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Happy Holidays!!

Happy Holidays!

May this be the merriest time for you and yours!

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Subterfudge by Normandie Alleman!

I'm thrilled to have fellow Totally Bound author Normandie Alleman stop by today to talk about her latest release, Subterfudge!

Delicious BDSM Story by Normandie Alleman
Preparing a good meal can be supremely sensual. Entering a kitchen filled with a divine aroma, soft music playing in the background, a handsome dining companion, and some savory dishes to feast upon - all make for a delightful evening.
For those who like to spice things up, why not bring the sexiness of the bedroom into the kitchen? Subterfudge is a light BDSM story about romance in the hottest room in the house. 
Blurb: When Roger asks his live-in sub Ashley to learn to cook she eagerly agrees, assuming it’s going to be a breeze. After all, she’s a bright, accomplished woman with a successful career—how hard can it be to prepare some food?
Once she’s up to her ears in cocoa and flour, Ashley realises cooking is more complicated than it looks. Finding ways to shortcut the process, Ashley dupes Roger into believing she’s a diva in the kitchen. But when he finds out she’s not the chef of his dreams, will he serve up a punishment fit for a saucy sub or will their relationship go up in flames?
Reader Advisory: This book contains anal sex, rimming, food play.


Something soft and fluffy drifted up the inside of one of her legs, barely passing over her crotch before it glided down her other leg. It could have been a feather…a frilly, lush sensation. Yes, please.

“I know how much you like being tied up…do you think I need to do that to you tonight?”

“Yes, Sir.” Her voice quivered with need.

“Good thing I brought these, then.” He clutched her wrists and bound her with the familiar cloth restraints that he used with her so frequently. Her hands were confined above her head, their movement restricted to a few inches in each direction.

“Spread your legs for me.”

Ashley obeyed. The air in the room was chilly. A sense of vulnerability came over her. It reminded her of that feeling when you’re a patient in a cold, sterile hospital room.

Then she felt his mouth on her. She lurched and gasped for air when he buried his face in her mound. Tongue licking, nose nudging, teeth nipping, his hot breath coated her with his own lust. He had her quaking in moments.

She was on the verge of climax when he stopped.

Bastard! He’s teasing me. She was breathless, at the peak of arousal. He loves seeing me like a bitch in heat.
“I’m going to play with you with some unusual toys. I want you to try and guess what they are. I will help you along, but you give your best guess. Ready?”

“Yes, Sir.” She nodded.

Thwack! She felt something on the inside of her leg. What is that?

“Keep your legs spread.” His voice issued a warning.

“Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir.”

More swats from the unknown implement. That feels familiar. What is it? When have I felt it before?

Then a swat to her pussy woke her up. The sting wasn’t terrible, but it definitely brought the blood to the surface and made her cry out.

“What am I smacking you with, little sub?”

“I’m not sure…”
* * *

Want MORE?
Read the first Chapter for FREE here!

Watch the Subterfudge trailer here! 
You can pick up your copy of Subterfudge as a single title here:


 Totally Bound:

 Or as part of the Whip It Up Anthology here:


 Totally Bound:
About the Author: 
A former psychologist, Normandie has always been fascinated by human behavior. She loves writing quirky characters that are all too human. Fiber arts, baking, and Pinterest are a few of her favorite pastimes. She lives on a farm with a passel of kids, an adorable husband, and a pet pig who’s crazy for Red Bull.

Follow her on:

Twitter at @NormandieA 

Pinterest at


Her website:


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Ashes To Flames Steamy Excerpt & Giveaway!

I've always been fascinated by myths and legends. I think some of the most interesting storylines come from this age old stories!
Ashes To Flames was inspired by my interest in the phoenix. Beautiful, mysterious, this creature is a widely recognized symbol around the world. Can you imagine being continually reborn and knowing you must die in flames? According to legend, the phoenix must throw itself onto the pyre! Wow!
What is your favorite myth or legend and why?
Answer below for a chance to win a copy of Ashes To Flames!
You must be a Facebook Fan to qualify.
You must leave an email address for me to contact you as well!
A winner will be selected on Nov. 11th!
~~Enjoy another exclusive excerpt from Ashes To Flames!~~
Frustration set Jai on edge. Nothing was making sense and yet somehow he knew he could trust Sabria. She knew things no one could know and there was no discounting the fact she’d told him about her name written in his journal.
“I’m not a psychic,” Sabria said quietly, averting her gaze.
She lifted her chin and something twisted inside Jai’s soul when her extraordinary green eyes met his. “No. I’m your mate.” The golden flecks shimmered again , brighter .
“What the hell are you talking about and what’s up with your eyes?”
“I know how crazy all of this must sound, but you and I have been together for thousands of years. I am like you. I am your best friend, your lover…your kindred mate.”
“Thousands of years?” Jai scoffed. “Okay, now you sound crazy, and I know you’re already aware that I’m engaged to Melanie. She’s about to become my future mate.”
“No.” The ferocity she packed into that one word reverberated inside Jai’s head. “Melanie could never be your mate.”

“She’s agreed otherwise. That’s how it works amongst Homo sapiens when you fall in love.”

“She’s not yours to love.” Tears glistened in Sabria’s eyes. “I am.”
He was moved by the depth of her emotion and pain. “Sabria, I don’t understand any of this
“Kiss me,” Sabria pleaded, moving closer to him. “Just kiss me and I’m sure you’ll understand.”
Jai’s gaze dropped from the tumultuous fire in Sabria’s eyes to the tempting, sensuous slant of her full lips. “I can’t.”

“Please, Jai,” Sabria said, now standing only inches away from him.
Her request was ludicrous, but what was even crazier was the urgent desire to do as she asked.
“Kiss me, Jai.”
The plaintive edge to her voice kicked up his internal temperature. Waves of heat uncoiled within as he reached for Sabria, unable to deny himself the pleasure he knew awaited them both. He grabbed her by the waist before he could further overthink what he wanted and yanked her hard against his body, using more force than he ever would have with Melanie. He wondered if he’d been too rough when Sabria moaned, but then he saw the look of rapture on her face and knew he hadn’t.
“You need my kiss, Sabria?” Jai asked while winding one hand in her silken tresses. He pulled her hair with just enough tension, exposing the elegant column of her neck as he angled her face upwards. Tear-drenched lashes fluttered as she shuddered, drawing him closer.

“Yes, I need it. Please.”
“Shh…” Jai pulled her mouth closer to his. Her beauty and vulnerability made his cock rock hard as he flicked a glance over her heaving chest. He wanted to trace the outline of her full breasts and the nipples he could see through the thin sweater she was wearing. There were probably a hundred reasons he shouldn’t follow through, but at the moment he couldn’t think of a damn one. “You should never have to beg for a kiss, Sabria.”
Copyright © Nichelle Gregory 2013. All Rights Reserved, Total-E-Ntwined Limited, T/A Totally Bound Publishing.
Buy Ashes To Flames today on Amazon, ARE, and many other e-book retailers!

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Ashes To Flames Out Today!

Check out the AWESOME vid Totally Bound created for my latest release, Ashes To Flames, available today!

Sultry, suspenseful, delicious reading for adventurous connoisseurs of erotic fiction!

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What's Her Secret? Ashes To Flames Out Tomorrow!

Tomorrow my ninth published work with Totally Bound will be available! Ashes To Flames is part of Totally Bound's new imprint - What's Her Secret?

Everybody has at least one.

Something they'd rather take to the grave, but what if telling your secret could save your life? Each story in the What's Her Secret line contains a surprise! My sultry fantasy tale was inspired by my fascination with the legend of the phoenix! Get swept away in a world of fiery passion, where love never dies.

Ashes to flames…their love has always stood the test of time.

After searching almost a year, Sabria has begun to lose hope she will reunite with her blood-bonded mate, Jai. All she can think about is finding him and reigniting their fiery passion while there is still time. Sabria is overjoyed when she locates Jai against all odds, but her relief is short-lived when she discovers he has no recollection of her and worse yet, he is happily engaged.

Jai senses an immediate connection to Sabria the moment he lays eyes on her. Devoted to his fiancée, Jai is wary of the strange bond between him and Sabria. He wants to keep his distance, but finds himself seeking answers to secrets only Sabria can provide. Blindsided by the truth and an unexpected tragedy, Jai knows he needs to somehow set things right before time runs out and he and Sabria are lost to one another once again.

Simply Sexy Excerpt:

Sabria froze upon hearing a creaky door open. Her pulse fluttered as she spun around. Jai stepped out into the hallway with a bottle of water in hand, wearing jeans and a long-sleeved white Henley shirt.

You,” he said as their gazes locked.

Sabria stepped towards him, unable to stop the tremulous smile curving her lips. She still couldn’t believe she’d found him. “Jai—”

“What are you doing here?”

His harsh tone gave her pause as he walked up to her. He was always tall, but he seemed even taller now, close enough for her to smell his familiar aftershave and cologne. Sabria lifted her gaze from Jai’s unbuttoned shirt to look into his dark brown eyes. He looked nothing like he had before, but her body responded to him as if they were already lovers. She wanted to reach up and run her hand down the strong line of Jai’s jaw and explore the dark chocolate-coloured muscles she knew lay beneath his clothes.

“Sabria, what are you doing here?”

“Do you know who I am?” Sabria asked, her eyes widening with hope.

Her breath hitched as he looked at her. His voice was the same as it always had been and hearing him say her name again after so much time had passed was doing crazy things to her heart.

Jai frowned. “I’m thinking a harmless stalker at the moment.”

“Stalker?” Sabria repeated, suddenly feeling weak. “Jai, I need to talk to you. Please. I know this doesn’t seem to make any sense, but you have to trust me.”

“Lady, I don’t know you.”

His words cut her as effectively as a knife across her skin.

“Yes, you do. You do. I know you do, Jai.”

Lack of sleep, stress and sadness warbled her voice. Sabria choked back a sob as tears blurred her vision. A wave of dizziness threw her off balance as she reached out to him and she swayed instead.

“Whoa,” Jai said, grabbing hold of her by the arms. “Are you okay?”

Sabria blinked back the tears threatening to fall when he glanced over her head to survey the hallway. She looked down where his hands gripped her arms through her sweater, wishing he were touching her bare flesh. Then maybe he’d remember her. She just needed his kiss.

©Copyright Nichelle Gregory 2013

Friday, September 6, 2013

Cover Reveal for Talk Sexy!

Coming January 2014 with Total E-Bound Publishing!

Peyton enjoys role-playing many of her private kinky erotic fantasies as a phone sex operator…
she never dreamed they’d come true with one very sexy caller!

Peyton decides to become a phon...e sex operator on a whim, but soon discovers she has a flair for sexy gab! For the first time in her life, Peyton indulges her latent yearnings, enjoying the sexual freedom to safely explore her private kinky desires as part of her role to create the ultimate erotic fantasies for her callers, but the more she talks the more she craves. No one knows about her new job…not even her boyfriend who has made it clear he’d like to take things to the next level. Peyton isn’t sure that’s what she wants, especially when it seems one demanding caller seems to know exactly what she needs…
Eook for an exclusive Simply Sexy excerpt soon!  :-)

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Love Out Of Lust by Ray Sostre!

I'm thrilled to have Ray Sostre stop by and talk about his hot new release, Love Out Of Lust!
Ray, take it away!

Imagine yourself sharing the same apartment with someone, other than just a relative, you grew up with. He/she shared the same desires as you. There’s a perfect storm between you two, and you don’t know where it’s going from there. Imagine yourself,
at a moment of weakness, having sex with the person.
Does it become an addiction that  you don’t want to let go?

Yet, you both agreed that you don’t want to be serious, but beneficial and convenient for each other. Could it lead to something like love or just lust in the end? One would have to give; one way or another.

Beginning August 16...the continuation from Daryl and Marisol’s first sexual encounter. They thought this would be a one-time thing, but their desires for each other were stronger than ever.

If you haven’t read Part One of Love Out Of Lust, then you are missing out on how the two began their sexual encounter. They grew up together, one had that long desire for a long time, and the opportunity to express it was right in front of them.

It is available for FREE on Smashwords. Download your copy today!

And when you’re interested to know what happens between them, purchase your copy on

Amazon or Smashwords – Love Out Of Lust Part Two.

Here's a little teaser from Love Out Of Lust - Part One:

“Can I be honest with you?” Marisol asked.

“What’s that?”

“I too have masturbated more than I’ve had sex. So don’t feel bad.”

He sighed with a slight frown, go ahead rub it in, but wondered what she’d look like while she masturbated? He’d heard her a few times, and now here they were sharing their most intimate moments about themselves. He was turned on, and he wondered if she felt it too. To add to it, what was she really wearing underneath her robe?

However, he played it off. “I never thought you’d masturbate.”

“I have ever since I was twelve; I experienced my first orgasm at that time. I even keep my toys in my bedroom.”

“So that explains the strange sounds coming from the other room,” he joked.

Marisol reached over and tapped his leg, laughing. “Shut up. You act like you’ve been quiet. I can hear you play porn in your bedroom.”

“Oh, but you’re louder.”

“No I’m not... am I?”

“I’ve heard you moan but never bugged you about it.”

“Am I really that loud?” She asked with a sense of insecurity.

“Yes, you’re that loud.” He emphasized the meaning. “Here’s how. Just a week ago, I heard you moaning out of pleasure. At first, I thought you had someone in your bedroom but realized it was just you alone. I heard something buzzing from your bedroom, and that sucker was really loud. Then I heard your screams. You suck at muffling them, especially when I’m trying to sleep.”

Her face reddened. She somehow remembered that night. “Oh, my god, I didn’t know I was that loud.”

“You were. I heard you masturbate all through the night, I...” he paused, wondering if he should admit what he did. ~~~

 About the Author:
New York born, East Coast raised, and West Coast bound
Writing erotica happened by accident in the summer of 2010.  That same year, he established a story submission site – AfterDark Online, a place where people are free to publish erotic stories.
He lives in Nevada with his long-time girlfriend, is an avid listener of electronica, and enjoys writing and publishing articles.
He jokes: “I’m always looking for writing material.”
Visit his blog: The AfterDark World with Ray Sostre
or Facebook Fan Page: Author Ray Sostre

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Silent Screams by Yvonne Nicolas!

Summer is almost here and what better way to spend it than with a great book?

Why don't you get lost in Silent Screams by Yvonne Nicolas! 

She'll draw you into her dark and sexy world!

Check out her hawt exclusive excerpt below:

Sweet Torture from Silent Screams
Demetri moved between her legs, forcing her thighs further apart and pulled her up on all fours. He planted soft, wet kisses along the cleft of her backside. He brushed a hand over her crease. Her folds parted, inviting him in. He teased the length of her slick valley and strummed her protruding clit.

She was incredibly wet, ready for the taking.

Unable to resist the craving to feel her from the inside, he rimmed her opening, and then delved two fingers into her snug cavern.

Her heated core clenched onto him possessively. Her breaths came out in quick spurts.

Anxious to heighten her pleasure, he dragged his tongue along her derrière’s cleft and circled her puckered rosette, licking and tasting, while caressing the walls of her pussy with his fingers.

“Ooo, you’re a nasty boy,” she purred, hiking her rear end further in the air. “I like it nasty.”

As he enticed her, endless trickles of unparalleled energy traveled through his arm and cascaded through him, a force stronger than his own. He let go of the chesty moan dangling in the back of his throat. She had no idea what she was doing to him, or what force she possessed.

Power. This woman was raw power from the inside and out.

“My God, Sharayna!” He had never called out the Almighty’s name in vain, not even when he was human, but now he found the need to do so, for the overwhelming energy that streamed through him defied all logic and reason. At the nape of his neck, the searing mark that now resided there, slithered down his spine like a snake.

In the smoothest movements he could conjure, he penetrated her body, slowly pushing and pulling her to his will. She moaned with each stroke, gratifying him with thrusts of her own. The sound of her sex sucking greedily on his fingers serenaded his senses. He inserted another finger, expanding her fluttering tissues. Her warm liquids coated his hand and dribbled down her slit, making small blotches on the comforter.

With his other hand, he reached around her hip and fingered her slick pearl. He savored her throaty cries as he swept his tongue over and around her luscious anal passage, teasing the glands there, periodically probing her for entry.

“Oh God, yes, like that. Mm, feels so good…” Pressing her face into the bed to muffle her kitten-like moans, she fisted the sheets and cupped his massaging hand.

The more he pleasured her, the closer he came to replacing his fingers with his cock. Oh, sweet torture.


Silent Screams ~ Book 1 (The Dragon Queen Series) is available now with Amazon!


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Duality by ER Pierce!

Short description
Duality is a paranormal romance/urban fantasy hybrid featuring elemental empaths and a realistic world full of believable characters. Love, betrayal, honor, light and dark, good vs evil. 

Extended description

Cordelia Kelly is running from her past and her destiny. She is a dual-natured empath – meaning she is receptive to the emotional aura, positive and negative, of those around her. Cordelia struggles to create harmony between the light and dark sides of her existence. She's also an elemental, but her inherent powers are slowly manifesting with age and time. The scales of good versus evil are tilting in the wrong the direction.

Will she succumb or evolve to fulfill her destiny?

Sol Winterborn is not your typical hero, if anything he’s an anti-hero. Moral indecision riddle his path to redemption, but the undeniable truth he holds onto is his search for his lighthouse – his soul mate. When fate throws Cordelia in his path, he's unprepared but can't stay away. Her siren call sings a song he can't ignore. He sees in her a kindred spirit, and possibly the one he’s searched long nights to find. Will Cordelia be the key to unlock his heart?

When his own dark past catches up with him, will he risk his life for love?

I unzipped his jeans and lowered both them and his boxers over his hips, exposing his throbbing hard cock. The plump head full and ripe, ready for whatever I had in mind. He arched, sending his cock high in the air and toward my face. Zach was consumed by lust, emotions, and my scent.

“Please,” he whispered.

My hand surrounded his shaft as I pumped up and down, listening to him groan, and fighting the urge to mount and ride him hard, fast, and dirty. The silk of my shirt caressed my nipples, teasing me further. My hips rotated and swayed from side to side, my inner thighs rubbed my pulsing clit, and I moaned as I attempted to assuage the deep ache on my own. 

The sweet taste of banana cream flowed down my throat as I inhaled the primal desires of lust.

A sharp crack sounded in the steamy, spinning room, and then a painful sting rent its way through my body. I turned my head, and there was Sol, kneeling behind my naked ass with his hand up and eyebrow raised.

“If you needed something, you could have asked,” he said in a smooth, even tone. I couldn’t tell if he was turned on, irritated, angry, or jealous. Maybe he was none of those things. I mean, who was I to him? And what did it matter who I screwed? 

I tried to clear my throat on a hasty rebuttal, but my voice seemed lost, and suddenly, I deflated. A mess of emotions slid over my usually tough skin, and I started trembling. Then I realized I must have let my shields down when I’d fallen asleep, so sure Sol would keep me safe. The hazy spell I was under dissipated, leaving me bereft. The darker side retreated back into the holes of me, and I lay vulnerable and exposed to all the emotional energy around me.

Where to find me:
ER Pierce Website
Personal Facebook Profile
FaceBook Author Page
Goodreads Author Page
Amazon Author Page

Author Bio:
My Newest book published on April 21st, called Duality. Featuring Cordelia Kelly and Sol Winterborn. Duality is a paranormal, urban fantasyish novel that is 50K words about Empaths and Elemental powers.

I've been writing for as long as I can remember. I wrote my first story when I was in seventh grade--A first person account of an entire summer. I went through a massive teen angst poetry phase, and I have notebooks and binders filled with prose.

Over a year ago, Ceithin and Aurelia showed up in my head. They yapped incessantly, demanding I sit and tell their story. After a month or two of being woken up with harsh whispers, I started writing. They haven't stopped, and in fact, brought friends. Now my head is filled with stories, scenes, snippets and crazy people.

Cue Law and Order music here: dun, dun.

These are their stories.

I write with emotion, occasionally a temper and I let my words flow free. I dabble in paranormal, contemporary romance, erotic fiction and darker urban fantasy.

Oh, and hey... I'm a Virgo.


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Her Angela & Protection by Ray Sostre!

I'm thrilled to share my blog today with Ray Sostre, author and founder of AfterDark Online!

Creating The Series – Her Angela & Protection by Ray SostreHi, thank you for having me on here Nichelle. It’s been an honor. When I first wrote the story in the late spring of 2012, I was encouraged by a paranormal erotic romance author Annalynne Russo to work on a piece for a publisher I’ve dreamed of going with – Evernight Publishing. Although, at that time, my story wasn’t accepted, but I was amazed at the work I done and had to find a publisher.

I still have love for Evernight, and yes, I will one day submit a piece for them. However, I thought about sending my work out to Secret Cravings, but then there was a publisher that I’ve been working with – No Boundaries Press, and I knew this publisher was the place to be. So I submitted my work, and got accepted shortly after.

It did take eight months to get it officially published, but it was worth the wait. :)

Why did I write this genre – f/f erotic romance?

One, I was inspired by an author Dawne Prochilo when she wrote Rachel’s Desire in 2011, and when she came out with the following Callie’s Way - V.W. Club Book 1, I was more than intrigued to read it. So, I decided to write something that I could call my own, and help the f/f genre gain the popularity it deserves.

After completing the story, I had an author of f/f romance – Erin Miller take a look at it, and like the story. She gave me some advice to expand the story, and I’m looking forward to write another story and turn it into a series. 

The book of In The Beginning explains on how these two ended up being lovers. Angela was involved with a man, but had always been attracted to women. Vivienne, was married to a good for nothing man, and the two ended up being roommates, where something just totally happened. Although, the story didn’t go far enough about the two characters, in the next book I’m looking forward to go more in depth with the characters to help my readers understand them. 

This story is cute, sexy, and comical. It has the right formula that is needed to keep you interested, and you are able to purchase this at:
No Boundaries Press, All Romance eBooks (ARe), Amazon Kindle, and Barnes & Noble

Here is a blurb to my story, and allow me to provide you a steamy excerpt to help tantalize you more. 

When Angela Critelli lets Vivienne Perkins move in to her place, she’d never expect the woman of her dreams. Vivienne’s a wonderful cook and home-maker, a perfect companion, and her best friend since high school; the only problem is her sexuality. Angela knew Vivienne was married to an ungrateful husband that never appreciated her, but she also discovered something questionable about her sexuality. Vivienne’s affection may be leading her on, but does she want to be with her?

They walked over to the end of the bar and signaled Dorien to pour another round of Jager. Angela leaned against the bar while she waited. She watched Vivienne finish her Tequila Sunrise. This woman was looking to get fucked up, not just have a good time. Their shots arrived, and Vivienne paid and passed one to Angela. 

“To friendship!” Vivienne toasted. 

Angela raised her shot grinning, “Ditto!” 

The two downed the shots together. Then suddenly the DJ switched up another track. This time the sound wound down to something that made Vivienne feel very sensual. Angela could feel the beat changing the mood – this song was erotic. 

She watched Vivienne running her hands slowly down her body. She flashed a playful, seductive expression like she had something naughty in mind. Angela could only hope. 

Vivienne suddenly backed her against the wall which made her ache in all the right places. Vivienne’s curves pressed against her as she slowly rubbed up and down – a blatant insinuation of having sex. Vivienne’s breasts pressed against hers. Dear God! Angela was just thinking about Vivienne’s luscious lips, when suddenly Vivienne turned around grinding her ass against Angie. 

She’d never been this turned on by another woman’s body against hers. The desire to kiss Vivienne hung like a heavy perfume. She thought about how long they had been friends – since their freshman year in high school. And now she was living with her. She wanted to tell Vivienne that she fantasized about her when she masturbated, and the thought of Vivienne masturbating the night before – that was crazy hot! And Vivienne was curious what it felt like to kiss a woman. Angela’s only desire was to pin her against the wall and show her! 

“Just stay there,” Vivienne said as she dry-humped against Angela’s body. 

Angela didn’t reply. She was held captive by the delicious smell of Vivienne’s hair. Vivienne took her hands and held them around her breasts. She felt so soft!

Angela’s heart pounded furiously. I want you so bad! I want to know what you taste like! Without thinking, she leaned and kissed the back of Vivienne’s neck. Not only did Vivienne not protest, she gasped with pleasure and reached behind her, pulling Angela closer.

Curious about Ray Sostre?
Check out his websites:

Monday, February 25, 2013

Academia Heat by Marcos London!

Nicole Lansing divorced her husband Doug a year ago…and she hasn’t dated since. Even the thought of gorgeous new professor Damien Cartwright arriving on campus cannot seem to spark her dormant libido. When her friend Simon invites her to a party in Dr. Cartwright’s honor, she sees it as a chance to get to know him on a personal level. But when she sees Doug and his new girlfriend at the party, and catches them in a very compromising position, she determines that she will find somebody to satisfy her sudden desire. 

Now Nicole is on the prowl, hungry for a wild tryst with a tasty treat. The only question is, who? With the elusive Dr. Cartwright out of reach, and at a college with a prominently female student population, possible conquests appear mighty slim…until a chance encounter with an eager, dashing young man at a local restaurant opens up a possibility. Can a handsome twenty-something fill her now ravenous appetite? And if so, how much more will she want? la! A Simply Sexy Excerpt for your reading pleasure:

Five days ago, she had attended a faculty party at Professor Simon Connolly’s house in Berry Creek. The party was an early August tradition since she had joined the university faculty ten years ago to teach a course on Romantic poetry and Gothic novels. Simon referred to it as “the last professors’ bash before corrupting the minds of American youth,” but often they were sedate affairs. The rooms were full of middle-aged academics discussing, sometimes passionately but often in hushed tones, the previous semester’s office politics, the national scene, and funding decisions. This fall a new professor would be teaching a course on Chaos theory, and Simon wanted to show him the university’s welcome by showing “the scientist from MIT” that even small town academics knew how to par-tay.

Nicole added Simon’s inflection, complete with a mock Irish accent, when she and Gina Burns discussed attending the party over drinks at Gina’s house two days before the party was set to take place. “He said that? What is this, 1994? Does Simon think that kids still say that?”

Nicole laughed and sipped her merlot. They sat at a table underneath the shade of Gina’s porch. The afternoon heat beat down on the trees in the backyard. Even the misters hissing fine spray around them did little to cool them. “Simon was a survivor of the 1960’s. He still thinks kids say ‘groovy’ and ‘fab’. I just think he wants to debate the new guy,” Nicole mused. Simon taught philosophy at the university, and Nicole believed he never got over his Catholic roots. “He’s supposed to be a genius, and from what I understand, will have a pop science book out in a couple of months. Personally, I think he’s jealous.”

With a paper napkin, Gina dabbed at the perspiration beading at the hollow of her throat and along her collarbone. “I see. Albert Einstein’s younger brother writes a book that makes physics understandable to the same crowd that reads James Patterson, but Simon’s books never sell more than a hundred copies each, and that’s often to students who’ve taken his course.” Gina taught Economics to freshmen, and was one of the few people who ever had intimidated Doug. She was intelligent, attractive, and tall—six foot one—with the lean body of a dancer.

“That has a lot to do with it,” Nicole admitted. “I think too, that he invited me because he wants to know who Doug is screwing these days.” This was a small town, and the college was one of the hubs of activity. While she knew of several professors whose behind-closed-doors student conferences involved much more than standard extra credit counseling, most of the university’s faculty kept their relationships at a professional student-teacher level.

Not Doug. Doug, it turned out, had a string of students lining up outside his office for special “academic guidance.” When they finally agreed to a divorce, she lost count of the number of students who had received the benefit of his instruction. Worse, he never practiced discretion. Many of the male professors learned firsthand when Doug bragged to them, and word got around the rest of the campus pretty quickly. Nicole tried to avoid the gossip. When Gina told her, Nicole merely laughed and said, “You’ve been reading too much John Updike,” but when she finally confronted Doug, he merely shrugged.

Gina downed her drink, a strong margarita on the rocks, and snaked her tongue around an ice cube. Nicole thought for a moment of some of the things she had heard about Gina as well, about how she could torture a man with that tongue until he shuddered into coital bliss, and wondered if she had ever used it on a woman. Not that Nicole would be interested—the idea of being with a woman never interested her—but if she ever decided to date again she might need to pick up some pointers.

“I hear Doug’s fucking some blonde with big tits,” Gina said. “Talk about a cliché. And she used to be one of Simon’s students. If you need to tell that Irish pervert anything, tell him Doug may die being suffocated by cleavage.”

Nicole shook her head. “I don’t know that I want to tell him anything. It’s done. It shouldn’t be a topic of conversation anymore.”

Gina reflected. “You know, from what I hear, the new professor is supposed to be attractive. Brad Pitt’s looks crossed with Isaac Newton’s brain. Maybe you could get to know him. Start something up, maybe even be the subject of the next campus rumor.”

“Dating, having a fling, none of it sounds palatable right now,” Nicole answered.

“You’ve got to get back on the horse at some point,” said Gina. “Maybe you could look at this as your chance. I’ll even wait before I try anything.”

Nicole feigned shock. “You wouldn’t gobble him up before the rest of the female staff get a chance to check him out? That would be a switch.”

Gina reached across the table and squeezed Nicole’s hand. “I’m just saying keep it open as a possibility. And if not, then we’re back to the status quo. I get him first, and the rest suffer by comparison. They can either get in line behind me or help out.” She winked.

Get Academia Heat available with Secret Cravings Publishing now!

Author Bio:
Marcos London was born in Massachusetts but has lived most of his life in the Lone Star State. A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in English, he has worked as a projectionist, a bookseller, a technical writer, a substitute teacher, an internal auditor, trainer, and editor. Although a creative dabbler who has been telling stories since he learned to clutch a crayon, it was not until 2011 that he began selling fiction.

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Cue Dramatic Music...

Ahhhh! This is one of my favorite signs. Goes with my mood and my current WIP. I regret neglecting my beloved blog. I've got to remedy that...starting now. I've just been so busy. There just isn't enough hours or kinky fuckery in a day...

I promise that this new book I'm working on is going to be worth my silence here. I can't wait to share this one with my fans. Mmmm mmmm mmmmmmmm!

Need something hot to read in the interim? Check out Drenched Panties, my collection of erotic short stories or Vitamin P, if your in the mood for a menage! I've got something sexy for whatever mood your in! 

Just click here!

Nichelle Gregory

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Genesis Queen by Gracen Miller!

"Genesis Queen" 

Book 3 in ROAD TO HELL series 

Available now with Decadent Publishing 
online e-book stores! 

Victory is hollow when fate maneuvers one as a pawn. 

Madison’s mission is complete. Nix is rescued from Hell and her son safe from his dark destiny. But as she rests in the safe harbor of Nix’s love, her demonic husband warns of a murderous plot. Can she trust that it’s the truth and not another scheme to claim her for Hell’s throne? 

Sometimes internal conflict can house our biggest demons. 

With allies divided and prophecy heralding defeat, Madison gambles on Micah’s tenuous honor to keep their son protected. Torn between her heart’s desires and her dark requirements, Madison worries her hellish fate cannot be avoided. When betrayal comes from an unlikely direction, all their futures may be damned. In the darkest hour of Madison’s life, an undeniable providence will transpire. Who can she trust? And how far will she fall to defeat her foes?

Amid the rubble of defeat, will Hell’s Genesis Queen dawn? 

Genesis Queen Excerpt: 

“I like the way you move, kitten.”

She took a deep breath, like she needed the extra oxygen to deal with him. “Did you square away the angels in Hell?”

“Yes.” Details weren’t necessary when they both knew he’d instituted a brutal torture regimen for all of them. “Dance with me?”

“To this music?”

“You didn’t appear to be having any problem.” He held his hand out toward her.

She stared at his palm. Her expression was reminiscent of an individual confident selling their soul was a reckless choice but entering the deal anyway.

“I don’t bite.”

Her gaze felt like an impact against his. “You did in Hell.”

He wrangled the grin under control. “Then I won’t bite.”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea, Micah.”


A casual shrug when nothing about her body language suggested she felt relaxed. She crossed her arms beneath her breasts. “Nix says my idea of dancing is sex with clothes on. He couldn’t tolerate it and if he couldn’t….” She trailed off and gaped at him as if she’d just realized she’d been about to insult him.

Micah grinned. “I haven’t lived as long as I have without executing restraint.” He stepped closer to her. “I’ve controlled myself with you more than any other.” Because she is my woman and deserves my respect.

Madison allowed him to pull her arms free of their defensive fold. Holding her gaze, Micah coaxed her into his embrace…left hip to left hip, his leg thrusting between her knees, gliding upward and parting her thighs.

She bit her bottom lip. Her breathing grew shallow. The heavy beat of the music thumped around them. His pulse throbbed faster.

Hell’s delights, she felt fantastic against him.

“Relax,” he said when she remained inflexible. A soft wind would break one of her bones. “I only want to dance with you.” Like when they’d been married, just a different manner of movement. This one more intimate than what they normally partook.

Her focus locked on his jaw, and she sharply inhaled when he slid his palm down her back and settled on her hips. He executed the first moves and she followed. As if magnetized, they gyrated in perfect synchronicity.
Buy links: 
SmashwordsAmazonBarnes & NobleDecadent Publishing

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Taboo Kisses by Gracen Miller!

I'm thrilled to titillate your senses today with a little teaser from Taboo Kisses, the lastest hawt offering from my dear friend, Gracen Miller! If you're into super-charged tales, with daring heroines and sexy alpha hero(es)'ll love this naughtydelicious book! 

Taboo Kisses…where desires and inhibitions collide.

Dispatched to the mortal realm from Atlantis to seek the source of a brewing rebellion, Sameya is thrown for a tailspin when she discovers her fated mates. As a siren her songs entice mankind and immortals alike to their death. She’s stunned to be seduced by a taboo union with a tiger-shifter and vampyr. Mating the pair could complicate everything and threaten her freedom. Fueled by her duty to Atlantis, Sameya rejects fate’s wisdom and refutes her attraction to the men.

Taboo Kisses…when the forbidden becomes irresistible.

Gabriel and Maximus have been searching for their mate for centuries. Neither expected the siren they were hired to find would deliver more than a lucrative payday. Frustrated by Sameya’s aversion to their mating, the men anticipate an empty future if she refuses to complete their union. In a rash move Maximus seizes Sameya and holds her captive.

Taboo Kisses…when the siren is serenaded with temptation.
Trapped and at their mercy, Sameya is bombarded with pleasure. Can her mates convince her to take a gamble on their taboo union? With danger lurking in the shadows, will the choice be taken from her? 

Caution! Hawt-Make-Ya-Want Excerpt Below: 

Empress’ delights, she disliked the jumbled way he made her feel. Confused one moment and aroused the next. “What is your name?” 

“Call me mate.”

Her breathing died, then escalated. She forced a lame-ass sounding laugh past her lips. “Don’t get cocky. I’m not into leeches.”

“Don’t disqualify me from the running.” He sidled closer, aligning his body against hers once more, but maintaining space with his palms on the mausoleum on either side of her head. “Not when Gabriel and I haven’t had the gratification of making you come…yet.”

She gasped, her eyes rounding at his foregone conclusion. “Better men than you have tried.”

“None of them were your mates.”

“Wait! Mates? As in plural?” She flattened her hands against his chest to push him away, but forgot to add pressure. The hard contours of his body fascinated her more than was practical. “That’s…insane.” But gods the idea fascinated her. “Sirens don’t partner outside our race and we certainly don’t have more than one partner.”

Sameya didn’t realize she spoke the thought aloud until the vampyr thrust both his hands into her hair. After he had her anchored into position, he shifted closer, widening his stride to fit her pelvis between his legs. His hard-on nestled against her abdomen as he tilted her head back by her hair.

“No more insane than a vampyr mating a shifter.” His mouth landed on hers. He nibbled on her bottom lip, licked the corners and crease. Distracted by the exhilarating sensations, she was unprepared to counteract his move when he placed the pad of his thumb against her chin and tugged, parting her lips for his tongue to thrust inside. 

Taboo Kisses is available with Amazon and Smashwords!

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