Saturday, October 20, 2012

On Me by Nichelle Gregory

“You started without me, Misha?”

Misha whirled around in the noisy bar to see her boyfriend shaking his head, disappointment evident in his narrowed gaze. “I’m sorry. I’ve been waiting, Brian.”

“I called.”

Misha glanced at her phone which she’d forgotten to check after her second shot. “Opps.”

She hugged him, loving the feeling of being wrapped in his arms.

“Now, how are you going to make this up to me, Mis?”

Mischa kissed him, letting him taste the fine liquor still on her tongue. She pulled back with a hungry moan.

“Tell you what…let’s get outta here.”

“Before I’ve had a drink?” Brian asked, pulling her closer to him.

Misha stretched up on her tiptoes to press a kiss on his neck. “Let’s by a bottle and go home. Your first shot is on me.”

“On?” Brian repeated with a husky laugh.

Yes, let’s create our own version of a Slippery Nipple.”

Her suggestion made the tender light in Brian’s eyes shift to something much more intense. A familiar look that never ceased to make her instantly wet. Misha’s heart began to race as she watched him place a bill on the bar next to her drink.

“Let’s go,” Brian said yanking her toward the door. “I need that drink.”

Copyright © Nichelle Gregory, 2012

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