Friday, May 17, 2013

Silent Screams by Yvonne Nicolas!

Summer is almost here and what better way to spend it than with a great book?

Why don't you get lost in Silent Screams by Yvonne Nicolas! 

She'll draw you into her dark and sexy world!

Check out her hawt exclusive excerpt below:

Sweet Torture from Silent Screams
Demetri moved between her legs, forcing her thighs further apart and pulled her up on all fours. He planted soft, wet kisses along the cleft of her backside. He brushed a hand over her crease. Her folds parted, inviting him in. He teased the length of her slick valley and strummed her protruding clit.

She was incredibly wet, ready for the taking.

Unable to resist the craving to feel her from the inside, he rimmed her opening, and then delved two fingers into her snug cavern.

Her heated core clenched onto him possessively. Her breaths came out in quick spurts.

Anxious to heighten her pleasure, he dragged his tongue along her derrière’s cleft and circled her puckered rosette, licking and tasting, while caressing the walls of her pussy with his fingers.

“Ooo, you’re a nasty boy,” she purred, hiking her rear end further in the air. “I like it nasty.”

As he enticed her, endless trickles of unparalleled energy traveled through his arm and cascaded through him, a force stronger than his own. He let go of the chesty moan dangling in the back of his throat. She had no idea what she was doing to him, or what force she possessed.

Power. This woman was raw power from the inside and out.

“My God, Sharayna!” He had never called out the Almighty’s name in vain, not even when he was human, but now he found the need to do so, for the overwhelming energy that streamed through him defied all logic and reason. At the nape of his neck, the searing mark that now resided there, slithered down his spine like a snake.

In the smoothest movements he could conjure, he penetrated her body, slowly pushing and pulling her to his will. She moaned with each stroke, gratifying him with thrusts of her own. The sound of her sex sucking greedily on his fingers serenaded his senses. He inserted another finger, expanding her fluttering tissues. Her warm liquids coated his hand and dribbled down her slit, making small blotches on the comforter.

With his other hand, he reached around her hip and fingered her slick pearl. He savored her throaty cries as he swept his tongue over and around her luscious anal passage, teasing the glands there, periodically probing her for entry.

“Oh God, yes, like that. Mm, feels so good…” Pressing her face into the bed to muffle her kitten-like moans, she fisted the sheets and cupped his massaging hand.

The more he pleasured her, the closer he came to replacing his fingers with his cock. Oh, sweet torture.


Silent Screams ~ Book 1 (The Dragon Queen Series) is available now with Amazon!



  1. from what I read this book look like it's going to be hot and steamy I have to get a copy of this to add to my collection.

  2. Wait--what? I'm sorry my ovaries just exploded and I passed out from multiple orgasms just from that excerpt :-)

    -R.L. Kirk

  3. Whew! Now that's a spicy excerpt!!!

  4. Definitely going on my TBB list!

  5. Very spicy.

  6. You are going to have to pay me for the damages done to my ovaries! I'm all hot and bothered and it's only 6pm!

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