Saturday, November 10, 2012

Vitamin P FREE Today Only!!

Do you feel tired? Do you find it hard to shut off your brain during sex? Does your partner crave it more than you?

Discover the insatiable goddess inside each of us with Vitamin P by Nichelle Gregory! Get your dose for FREE TODAY ONLY! 
Hurry and get it while supplies last!

**Caution! This book may cause rapid breathing, hot flashes, pleasurable body aches, and Drenched Panties. Talk to your partner before and after reading if these symptoms should occur to decide the best course of action. Discontinue reading if you suffer from lack of imagination, hate sex or find super hot stories utterly distasteful.**
Inhibitions slip away and pent-up desires are explored when a pretty, but shy scientist takes a libido-enhancing trial drug her team has been working on!

A brilliant, driven scientist, Nisa devotes her time to her work in the lab. Frustrated with her inability to orgasm or enjoy sex, Nisa is personally vested in the outcome of her team’s latest case study of Vitamin P, a female libido-enhancing pill. She recklessly takes more than the prescribed dosage of the drug upon overhearing Ryce and Eric, her two closest male friends and fellow scientists joking about her sexless appeal. The pill unleashes powerful, hidden desires within Nisa and she revels in it orgasmic effects. Her insatiable cravings lead her into the arms of both men. However, once the pill wears off Nisa wonders if love and friendship can survive in the aftermath of her relentless passion.

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