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Ample Delights Hits #8 on ARe's Top 10 Best Seller's List!

I'm thrilled my contemporary erotic romance featuring a full-figured heroine is doing so well! Ample Delights is currently sitting at #8 on ARe's Top 10 Best Seller's List! Check it out here! I've enjoyed getting feedback from fans excited about a sexy tale where the curvy girl gets her man!

Ample Delights has also been steadily climbing up the charts on Amazon! You may have even gotten an email from Amazon recommending it as a hot read!

One reader said: 'This book is worth the money. If you read IR and have been looking for a book with a balance of romance, love and erotica; BUY THIS BOOK.

As a avid reader of interracial romance I feel like I've been let down by the recent plethora of over priced to short stories with no real story line and sex between characters with forced chemestry that it's not believable even for fiction.

After reading Ample Delights it reminds me there are still good IR reads.'

That review made my day! If you've read the book, I hope you'll take a moment to review it for me on Amazon and Goodreads. I'd also love for you to take two seconds and 'like' the book for me on Amazon. You can do it by clicking this link!

Haven't read the book? What are you waiting for??

I'm giving a copy to the first person to correctly fill in the 8 answers to my questions below:

1. I'm always looking for ____________ _____________'s of erotic romantic fiction.

2. I've been in love with ____________ and ______________ since middle school.

3. Nichelle Gregory's tagline is _________ __________ _________

4. Coming'll get another sizzling hot D/s erotic romance written by moi! What's the heroine's name?

*Hint* All answers can be found on my website:

First person to comment below with the correct answers and email addy below...WINS!!

Good Luck!

Nichelle Gregory

Saturday, October 20, 2012

On Me by Nichelle Gregory

“You started without me, Misha?”

Misha whirled around in the noisy bar to see her boyfriend shaking his head, disappointment evident in his narrowed gaze. “I’m sorry. I’ve been waiting, Brian.”

“I called.”

Misha glanced at her phone which she’d forgotten to check after her second shot. “Opps.”

She hugged him, loving the feeling of being wrapped in his arms.

“Now, how are you going to make this up to me, Mis?”

Mischa kissed him, letting him taste the fine liquor still on her tongue. She pulled back with a hungry moan.

“Tell you what…let’s get outta here.”

“Before I’ve had a drink?” Brian asked, pulling her closer to him.

Misha stretched up on her tiptoes to press a kiss on his neck. “Let’s by a bottle and go home. Your first shot is on me.”

“On?” Brian repeated with a husky laugh.

Yes, let’s create our own version of a Slippery Nipple.”

Her suggestion made the tender light in Brian’s eyes shift to something much more intense. A familiar look that never ceased to make her instantly wet. Misha’s heart began to race as she watched him place a bill on the bar next to her drink.

“Let’s go,” Brian said yanking her toward the door. “I need that drink.”

Copyright © Nichelle Gregory, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Rae McCartney!

NG: I'm welcoming Rae McCartney on Simply Sexy Stories! Hi, Rae!

RM: Hi! Thanks for having me!

NG: My pleasure! Let's start with some Rae McCartney trivia questions!

RM: Okay, sounds like fun.

NG: What's your favorite time of day?

RM: Late at night. I find I can get more writing done late at night.

NG: too, Rae. What's your favorite place to write?

RM: It depends on the time of year. If it's summer time, I prefer to write at my desk. If it's winter, well I prefer writing on my laptop in the middle of my bed!

NG: Writing in bed is the best! What's your favorite season? 

RM: I would have to say spring. I love when everything new is coming out, and I love the fresh new colors.

NG: What's your favorite thing about autumn?

RM: The fact that the temperature is cooling down and I can open the house up.

NG: There's nothing like that Autumn breeze whipping through, I agree. Do you celebrate Halloween? And if so, what was your all-time favorite costume to wear?

RM: I don't celebrate like I used to, but I still decorate the house to some extent. I have cling witches and black cats in the windows, and I'll get a pumpkin to carve. My all-time favorite costume? Hmm, well this goes back to a place I worked. We were allowed to dress up for Halloween, provided our faces were still recognizable-no masks or excess makeup. I dressed up as the wicked queen from Sleeping Beauty, the one who turned into the ugly witch. Loved it! I took a small bucket of apples and kept on my desk all day. Needless to say no one took one until late in the day and they saw me bite into one.

NG: Cool! What's the craziest thing you've done for love?

RM: Go into a forbidden place with him to cover a story.

NG: Mmmm...intriguing! What's the wildest place a story idea has struck you?

RM: In a boardroom full of stuffy corporate men. It was pretty wild-me having a story for an erotic romance and trying not to laugh as I wrote ideas down during a boring meeting.

NG: :) What are you reading now?

RM: I'm behind, and I hate to admit it - but - I'm reading the last J.R. Ward book of her Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Lover Reborn.

NG: Yum! I adore that series as well! I still have to catch up with the last book. Do you have an e-reader? If so, tell me whether it was easy or difficult to adjust to reading digital books. Do you prefer paperbacks.

RM: I have both Kindle and Nook apps on my laptop, and I read a lot of digital books. In fact, I've made it my mission to read authors who's books are only available in that format. Paperbacks? I can take them or leave them. There are some authors you simply want to hold their books.

NG: You've been captured and your captor tells you to choose either an infinite supply of your favorite drink, MP3 player or your e-reader…which one would you choose?

RM: Well that's a loaded question! It would have to be my e-reader because music can give one a headache, and favorite drink - not a necessity!

NG: What do you think is the biggest misconception about females writing in this genre?

RM: That we're all a bunch of porn stars or hookers!

NG: LOL! Why are you drawn to writing romance?

RM: It's part of the cycle of life.

NG: Do the people in your life know about your writing? Are they supportive?

RM: Hmmm - well yes and no. They know I write, some know exactly what I write, others do not. As far as being supportive, yes, yes they are.

NG: What advice would you give to inspiring authors interested in penning successful erotic romance?

RM: Read, read, read what is out there and keep yourself up to date with what is out there. After that write, write, write. You cannot become good unless you get out there and do it!

NG: True! Okay, let's talk about your writing. Describe your writing process…are you a careful plotter or a laid back punster.

RM: I'm a plotter - up to a point. I will sit down and write what I hope to accomplish in a book whether it a stand alone or a sequel. After that I can be a fly by the seat of my pants!

NG: How many hours a day do you try to commit to your manuscript?

RM: As many as I can manage. Some days it's two, other days it could be twelve or more. It all depends on the process or if I hit a block.

NG: What's your biggest distraction from focusing on your writing?

RM: Pesky clients! I work from home for my day job, and sometimes my clients can be quite demanding, wanting me to keep hours that suit them. One of the draw backs of being a business owner.

NG: What are you working on for 2012?

RM: Now that I've got Devoted out I have a stand alone novel I'm trying to focus on.

NG: Busy lady! Let's talk about your latest release Lovers Undercover: Devoted. What's Devoted about?

RM: It is the sequel to Lovers Undercover: Impassioned. It picks up where that one left off and delves into some of the seedier sides of life, shall we say. But at the same time it has it's upbeat, fun love story intertwined.

NG: Delicious! What inspired you to pen this story?

RM: I don't have a clue. It just wrote itself. I never really intended for it to become a series, but after I finished the first one, Impassioned, I couldn't just leave it alone.

NG: Pesky characters! :) Give me three reasons readers will love Lovers Undercover: Devoted?

RM: Just three? It's a beautiful love story, it's full of surprises, and it's quite erotic!

NG: What's the one thing readers can always count on when picking up one of your books?

RM: A fun read (and a pretty hot cover)!

NG: It is a hot cover! Rae, thank you so much for coming on Simply Sexy Stories, Rae! Best wishes for all your endeavors in 2012!

RM: Thank you so much for having me!!

Blurb: Logan McGregor is a music superstar. . .he’s also a man of many talents. Hidden talents. Some that he’s been forced to reveal and use. Ones that he wished would have stayed hidden.

Scarlett Bouvier is not only his lover, she’s his business partner and Logan would do anything to protect her and keep her out of harm's way. But Scarlett is stubborn and does not take no for an answer. A savvy and successful businesswoman in her own right, Scarlett is a force to be reckoned with – both in the boardroom and the bedroom.

But someone from Scarlett’s past has revealed themselves and must be stopped. Someone who uses the world of sex clubs and BDSM as a front to their own dark and illegal enterprise. And Logan and Scarlett are the only two who can successfully infiltrate and help put an end to the madness.

Travel with the pair as they find themselves in the elite world of Monte Carlo, the exclusive clubs of Paris to Las Vegas as they chase down a sinister figure, and Logan introduces Scarlett to a world she’s only read about.

They are devoted. . .

* * * 

Lovers Undercover: Devoted is available with Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Author Bio:
Rae McCartney’s life has never been boring. Born and bred in the UK, she eventually went on to attend the prestigious University of St. Andrews in Scotland. 

Among her many talents, Rae has worked as a fashion model, photographer and even as an extra in Hollywood movies. She turned her talents and knowledge to head up her own public relations firm, which included a photograph division allowing her to work with some world-class photographers.

Currently she is using those skills in a different direction, writing and analyzing photographs for clients.

Her entry into erotic romance is nothing new having written stories since she was a child, this was another phase of her writing career. The first of her Lovers Undercover series, Impassioned came out in early 2012, wetting her appetite for more.

Contact Links:




Romance Novel Center:

Twitter: @RaeMacca

Monday, October 1, 2012

Introducing Simply Sexy Creations by Nichelle Gregory!

So, I've been milling around with the idea of taking the signs I enjoy creating and actually putting them onto products for fans like you. I'm so excited about this new venture! I invite you to check out my store to find your favorite expression now!

Here's the link:

Below are a few samples of what you'll find over in my store. Look for more to be added very soon!

What do you think? Would you wear or use these products? Feedback welcome!

Nichelle Gregory

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