Sunday, September 2, 2012

Drenched Panties by Nichelle Gregory - Extended Sneak Peek!

"I've been your trainer for over a year. You know I don't wanna hear excuses."

He moved behind her, holding her gaze in the reflection of the mirror.

"I know," Nicki breathed.

She snuck a look between her legs and was mortified to see a wet spot. A million possible excuses to cut their session short raced through her head. She wanted to get away from Ryan before she truly embarrassed herself.

"You know what, I am sick."

"Bullshit." Ryan said.

Startled by his tone, Nicki whipped around to look at his face.


Ryan stepped close enough for her to smell his soap. He always smelled so fresh, even when he was sweaty. His green eyes held hers as she backed up against the mirror.

"You're not sick, Nicki," Ryan replied.

His eyes scanned over her body, moved over her breasts and lingered on the damp spot between her legs.

"I'm not?" She asked in a weak voice, leaning her head back against the mirror.

Something hot and predatory flashed in Ryan’s eyes, making her legs weak as she stared at him.

"You need to be fucked."

Time stood still with his words hanging in the air between.

How could she deny it when he was staring at the evidence?

"I know how long it's been for you, Nicki. I don't know how you resisted fucking this long. You have such a beautiful body."

Her eyes widened in surprise and delight. She briefly wondered if she were daydreaming. Never in a million years would she have imagined Ryan uttering any of the words she’d just heard from him.


"What? I love your body. You shouldn't have to suffer from denying yourself the pleasure of enjoying sex. What you need is a release and I'd love to give it to you."

For the first time, Nicki's gaze moved from Ryan's face to the impressive outline of his cock protruding from his shorts.

She wanted him to give it to her.

"May I do that for you, Nicki?"

His question unfurled a hunger within her she’d never experienced before.

Nicki released a shuddering breath. “Yes.”

© Nichelle Gregory

-From Vanilla Virgin in Drenched Panties

~ ~ ~ ~

Drenched Panties is available now with Amazon!

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  1. Oh my !! You have teased me, titillated me ,piqued my interest AND so much more !!! ;)
    Thank you, Nichelle! :)


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