clit. Liliana inched one, then two fingers inside of her drenched folds with a moan. She rocked her hips to push them in deeper as her head fell back against the pillow.

She groaned once more as she neared orgasm. One without him. He'd want to punish her, and she'd welcome it. She loved it when he acted all badass around her. In fact, she wanted it. Even as independent as she had always been, she needed his commanding presence, lust and strength. It fueled all of those things within her as well. His needs fed her needs. Her eyes moved to the door. She grinned. There he stood, leaning against the doorjamb, arms crossed over his muscled chest. He looked angry—the edges of his mouth turned down and narrowed eyes fixed on her undulating body.

“Hello, lover.­” Her words were a raspy purr of arousal.

Samael, her lover and the object of her lusts, filled the doorway with his presence. Samael, with his lithe, muscular body, tattoos on his arms, long, dark hair that fell past his shoulders, and when angry, eyes so dark they were fathomless against his paler skin. He was her dark demon, the possessor of her very being, her soul. He continued to stand there, arms crossed over his chest. Samael’s dark eyes turned hazel as they slowly traveled her body to focus on her fingers, which continued to thrust in and out of her pussy. The change in eye color was a sure sign of his rising lust, a hue she was well acquainted with and wanted … no, craved to see.

"I ordered you to wait, Lili." She heard the impatience in his voice.

Biting back a small moan, she arched her back up off the bed, her eyes still connected with his as her fingers curled to stroke her g-spot.

"You order me to do a lot of things, Sami. I don't always listen."

He gave a low warning snarl. A groan from her was the response he received. He hated when she shortened his name from Samael to Sami. Her eyes moved down his body with leisure, exploring every nuance that made up the fabulous male standing before her. The black t-shirt fit his muscled form well, along with the black jeans that did little to hide his huge hard-on.

"You protest, yet your cock is enjoying the attention I'm giving myself. Seeing as you were late, I thought it would be okay to start without you. Honestly, do you think I would rather have your cock or my fingers?" All the while, her fingers continued to plunge into her tight core, her legs bent on the bed as she arched her back. She splayed her legs out before him so that he saw every thrust.

"Lili, you're just begging to be spanked." She shivered and ran her tongue over her bottom lip. His words sparked more need than fear. His approach was leisurely as he watched her continue to pleasure herself. She moved her free hand between her spread thighs and tugged at her clit. "Stop your fingers now. Remove them or you'll not get what you want from me."

With measured deliberation, Liliana pulled her fingers from her pussy. Keeping her eyes on Samael, she slowly, teasingly licked them clean. His eyes narrowed, and Liliana smirked. "You didn't say I couldn't taste."

"Remove the fucking dress, Lili. Do it quickly, or you will not get a chance to come as you need to. Then get your pretty little ass on your knees and hold on to the headboard." His words quickly wiped the smirk off her face. She didn't say anything as she got to her knees and slipped the sundress off, tossing it to the floor. With one last look of feigned defiance, she turned to settle on her knees with her hands clutched to the headboard. The rustling of his clothing filled the otherwise silent room, and then they were skin to skin. His cock, hard and throbbing, pushed against the crease of her ass as his body pressed close to hers from behind.

Her breath caught in anticipation of his touching her as she craved. She did not say a word. If Liliana tested him, he would follow through on not letting her come. That could not happen; she wanted him bad. A soft mewl slipped from her lips as the head of his cock stroked along her dripping entrance. Her hands tightened on the headboard when he pressed into her. His lips were only an inch from her ear as he spoke with what could only be devilish delight.

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Author Bio:
Nikki Prince is a mother of two, who's always had a dream to be a published author in the romance genre. Her passion lies in raising her children as readers, gaming, cooking, reading and her writing. Her mother can now breathe easy about the child who used to get in trouble because she was hiding books everywhere and reading when it wasn't appropriate. She loves to write Interracial romances in all genres, but wants to let everyone know to not box her in, because there is always room for growth.

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Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Back Wendi Zwaduk!

Getting Hinky with the Classics with Wendi Zwaduk!

I love hanging out with my pal Nichelle Gregory and when she asked me if I wanted to talk about my Clandestine Classic, well, I couldn’t say no! How are you my main gal? 

NG: I'm good. I'm so glad to have you on to talk about your latest and greatest, Wendi!

WZ: I’m thrilled to be here! 

So the Clandestine Classics. Talk about a ton of hoopla! Total-E-Bound chose to take classic books and give them a sexy makeover. The story is the same, but what the characters do between the sheets gets a whole lot spicier. When the subject came up, I jumped at the opportunity to take part. I thought, who doesn’t want to find out what happens when the door closes? I know I did.

I was given a list. Choose a story and make it hot! There were lots of stories to choose from, but the one that really spoke to me was The Phantom of the Opera. Why? I’d loved the story as a younger person and even though I’d never actually read the Gaston Leroux text, I knew enough about it from the Andrew Lloyd Webber show to know there was a lot of potential for heat. And plus, seeing Gerard Butler, one of my many crushes, playing the Phantom... well, that’s what I wanted.

Before I started to play with the heat level, I got a copy of the actual Gaston Leroux text and read through it a bunch of times. Leroux writes totally different from me, so I had to get into his mindset. I had to really learn the characters as well. It’s hard to twiddle with characters the author doesn’t know. The other HUGE thing I had to do was get used to the terminology and the clothing of the time. I couldn’t say he pulled her panties down, or ripped her thong when they didn’t have such things back then. I also couldn’t say he unzipped her gown when they didn’t have zippers in them at the time. So yeah, a lot of research went into my version.

I took my time and wove the sex into the story the way I thought it would go. I hope you agree. Grin. But in addition to the hardships of keeping with the author’s voice and the clothing, there was another issue that came into play. Did I change the text?

No. The Gaston Leroux story is all there. It just got hotter. How? And did I fiddle with the ending? I’ve had a lot of people ask me if the Phantom gets to play in my version. I didn’t change the ultimate outcome of the story. Why? Gaston Leroux, to my knowledge, didn’t write alternate endings, so I couldn’t either. But I did get the chance to give the characters, even some secondary ones, time to play. My favorite one to write was the scene where Carlotta gets the letter warning her not to perform. Instead of being a diva eating chocolates in her bedroom, she’s eating chocolates and having her man servant eating her out! It’s a saucy little twist that doesn’t change the text of her getting/reading the note, but it makes it hotter!

Are you interested? Want to know more about the Clandestine Classic version? 

Well, here’s a little about The Phantom of the Opera:
The Classics Exposed…

A chance sighting at the Opera, fated love, and three lives in turmoil.

One man pledges to own her, while another wants her heart. The Opera sets the stage for romance and intrigue. In the catacombs below the building lives a man rife with sorrow and passion. The Phantom. But he’s not content to live alone. He wants to possess the one woman who can set him free.

His Christine.

Viscount Raoul de Chagny doesn’t believe the rumours of a Ghost living below the Opera. He only has eyes for Christine, his childhood friend and first love. Together they embark on a sensual journey of discovery and fiery desire.

But she can only have one man. Will love raise her up or tear their world apart? 


Phantom of the Opera is available now!

Want to know more about Wendi Zwaduk? Here you go:

I always dreamt of writing the stories in my head. Tall, dark, and handsome heroes are my favorites, as long as he has an independent woman keeping him in line. I earned a BA in education at Kent State University and currently hold a Masters in Education with Nova Southeastern University.

I love NASCAR, romance, books in general, Ohio farmland, dirt racing, and my menagerie of animals. I also write under the pen name of Megan Slayer. I’m published with Total-E-Bound, Changeling Press, Liquid Silver Books, Turquoise Morning Press, Decadent Publishing and The Wild Rose Press. Come join me for this fantastic journey!

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Get Drenched Panties For Free This Weekend!!

Oh, la la! Now until Sunday, Drenched Panties will be FREE! Add some sexy, hot, wet fun to your weekend and snatch it up now! What are you waiting for? Get Drenched Panties while it's FREE and enjoy the opening scene from Vitamin P which I've also included! Both books are ready and waiting to pleasure your senses...


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Vitamin P Is Now Available!!

Imagine a pill that would heighten your desire and arousal. Imagine a pill that would guarantee a climax from the merest of touches from your lover.

Nisa discovers just how well
Vitamin P works in my hot new release! Get your dose NOW! 

Vitamin P is now available with Amazon!!

Here's the blurb once more:

Inhibitions slip away and pent-up desires are explored when a pretty, but shy scientist takes a libido-enhancing trial drug her team has been working on!
A brilliant, driven scientist, Nisa devotes her time to her work in the lab. Frustrated with her inability to orgasm or enjoy sex, Nisa is personally vested in the outcome of her team’s latest case study of Vitamin P, a female libido-enhancing pill. She recklessly takes more than the prescribed dosage of the drug upon overhearing Ryce and Eric, her two closest male friends and fellow scientists joking about her sexless appeal. The pill unleashes powerful, hidden desires within Nisa and she revels in it orgasmic effects. Her insatiable cravings lead her into the arms of both men. However, once the pill wears off Nisa wonders if love and friendship can survive in the aftermath of her relentless passion.

Click the link below if you missed the extended smoldering hot excerpt here on my blog.

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Hot New Release Coming Soon! - Vitamin P by Nichelle Gregory

Inhibitions slip away and pent-up desires are explored when a pretty, but shy scientist takes a libido-enhancing trial drug her team has been working on!

A brilliant, driven scientist, Nisa devotes her time to her work in the lab. Frustrated with her inability to orgasm or enjoy sex, Nisa is personally vested in the outcome of her team’s latest case study of Vitamin P, a female libido-enhancing pill. She recklessly takes more than the prescribed dosage of the drug upon overhearing Ryce and Eric, her two closest male friends and fellow scientists joking about her sexless appeal. The pill unleashes powerful, hidden desires within Nisa and she revels in it orgasmic effects. Her insatiable cravings lead her into the arms of both men. However, once the pill wears off Nisa wonders if love and friendship can survive in the aftermath of her relentless passion.

Exclusive Simply Sexy Excerpt Below:

There it was…a twisting arc of pleasure in her lower belly. Her eyes widened as it blossomed, widened, and sank lower.


She was getting wet simply from the way Ryce said her name. Embarrassed, Nisa cleared her throat and crossed her arms across her chest. The movement made her nipples harden instantly.

It was happening.

“Seriously, are you all right?” Ryce frowned as he studied her. “You look flushed.”

“I’m fine. This ten-hour day is just catching up with me,” Nisa finally replied, aware of her hot face.

She squeezed her thighs together and gasped as the slimmest shimmer of an orgasm lit through her body. The teasing tendrils of bliss spread through her blood like wildfire, drenching her panties as Ryce continued to stare at her. Nisa was shocked by the physical manifestations of the drug. Unbelievably, it felt like she could climax right in front of Ryce if she simply squeezed her thighs together one more time.

“Yeah, me too,” Ryce said, turning his attention back to his monitor.

Nisa breathed a sigh of relief, not wanting to move with him looking at her.

With a cautious step, she walked toward the lab doors. Her clit felt super sensitive, her nipples were hard, and her pulse was racing. She stepped into the hallway, grateful no one was around or in the bathroom when she entered. Moving toward the mirror, Nisa stared at her reflection under the harsh fluorescent lights. Her French twist still looked as neat as it had when she’d left her place ten hours ago. She unbuttoned her lab coat, and her gaze was drawn to the outline of her breasts in her gray blouse. She spared no expense on high-end lingerie. Buying it had always been a guilty pleasure. The lightly padded bra she wore was designed to minimize her D cup breasts.

Nisa had always been embarrassed of her chest size as an awkward teenager. Growing up, she hadn’t embraced the unwanted attention her breasts received. She had never figured out how to flirt or use her feminine wiles like her female counterparts. In her profession, brains, not beauty, were celebrated, an aspect she’d always liked.

Until now.

Right now, she couldn’t wait to come out of her lacy white bra. Without even thinking, Nisa shrugged out of her lab coat, unbuttoned her blouse, and pulled down the soft fabric of her bra cups to expose her breasts. Her fingers plucked at her hard nipples, and a small moan escaped from between her lips. A whipcord of pleasure tightened around her body as she flicked her nipples harder and watched herself in the mirror. It felt so good to touch her breasts, but it was not enough to assuage the building need for a release.

She needed…wanted more. Much more.

Nisa glanced at the bathroom door. The odds of another woman walking in at the moment were low, but there was still a chance. She didn’t care. She needed to come right now.

“This is crazy.” Her soft voice echoed in the bathroom.

It was late, and her team was usually the last to leave the building. Reassured, Nisa hiked up her black skirt, exposing her thigh high stockings secured by her favorite garter belt and her white thong. She touched the damp spot on the front of her panties and hissed in a sharp breath. Still watching herself in the mirror, Nisa pulled the wet fabric aside and stared at her trimmed mound.

She moved forward, lifted her leg and placed her knee on the bathroom countertop. The position gave her more access to play. Her palm skimmed over the landing strip of soft ebony curls and delved into her pussy.


She was so turned on she moaned again as she played in her wetness, captivated by her own erotic reflection. She caressed her drenched folds, teasing her clit while tugging on her nipples with her other hand. Her heartbeat thudded in her ears. She stroked faster, swirling her finger around her clit. Her breathy pants become more frantic. She couldn’t believe what she was doing. The woman in the mirror was not her…not with her legs spread wide and the pure look of lust on her face.

Nisa closed her eyes, lost in a haze of bliss, uncaring about anything else. She came hard with a soft cry, trembling with shock and delight as the waves of her orgasm washed over her. Her eyelids fluttered up, and she bit her lip to keep from crying out again while she struggled to breathe normally.

For a few moments, Nisa just looked at her reflection in the mirror. She didn’t recognize the wanton woman staring back at her. Her gaze was drawn again to her erect nipples and the dark chocolate skin of her areolas. She rubbed her palm across the tips of her breasts and whimpered when a powerful orgasmic aftershock ripped through her.

She pulled her slick fingers from her pussy, lifted them to her nose, and breathed in the heady scent of her own arousal. Her eyes shifted back from her wet fingers to the mirror.

It was unbelievable.

She’d just climaxed within a matter of minutes with no toy…no man.

© Nichelle Gregory
Vitamin P will be available Sept. 20th with Amazon!

So, would you take Vitamin P? No harmful side effects, just plenty of pleasure. Tell me, I want to know. One lucky commenter will win a copy before it's released!

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Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes H K Carlton!

NG: I’m welcoming H K Carlton on Simply Sexy Stories! Hi, H K!

HC: Hi Nichelle, it’s great to be here.

NG: Let’s start with some H K Carlton trivia questions! 
What’s your favorite time of day? 

HC: Noon. I am not a morning person. The family just tiptoes around me until it’s safe. It takes me all that time to feel human.

NG: Ha! I can relate to that! What’s your favorite place to write?

HC: In bed, with the laptop. But it’s not often that I get to do that.

NG: Me too, H C! What’s favorite season?

HC: I like spring because everything is alive and new again and the temps are not too hot.

NG: What’s your favorite thing about autumn?

HC: The cooler weather and the leaves changing colour. (Yes, I spelled colour with a u. (I’m Canadian, eh!) LOL

NG: :) What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for love?

HC: I left everything that ever mattered to me. I left my family, my friends, the town that I grew up in for my entire life up until that point, and I high-tailed it all the way across the country, right out of high school, for love.

NG: Awww...that's so romantic! What’s the wildest place a story idea has struck you?

HC: I was on a rooftop. (And I won’t tell you what I was doing up there)

NG: Hmmm...I could guess. ;-) What are you reading right now?

HC: I am reading Marian Lanouette’s, If I Fail (A Jake Carrington Mystery) at the moment and I’m loving it.

NG: Do you have an e-reader? If so, tell me whether it was easy or difficult to adjust to reading digital books. Do you prefer paperbacks?

HC: I don’t currently own an e-reader but if this writing gig works out, it is the first purchase I plan to make. So for the moment, I still prefer paperback.

NG: You’ve been captured and your captor tells you to choose either an infinite supply of your favorite drink, MP3 player or your e-reader...which one would you choose? :)

HC: Well, I don’t have an MP3 and I haven’t yet purchased an e-reader, so I’m going with… an infinite supply of Mike’s Hard Lemonade. And I might even attempt to coerce my captor into having a few with me.

NG: LOL! What do you think is the biggest misconception about females writing in this genre?

HC: I think people are under the misguided perception that we have sex all the time or that we are experts on the subject. That just because we write about it, we’ve actually experienced all these shocking and wonderful things that we write about. Sometimes its just imagination. And sometimes its not!

NG: What genre(s) do you write and why?

HC: Erotic romance, historical romance, and contemporary romance. I’m also working on a family saga series. I like a little of everything. That’s why I chose to name my blog Pick a Genre Already, because I bounce around. I’m the same when I read. I’m all over the genres.

NG: Why are you drawn to writing romance?

HC: I think because I’ve always craved that epic kind of love. I blame my parents for that. They had that kind of love. I think I am drawn to it because I want the fairy tale; the happy ending. The ‘I’ve loved you forever and life times before’ kind. Classic Cinderella syndrome, I guess. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need or want to be rescued but I would like to be someone’s one and only; for all time. And I want that person to feel the same in return. It might sound unrealistic and perhaps it is; but I guess that’s why I write. Anything’s possible within the pages.

NG: Do the people in your life know about your writing? Are they supportive?

HC: There are only a handful of people who know about my writing or that I’ve even been published. A few of them are extremely supportive. If not for them, I would have stopped trying. They were especially supportive when I was discouraged.

NG: What advice would you give to inspiring authors interested in penning successful erotic romances?

HC: Don’t give up. Keep trying. If you get rejected do the research, do the work, make it better until they take notice. Once you’ve made it better, if you get rejected again, send it somewhere else. I have found that eventually if the work is good, it will appeal to someone and it will eventually find a home.

NG: That's great advice, H C. Okay, let's talk about your writing. Describe your writing process...are you a careful plotter or laid back pantster?

HC: I guess I am a laid back pantster. I go with the flow. I let the characters have free reign and see where they want to go. They lead me. I used to write all my work down long hand from start to finish and then I could do a first edit as I was typing it out. But I don’t have time to do that anymore. I only write things down if an idea strikes me and I don’t have access to a computer.

NG: Wow! I'm even more impressed with your completed, published book. How many hours a day do you try to commit to your manuscript?

HC: Lately, not enough. I’ve just finished edits on a historical romance that I have coming out in February 2013 called You Found Me and I also just signed a new contract for my second historical romance slated for an April 2013 release. I’ve also been learning how to tweet and blog. The whole other promotional side of trying to be an author has taken up a lot of time. But when I do write, that’s all I want to do. I don’t want to stop to eat or sleep, do laundry or make supper. I don’t want real life to interfere. How dare it!

NG: I feel the same way. What’s your biggest distraction from focusing on your writing?

HC: Twitter is extremely distracting!

NG: LOL! What are you working on for 2012?

HC: The family saga series that I mentioned. It was my New Year’s resolution to have that series done and ready to submit by the end of the year. It is now September and I have not had time to get back to it, with all the other great things that have come about. I also need to finish up a contemporary romance that has taken the back burner for some months.

NG: You're a busy lady! Let's talk about your latest release Swap. What’s this hot tale all about?

HC: Swap is about, a successful, married journalist, named Hailey, who has a massive crush on her incredibly hot brother-in-law, Mike.

NG: Mmmm...what inspired you to pen this story?

HC: (Smiling) Let me just say that I do have a brother-in-law.

NG: :) Give me three reasons readers will love Swap.

HC: I hope readers will love Swap because I think at one time or another each and every one of us has wanted something or someone that we can’t have or that we know is bad for us. So we don’t pursue that something or someone. And then we look back on it one day and regret it. Hailey explores her options for better or worse, right or wrong.

NG: What's the one thing readers can always count on when picking up one of your books?

HC: Hopefully a happy ending. Although, Swap might not be the happy ending readers might expect.

NG: Thank you so much for coming on Simply Sexy Stories, H K! Best wishes for all your endeavors in 2012!

HC: Thank you so much for hosting me today, Nichelle. It’s been a blast!
Blurb: When Hailey Hollinger was eighteen she thought her boyfriend, Brent, was the best-looking guy around. That was until he introduced her to his older brother, Mike. From that moment on she had the biggest crush on him and he became the star of all her teenage fantasies.

Hailey’s all grown up now and has been married to Brent for three years. They have great careers, a nice house — they enjoy life and each other. Everything is supposed to be perfect. Except for that pesky little infatuation with her husband’s brother has never completely gone away.

A crush, by nature and definition is supposed to be short-lived and should diminish over time. But, unfortunately for Hailey, it hasn’t, and it is beginning to mess with what she thinks should be perfection. And if her life is so great, why does she then find herself groping her brother-in-law in the cab of his truck like some sex-starved teenager? And the biggest question yet —why is he groping her right back?

Caution! Super Sexy Excerpt Below:
He turned to face me and, to my surprise, he reached out and tucked my hair behind my ear. “You’re really lame, ya know?” He laughed at my expense.

“And the eighties lines are alive and well. I know I’m lame, but you love me anyway,” I tossed his words from earlier back at him.

His smile slipped. “Yeah. I do.”

Something in his voice made every body part I owned turn liquid. In my head, I rushed to tell myself that he meant ‘like a brother’ and that he’d had a few beers, but his next words stopped my thought process cold.

“You might be the only thing I’ve ever envied about my little brother.”

He moved his hand to the side of my neck and grazed my cheek with his thumb. Then his lips were there, hovering in front of mine as if he were seeking permission. My senses swam with the possibilities. I pounced, seizing what might be my only opportunity to kiss him. I didn’t hold back — he experienced the full-on, ravenous impact of years of worship and sexual fantasies that had run the gamut from sweet, innocent, eighteen-year-old’s kisses to the tantalizing nocturnal fantasy that I’d created just the night before.

I flattened my chest against his, trying to get inside his coat. He spun me around and nudged me onto the seat of the truck. I didn’t want to separate from his lips, afraid that if we lost contact, he would call a halt to this. So I fisted my hands into his shirt and hauled him in after me, opening my legs and welcoming him towards my heat. I crabbed toward the driver’s side, hitting the steering lever and pushed the wheel up to give us a little extra room. He was not a small man. The thought shot another little thrill through my already highly sensitized body.

He reached backward with one arm, trying to close the door, but I pulled him towards me with all my strength. I wanted to get as much as I could before he put a stop to this. I knew he would. He was too nice a guy to let this happen. What did that say about me?

“Let me get the door,” he said against my mouth, his breathing choppy and heavy.

I released him for long enough that he could reach behind him. The door clicked and I didn’t even have to coax him back — he was there and kissing me as I strained to get closer to him. I could feel his erection digging into my wet heat through my jeans. I rubbed my aching cunt shamelessly over his rock-hard cock. I couldn’t stop the sounds of need that kept erupting from the back of my throat. I wanted him more than I’d ever wanted anything, and at this very moment I didn’t care about anything else. Not Brent. Not Cheryl. Not even the fact that I was probably making a fool of myself. There was one thing on my mind, and that was getting him into my body.

I pulled at the bottom of his T-shirt, moving it up his chest as he pushed at mind, his large, warm palm passing over my ribs. Skin met skin, but it wasn’t enough for me. I let him push my T all the way up, exposing my bra. He smoothed his hand over me, cupping my breast. I pushed myself into his hand. My nipple pearled in his palm. He gave me a soft squeeze as he hunted around back for the hooks, but my bra had a front clasp. I made a protest into his mouth as I directed this hand back around to the front. He undid my bra, setting my breast free, and he moved his mouth from my lips, down my neck, finally fastening around my nipple.

I moaned at the sensation, arching my back, giving him full access. He growled in return and I wanted to laugh out loud. This was incredible. He swirled his tongue, making me tighten even more — not only my nipple, but deep down inside me. The sensation of his lips and tongue around my breast coupled with his erection pulsing between my legs. I could almost imagine he was inside me. If not for the goddamn clothes between us, he would be. I wanted it. I wanted it now.

Swap is available now with Total E-Bound Publishing!
Buy it HERE!

Curious about H K Carlton?
Check out her website:

Author Bio:
H K Carlton lives in Canada with her hard-working hubby and three amazing children. She loves to read and write and is learning to blog and tweet. She is also a sports nut. HK is currently working on a family saga series and a contemporary romance.

You can follow her on Twitter:


Have you ever gone ahead and done something you knew was wrong? Did you regret your decision or was it the right move for you? Share your story and you could win a copy of Swap by H K Carlton, Hidden Heat by Amy Valenti or Taken By Surprise by me!!

C'mon...don't be shy. Tell all below! A winner(s) will be randomly selected by Friday, Sept. 14th!

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Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Marcos London!

NG: Welcome to Fast Five with Marcos London! Hey, Marcos!

ML: Hey, Nichelle, and thanks for having me. I’m thrilled to be here.

NG: Tell me what Fresh Meat is all about?

ML: Fresh Meat is about a woman recently separated from her husband who meets a young organic delivery boy. It’s set in Central Texas, an area with which I am very familiar.

NG: Organic deliver boy...hmmm. I love it! Why did you want to write this story?

ML: I was invited to write a story for a cougar anthology which is no longer in print at the moment, and had no ideas on hand. Then I thought of a local organic grocery delivery company that sends fresh meat and produce about once every two weeks, and added bits and pieces of individuals I either knew or have met. After that, the story wrote itself.

NG: *whispering* You aren't supposed to admit people in your life inspire fictional events in your books. LOL

How did you decided on the title for this book?

ML: The story might have written itself, but the title was more of a challenge. Beyond a few very generic titles which littered my trash can I couldn’t decide on one for the longest time. Then about halfway through writing the initial draft I just thought of what would be written on the side of the delivery person’s truck and tried that. It fit.

NG: Fresh Meat is a memorable title. You did good! What do you think readers will love is about this tale?

ML: A lot of is touching and quite funny. I think the characters are engaging and enjoyable, and according to one of my editors, the love scenes are very hot.

NG: Sweet! What can readers look forward to next from Marcos London?

ML: I’ve just signed a contract to re-release Academia Heat, my first published tale, with Secret Cravings.

NG: Congrats! Thank you so much for stopping by, Marcos! I wish you all the best with this release and all your future endeavors!

ML: Thanks so much. I appreciate being here. 

NG: Come back anytime, Marcos. I appreciate fresh organic delights!

Blurb: Robin Dahl has left the West Coast for a small Central Texas town hoping for a fresh start and a new life, though her soon-to-be-ex-husband Liam still pesters her. And that life is changing. As her neighbor Adrian slowly brings her out of her shell, she finds herself attracted to the twentysomething Chris, an organic grocery delivery man. Though she doesn’t consider herself “on the market,” she certainly finds him enticing enough to pursue, even at Adrian’s suggestion that Chris is gay, and so Adrian proposes a bet. Can she catch him? And if so, would she be truly ready?

Caution! Super Sexy Excerpt Below:
Robin examined at the shiny trifold paper, the green-and-blue design of the earth across a tan background. She looked him up and down and raised an eyebrow. “Do you always wear cargo shorts? It’s all I’ve ever seen on you.”

Chris smiled, a genuine, warm smile that caused butterflies to bat in Robin’s chest. “I could ask you the same question. You’re wearing the same wife-beater and cowboy hat as when I first met you.” He squinted, looking her over. “Yeah, that’s exactly the same outfit you were wearing when I met you. You were wearing the same thing in the Beanery, too. Tank top, cutoff shorts.” He put his hands in his pockets. “Not that I’m complaining. You look good in it.”

Robin’s lip found its way between her teeth. Excitement pooled below her belly. Her embarrassment she felt had disappeared. The opportunity’s here, she told herself. Why wait until Friday?

“It’s not exactly the same outfit.” She hooked her thumb around the strap of her tank top and pulled it aside, just far enough for Chris to see the slightly freckled flesh beneath. “No bra.”

His eyebrow raised, and his head tilted slightly. A lock of hair dropped across his face, tingeing his open face with a roguish quality, a quality increased by the half-smile turning up the corner of his mouth. “Yeah?”

Robin’s chin dipped once in a slight nod. “And that’s not all,” she continued, tugging at the waistband of her shorts and exposing her hipbone. “No panties, either.”

His heated gaze traveled from her hip and up her stomach to her full breasts and back to her face. “Maybe it’s not, then,” Chris said, his voice low and brimming with desire. “But I’m guessing you’d look good in anything.” Though baggy, the front of his cargo shorts began to swell.

Robin looked around at the other houses—no people, not even a passing car—before she returned his lust-filled stare and grabbed the front of his shirt. “And better out.”

She pulled him inside, shutting the door by pushing him against it with her body and kissing him. She held his face in place as she hungrily nibbled his lips, her tongue rolling over one and then the other, truly surprised by her own boldness. For a brief instant she worried that she had come on too strong, too impulsively, a fear that completely disappeared when he wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her against him, her breasts crushed against his chest and his growing erection pressing against her stomach.

Chris pulled Robin’s hair hard enough to force her head back, exposing her neck and kissing the hollow of her throat, eliciting a low moan from her. He cupped her breast and kissed the swell above the neckline of her tank top, two fingers pinching the nipple that had shrunk to a nub beneath the fabric. Robin pulled his shirt over his head and kissed her way down his torso, her tongue lapping at his nipple and down his hairless chest and stomach to his crotch.

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Drenched Panties by Nichelle Gregory - Extended Sneak Peek!

"I've been your trainer for over a year. You know I don't wanna hear excuses."

He moved behind her, holding her gaze in the reflection of the mirror.

"I know," Nicki breathed.

She snuck a look between her legs and was mortified to see a wet spot. A million possible excuses to cut their session short raced through her head. She wanted to get away from Ryan before she truly embarrassed herself.

"You know what, I am sick."

"Bullshit." Ryan said.

Startled by his tone, Nicki whipped around to look at his face.


Ryan stepped close enough for her to smell his soap. He always smelled so fresh, even when he was sweaty. His green eyes held hers as she backed up against the mirror.

"You're not sick, Nicki," Ryan replied.

His eyes scanned over her body, moved over her breasts and lingered on the damp spot between her legs.

"I'm not?" She asked in a weak voice, leaning her head back against the mirror.

Something hot and predatory flashed in Ryan’s eyes, making her legs weak as she stared at him.

"You need to be fucked."

Time stood still with his words hanging in the air between.

How could she deny it when he was staring at the evidence?

"I know how long it's been for you, Nicki. I don't know how you resisted fucking this long. You have such a beautiful body."

Her eyes widened in surprise and delight. She briefly wondered if she were daydreaming. Never in a million years would she have imagined Ryan uttering any of the words she’d just heard from him.


"What? I love your body. You shouldn't have to suffer from denying yourself the pleasure of enjoying sex. What you need is a release and I'd love to give it to you."

For the first time, Nicki's gaze moved from Ryan's face to the impressive outline of his cock protruding from his shorts.

She wanted him to give it to her.

"May I do that for you, Nicki?"

His question unfurled a hunger within her she’d never experienced before.

Nicki released a shuddering breath. “Yes.”

© Nichelle Gregory

-From Vanilla Virgin in Drenched Panties

~ ~ ~ ~

Drenched Panties is available now with Amazon!

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